Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Mob Wives: Reunion Part 1 REVIEW

The first part of the Mob Wives Reunion was so intense! Here's some recaps from Reunion: Part 1! 

Renee, Karen, Drita, Big Ang & Natalie G. reunite on stage to discuss what went down this season of Mob Wives! Vivica notices that Renee has a boot on one of her feet. Renee makes a joke & says that Drita pushed her down the stairs & they all started laughing. Renee supposedly tripped on a stair & fell on her own. 

The women discuss Karen's return to the show & sparks begin to fly between her & Natalie. Karen says that she wanted to return to New York because for her daughter & that's her main home. Natalie starts bringing up Alicia & that she didn't return for Season 5 because Karen was returning. They have beef because Karen's father killed Alicia's father-in-law! Natalie calls Karen a rat & it starts getting heated. The cast reflects on Big Ang this season & the main topic was her brawl with Renee. Big Ang says that Victoria Gotti helped her & Renee amend things.

Then, Storm & London come on stage and start to discuss Storm's rumored cheating. Storm adresses that the girl was his friend's girl. Storm says that Karen would've got the explanation she wanted, if she didn't flip out so much. Storm & Karen say that their relationship is going perfect as of now. 

Natalie & London reflect on their relationship. London says that they still need lots of consuling because Natalie's mouth is still reckless. Vivica asks London about his altercation in a club that lead to him getting cut with a box cutter. London said that there was NO fight. The guy sneaked him & London called it a punk move. Vivica calls Natalie out about posting pictures of London in the hospital. Natalie admits that she put the attackers' phone numbers on Instagram. Storm, Renee, Drita, & Karen call Natalie a "rat" for doing that. Then, Storm & London start arguing over what the definition of a rat is. They both have different opinions of a rat. To storm, A rat is someone who does the Polices' job for them. To London, A Rat is someone who gets in trouble & calls the cops to get himself out of trouble but gets someone else in trouble. Natalie gets upset because Vivica kept cutting her off & wouldn't let her talk. Storm calls Natalie a retard because Natalie doesn't understand that everybody thinks it's a rat move except for her & London. London tells Storm to watch his mouth & they keep arguing. Natalie tells Storm that he is having sex with a rat's daughter. Vivica jumps up & tries to get everyone to shut up & Natalie gets offended. Drita says that she is not surprised that London called the cops for his injury. Drita tells Natalie to take the word "rat" out of her vocabulary. Natalie calls Karen a "rat" for the 100,000th time & Renee & Natalie start arguing again! London updates his attacker's situation & says: "The guy went to jail for life, he can't bail out, & he is staying where he belongs for a long time". 

Vivica + the cast goes back to where Natalie & Karen had their showdown at the Drunken Monkey! Vivica asked: What really happened between London & Storm in their "confrontation" & Karen says that her, Storm & London have the same story but Natalie has a different story. Storm explains his part about what happened. Natalie admits that there was NO beef that went down between the men. Natalie said: Nothing was done but there were witnesses of him threatening them. Storm says that is cop-talk & Natalie blows up at Storm. Vivica interrupted Natalie again & she goes crazy & attempts to get up & leave because she couldn't talk but Drita tried calling her down. Drita & Karen have a small argument because Karen doesn't understand how Drita hangs with Natalie G. when she talks about Karen's family. Drita says Karen & Renee attacked her family in Season 1 & she was ok with it. Renee shuts the convo down & says grown women shouldn't talk that much about the Mafia past. 

The cast looks back at their creative & infamous fighting lines: 

Natalie: All I wanna do to this bitch right now is... 

Karen: Blow her fuck*ng brains out. 

Drita: Drive my car through her house. 

Big Ang: F*cking knock her teeth out of her throat. 

Renee: Choke the living life out of her. 

Natalie: I'm going to fuck*ng put her in a grave. 

Renee: I wanna cut your throat bitch. 

Karen: I'm going to break her fucki*g face. 

Drita: Pull each of her teeth out with my bare hands. 

*Nat D'S gunshot* 

Renee: All I'm thinking is: I hope you put this bitc* in a bag & send her off to the fuck*** sanitation center. 

*Big Ang's chicken head cracking face* 

Drita: I'm going to put my fuck*ng head through her face. 

Natalie: Pull her fuckin* eyes out. 

Renee: Drag her out by her extensions. 

Renee: This girl gotta be cut at the *ucking knees. 

*Drita's machine gun*

Big Ang: Hope you wire her mouth shut for 12 weeks. 

Renee: This bitch, I want to strangle. 

Drita: I'll put her on her knees & make her: s*ck f*cking c*ck. 

Natalie: Put her head through a fuck*ng wall. 

Drita: I wanna chew on someone's face. 

Karen: I hope you lay this bitch out cold. 

Drita: Bullet holes to the face.. With 2 guns! (bitch) 

Natalie: I'll murder her. 

Renee: Kick you, punch you, pull your hair. 

Karen: I'm going to kill her. 

Renee: Drop, you know what, don't drop dead, eat some rat poisoning & get sick for a very long time. 

Renee says: we are all creative in our own way & will never do that to each other. Karen implies that she wants to do that to Natalie. Drita says: I was never angry this season & I don't understand why I made those statements. Karen's family hates the cursing on the show: mainly her father. 

Vivica ' takes the cast back to when the notorious queen: Victoria Gotti! Renee says that VG isn't a boss of anything except her own family. Karen says that what her father did was wrong & Natalie shouldn't throw it in her face all the time. Renee did say VG helped her & Big Ang mend their once broken friendship. Karen says that she honestly doesn't care about what Gotti thinks of her. 

Vivica goes back & looks at the Natalie & Karen hair pulling brawl at the dinner table. Vivica asks: after the fight got broken up, why did you pick up a glass?! Karen says: If Natalie would've not been acting smart, it wouldn't have came to a table flipping. Natalie says she tried to. Karen implies that Natalie is a racist & called a black lady: A burnt bitch. Karen says that is offensive because some people do have black children (including) Karen. Natalie says that Karen's daughter is toooo involved in her business & wouldn't allow her son to comment on Karen's ass. Natalie calls Karen a "rat" again. Karen gets up to go to Natalie but Renee & Vivica hold her back & she sits back down. Natalie says Karen needs consuling more. Karen says: No bitch it's 2015. Karen says: This is your friend Drita, this is your friend Ang: Some disrespectful ass racist bitch. Big Ang says: I don't mess with her anymore. Get the story straight. Vivica ends it & announces next week's conclusion. 

Reuion Part 2 preview: Drita VS Karen (argument) & The Natalie's get into a physical brawl!!! All going down This Wednesday at 8/7c on VH1! 

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