Wednesday, March 11, 2015

RHOBH: Episode 17(Season 5) Review - AMSTERDAM Slap!

Last night's episode of The REAL Housewives Of Beverly Hills was more then crazy! Talk about the slap that Brandi gave Lisa Vanderpump! Lisa was very upset! Here is my review! Read below the photo: 

          "Amsterdam Slap"

The episode started off with Kim & Brandi meeting up in a Amsterdam lobby to talk & wait for the other remaining girls to arrive to go shopping. Kim admits to Brandi that she has only been getting 4-5 hours of sleep max. She says she knows it's bad & she's trying to work on it. 

Kyle meets Yolanda in her room but she's doesn't hear news she wants to hear! Yolanda woke up paralyzed & she's not feeling well. She thinks it's the Lime disease. She also says that she's tired of the divide in the group between the ladies. She wants everybody to reunite after Lisa Rinna & Kim's epic showdown. She offered all the ladies to go to Amsterdam & it's been nothing but an intense divide & a epic wine tossing fight. Then, Kyle has a breakdown because she feels like Yolanda gets along with her brother & all Kyle does is fight with her sister. She feels like Kim is being very mean & cruel to her because of Brandi's chirping in Kim's ear. Yolanda lays back down & Kyle hugs her/leaves. Kyle hopes for a quick recovery! 

Elieen, Lisa Rinna, & Lisa Vanderpump meet up with Brandi & Kim in the lobby. Lisa Rinna, Brandi, Kim & Lisa V. decide to go shopping. Elieen says she will just go alone with Kyle & (Not knowing Yolanda's sick) to a museum but she mentions Yolanda. It gets kinda awkward for a second between Elieen & Kim. Lisa Rinna says that she hopes everybody can meet up later on. Elieen can't fathom the thought how Lisa Rinna forgave Kim SUPER fast after the intense dinner they had. 

Kyle & Elieen meet up & go out to the museum. They go to the road back one I think it was. Kyle was shocked that Lisa Rinna & Kim went out together after their showdown. Kyle & Elieen go around & experience Amsterdam. They go to a coffee shop & get coffee & chocolate cookies. Kyle & Elieen discuss the Lisa Rinna showdown. Elieen still can't get over the easy move on. 

Meanwhile, Brandi, Kim, Lisa Rinna & Lisa V. have some fun times shopping! Including playing with sex toys, nipple toys, & bra straps! Lisa Rinna & Kim are shockingly getting along! Lisa V. says that she misses the old Brandi & not the new mean one. 

Elieen & Lisa Rinna meet up & talk about their day. Elieen confronts Lisa about her feelings about the easy accepting of Kim's apology. Lisa Rinna looks shocked right after Elieen says that she feels like Lisa doesn't have her back. Elieen said that she had LR's back but she doesn't feel the same way. Elieen says: The easy apology is not cool & is bull*hit! 

Brandi & Yolanda meet up & talk about their day. Kim, Lisa Rinna, Lisa Vanderpump & the others, all meet up in a restaurant. Kyle talks to Yolanda in private & is feeling weird for Brandi's weird & disgusting looks she is giving her. She also confronts Lisa V. about Brandi. Elieen brings up the Kim situation & approaches the girls to talk about it. Brandi confronts Elieen about alcoholic comments & an "angry drunk" comment. Elieen admits to saying about the drunken comment. Kim jumps in to defend Brandi & Elieen fires back at both of them. Kim says Elieen needs to stop worrying about her. Elieen says: I'm just worried about you, Sue me for giving a damn. Elieen starts spilling beans about when Brandi says behind Kim's back. Brandi calls Elieen a "homewrecker". Elieen curses at Brandi & tells her do NOT bring it up. Kyle confronts Brandi about her mean comments & Brandi.... changes her whole attitude! Elieen apologies to Kim about all the "mean" comments she was making. Everybody goes to sit down at a bigger table to eat & Kyle & Brandi start arguing again. The arguing calms down for a while but Kim breaks down to Brandi. Kim & Brandi go into seats & sit by themselves. Lisa Rinna wants everybody to make up & stop fighting. Lisa V. & Brandi both agree to the situation. The tension calms down for a bit & everyone starts communicating. The ladies start playing a game. Brandi makes a "I love your tits" comment to Lisa V. which makes the group get annoyed. Everyone starts saying nice things to one another! Even Brandi/Elieen, Kim/Lisa Rinna/ & Kim/Elieen! Kim starts getting some good commentary about her sobriety. 

The group decides to stop the game. Brandi & Lisa V. meet alone outside & start to play some fun games with each other. Brandi forces Lisa V. to slap her & kiss her. Lisa V. rejects both & Brandi playfully slaps Lisa. She was not happy about the slap. Brandi tried to apologize but Lisa V. ignored her & they both left. 

Lisa V. & Kyle meet up to discuss last night. Kyle & the gang left before Brandi slapped Lisa V. So Kyle and the rest didn't know about it. When Lisa V told Kyle, Kyle was shocked. Kyle said "Brandi getting physical" has to stop & it's never ok to abuse someone. 

Yolanda & Brandi meet up & Brandi admits to slapping Lisa V! Yolanda said Brandi needs to learn to not overstep her boundaries. Brandi said that she doesn't understand why everybody's taking out of context because she was just playing. 

Until next episode! It gets a little intense! Don't forget to watch RHOBH; Every Tuesday at 8/7c on Bravo TV! 

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