Saturday, March 7, 2015

Bad Girls Club - Diamond interview

Recently, I did an interview w/ Diamond (Jonica's ex girlfriend) that appeared on Bad Girls Club: Season 12 as Jonica's then girlfriend. When Diamond arrived at the house, tensions started to heat up between replacement Aysia & herself. Aysia & Jonica had a flirtatious relationship while Jonica was with Diamond. The tension between Aysia & Diamond boiled over more when they went head to head at the Season 12 reunion show. Here's with Diamond had to say in our interview! Read below the photo: 

First question - What made you go on BGC as Jonica's GF? Were you comfortable being in the reality tv light?
Diamond: Jonica and I were "talking" or whatever your description of "talking" is & that's what we were doing for probably like two months before she went in and of course after the show. However, naturally I cared for her a lot! That was like one of my besties! She asked me to come and see her so I came. I didn't really think about the T.V portion of it until I actually got to the house but no I didn't really have a feeling toward being "on the show". 

Next question - What were your feelings towards Aysia when you came into the house?
Diamond: I didn't have any feelings toward her to be honest. I didn't know her! All I knew was that Jonica was sleeping with her. That's all. 

What made you vibe so good with Redd & Britt? 
Diamond: They're real as fuck to me. They knew everything. I respect them for being loyal to Jonica and not telling me stuff she was doing. I just love them! 

Now this is a fun question: If you didn't know who Jonica was & never dated her, & you came into the house as an original, who would you flirt with if you had the chance? 
Diamond: This is a good one! I wouldn't have flirted with any of them. I don't think I would have had any problems with anyone. 

Going to the reunion, did you have any intentions on fighting? 
Diamond: Nope! My feelings were hurt & it was just something that happened. 

Can you clear up the whole Jada jumping you accusation from your mouth? 
Diamond: I was fighting Aysia and from what I felt was jada pulling my hair! No one was really hitting me because It was of hair pulling. Then of course, Jonica jumped in & did what she had to do for me. 

Are you cool with Aysia & Jada as of today? 
Diamond: I don't communicate with them but I don't have any problems with Aysia or Jada. It was months ago & I'm over it! 

What are you up to since BGC? 
Diamond: I am a full time free lance makeup artist & I can't tell you the rest lol :) 

Do you have any regrets on BGC? 
Diamond: Nope! It is what it is. I've moved on & I'm living life. 

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