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Mob Wives - Season 5 Finale Review!

Here is my review of the Season finale of #MobWives! It was very interesting! Read below the picture: 

This season was pretty epic! We had Karen Gravano arrive back on the scene & see her showdown brawls with Natalie Guercio play out on the show, Big Ang & Renee's explosive fight, Victoria Gotti stirring up the pot, New girl Natalie Didonato's beef with Nat G, OG Carla Facciolo's return & the shocking season finale which will be spoken about right now! 

The episode started off with Renee going over to Big Ang's house. Renee tells Big Ang that she wants to have a celebration party due to her new life ever since the baptism. Renee then tells Big Ang that she wants to invite both Natalie's to her party. Big Ang thinks it's a bad idea because they have beef with eachother. Renee thinks it's a good idea because she made peace with Natalie Guercio a few days before. Renee hopes that everyone respects her & no one causes drama at her party. 

Then, One of London's friends asks Natalie G. to pose for a prison catalog for men all over the world. Natalie says that she's over the drama with all the girls including Nat D! She says that Nat D is trying to take her down but it will never happen. 

Then, Drita goes to get some anger out in a boxing class after learning of Nat G's alleged confession recording that was brought to her by Nat D! Drita says that Natalie Guercio is dead to her, & she's going to make sure to tell the other girls once she sees them at Renee's party. 

Then, Renee & AJ (her son) decide to get AJ's girlfriend Andrea a promise ring. They've been together for a few years so it was like a special gift to her. Renee came up with the idea! 

Then, Natalie D. goes to a shooting range with her friend Sarah to let some frustration out & to get prepared to see Natalie G. at Renee's party. She said that she is finally happy that Drita has opened her eyes about Natalie after revealing the recording to her. She says that she doesn't want to cause trouble for Renee but the tension between  them is crazy & she wants to confront her at Renee's party for good. Sarah says that she knows Natalie G. from a club & she was talking shit the minute she saw Sarah. Natalie D. says that she's happy to expose her for being a rat. 

Then, Karen meets up with Big Ang at the Drunken Monkey just to catch up before Renee's party. Big Ang says that her son AJ just graduated from a drug rehab & she's so happy for him. Her grand babies are doing good & all about that. Karen brings up Renee's party & about seeing Natalie G. since the table flip showdown. Karen says that "If Renee wants to invite a dirty cop calling hoe to her party, then that's on her". Karen started going off & calling Natalie G. a bunch of names. Karen hopes that Natalie G. doesn't make her act out of character. Big Ang says that she wants no part in the drama & hope nothing pops off due to respect to Renee. 

Then, everybody starts to get ready for Renee's party. Renee arrives first & welcomes her guests. Karen arrives with Storm & says that she doesn't want no problems with Nat G. out of respect for Renee but if she starts, Karen said she'll finish it. 

Then, Natalie G. & London start to get ready for Renee's party. London says that he's happy to see all the girls. Natalie G. says to London that if Nat D. wants to start with her, she's gotta go. Ever since her & Renee made up, they've been cordial so no beef on both ends. She says that this year has been a crazy rollercoaster ride! She doesn't know that Drita is heated about the recording yet! But she does know that Nat D. & Karen hate her guts. 

Drita arrives at the party & she can't get over the recording of Nat G. admitting the she is a rat. Drita tells Renee, Karen & Big Ang that Natalie D. showed her a recording about Nat G. admitting that she is a rat. Big Ang thinks it's a rat move to record something like that & she doesn't believe it. Big Ang doesn't like Natalie D. Renee said she knew it all along & she's gloating because both Drita & Big Ang didn't believe Renee & Karen. Then, Big Ang & Drita sit down to talk & Big Ang doesn't believe Natalie D. Drita says that Renee will never pull a rat move like that. Big Ang says that there is something else being left out from Nat D. 

Natalie D. begins to go to Renee's party & she says that she can't wait to expose Natalie as the rat she claims not to be. Nat D. gets in a cab with her boyfriend Ronnie (They got back together) & she kisses him. She tells him about Natalie G. & says that she's excited to tell her off & expose her with the tape. Ronnie says that she can't deny the allegation because they have proof. Nat D. arrives & hugs Renee but she has a little evil look in her eye. She talks to Karen about the recording & says she will love to hear it. She will enjoy the craziness. Karen says that she's going to sit back & watch their beef unfold. 

Natalie G. & London arrive & all eyes were on her! Renee says that she really wouldn't want to be Nat G. right now because so many people are gunning for her. Nobody gave her a warm welcome! She sits down & Drita gave her a big dirty look. Then, Drita & Nat D. realize something weird. Natalie G. has 10 people at a table with her that Renee didn't invite. Mind you, it was a PRIVATE party. Renee, Karen, Natalie D, Drita & Big Ang started talking about the team that Nat G brought. Big Ang thinks it's really weird that she brought a security team. Renee is NOT happy! Nat D thinks that Nat G brought the security team to jump her. Renee tells her security to escort Natalie's uninvited friends. Natalie thinks that she's being setup & tells London that she wants to leave! 

As Nat G, London & their squad begins to leave, Natalie D. goes outside to confront her but Nat G. fled & Natalie D started going off. She said the next time that she sees Nat G, she's finished for good! No running next time. For the final minutes, all the girls talk about Nat G. & how she is dead to all of them. Renee says that Natalie G. ruined the circle forever. Karen says that she is a cop calling hoe & doesn't want to see her again. Drita & Big Ang say that they had Nat G's back and Nat G. betrayed them back time. Last, Nat D says she's excited to see Natalie G again & everything will be out on the table. The end!

This season was crazy but so good! #TrustNoOne! Stay tuned for an EPIC 2 part reunion starting Next Wednesday on VH1! The finale was OK but the reunion will be crazy! Let's pray for a season 6 though! Hopefully Carla + everyone else returns! 

Until next week! Reunion Part 1 REVIEW! Gonna be epic! 

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