Saturday, March 7, 2015

Real World Portland - Marlon Interview

Real World: Portland was the twenty eighth season of the Real World franchise. It aired in mid 2013. It was a very good & epic season. The first & only replacement Nia entered the house after a certain house guest decided to leave due to working terms. During the second to last episode, a big brawl erupted between roommates Johnny, Averey, & Nia. The season came to a close overall but it was a great few months of watching! 

Now, I did an interview with Marlon from Real World: Portland! He talked about Nia, the fights, The Challenge experience & more! Read below the photo: 

First question: What made you do real world?
Marlon: I mean it was more of a spur of the moment deal. I didn't think I would ever actually make it but when it happened, of course I wasn't gonna turn it down.

Have you ever watched past seasons before you did your real world season?
Marlon: Yeah, I watched the Las Vegas season when I was in high school.

Who did you click with off the bat?
Marlon: Probably right off the back, I clicked with Jessica. 

Did anybody annoy you on the first night?
Marlon: Nope. Everybody was pretty chill the first night. 

How did it feel when you revealed to your roommates that you were Bisexual?
Marlon: It was cool but more so anxious because I didn't know how they would react to it. 

How was working during the Real World Exprience? Fun or aggervating? 
Marlon: It was hella dope because I mean Pizza Shmizza has some really fun people to work with! 

How did you feel about Joi's departure for the house? 
Marlon: It sucked I had a crush on her for sure!

Were you excited about Nia entering the Real World house?
Marlon: Hell yup I was the only black person till then! lol

How did you feel about the Nia & Jordan saga lol
Marlon: At the time, I thought it was just them both hiding their feelings for each other but in the long run, I guess it was entertaining lol. 

What was your take on the Averey, Nia & Johnny fight? Who do you think was in the wrong?
Marlon: Both sides were wrong in some way! It's an argument so I mean shit happens.

Did you take Nia should've stayed or got sent home? Looking back now?
Marlon: Looking back now, my vote is that she would've stayed. 

What was your favorite part of Portland?
Marlon: it was definitely Splash Bar! Also, when I got to perform the music, I was making it with InfinitRakz. 

Do you have any regrets on your season?
Marlon: I probably regret not being as open as I could of been! I kinda held back I think. 

Who do you keep in touch with after the show?
Marlon: To be honest, the only person is mainly Anastasia. 

Why did you decide to the Challenge?
Marlon: I did it because I'm really athletic! It's in my blood to compete! 

What was your favorite part about The Challenge? 
Marlon: Mostly Winning all the elimination rounds had to be my favorite part! Most definitely.  

Would you ever do another challenge in the near future?
Marlon: To be honest, maybe! I have to think about it. 

What have you been up to since Real World & The Challenge? Any new projects? 
Marlon: The big thing right now is recording my next album "Black Thought" for this summer! Also, I just dropped my 2015 T-Shirt designs for Yung And Wavy Tees! 

The interview was pretty fun! Hopefully, we do another one if he does another show! 

Check out Marlon's website at:

Follow him on twitter; @TheJayDillinger! Stay tuned! 


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