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Real World Skeletons: Tony Raines Interview

Last night, I did an interview with Tony Raines from Real World Skeletons! He is the 4th cast member I've interviewed so far! The ladies man talked about his exes, Madison, The fights, & more! 

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Who did you vibe w/ first when you moved into the house?
Tony :Jason and I clicked off the bat. He reminded me of my close friends back home & Madison was the first female for sure. 

Did anybody annoy you off the bat or was everybody cool the first few nights?
Tony: Sylvia and Violetta getting so upset about the 1st night bar tab annoyed me a little. I think we could have handled that a lil' more quietly. 

With the Violetta/Jason argument, whose side were you on?
Tony :Neither, I think Violetta and Jason both blow that out of proportion.

When you had that argument w/ Violetta, did you do it annoy her or was it all in fun?
Tony :A little bit of both...Violetta gets so flustered so easily it's hard not to be a lil sarcastic with her.

Were you shocked when the first skeleton moved in?
Tony: I wouldn't say shocked but I was surprised and excited to see what would happen with everyone's skeleton.

Did you think your 2 exes were going to come in the house? or did you think it was someone else from your past?
Tony: I thought maybe an ex I just wasn't sure which one. I don't have a lot of enemies and I have a good relationship with Shane (my brother)

How did you feel about the Nicole/Jason argument? Do you have any take on it?
Tony : That argument really surprised me. I didn't expect it to reach that level between the two. I'm just glad it was resolved quickly. 

Side note: Tony was in the kitchen when that argument took place but he couldn't remember exactly.

Is iit really easy to get annoyed with the girls in the house?
Tony: It's easier to ignore them than to let yourself get annoyed by them.

Did you think Princess was being rude to Madison when she walked in? like in the club.
Tony: I think she was just in a bad mood and didn't wanna be bothered. 

Did you think she went too far when she said that you guys were putting on for cameras?
Tony: I do because that's what pushed everyone over the edge and eventually got her bags thrown over the ledge.

Did you feel bad for her when Sylvia threw her bags over the ledge? or do you think Sylvia went too far?
Tony: I felt bad for Elizabeth because I cared fir her on a different level. That's why I didn't raise my voice and tried to instead talk to her.

Did Alyssa & Elizabeth have problems back home? & did you think they were going to have tensions in the house?
Tony: They're not friends back home so I expected tension of course.

Do you think Elizabeth is bossy with you? It seemed that way in the house.
Tony: She can be demanding at times but I think being in that atmosphere amplified it.

How did you feel when Alyssa was in Madison's face in the club?
Tony: Regarding Madison I just felt the need to make sure Alyssa didn't take it to another level with her.

Why did you get so angry & punch the wall? Was it the whole situation overall?
Tony: I punched the wall because I felt like my frustration had built up dealing with Elizabeth, Alyssa, and Madison at once at that moment.

Were you upset with the way the Madison/Violetta fight went down?
Tony: I've had a lot of time to think about that and it saddens me that it came to that. I just hope everyone learned from it.

Do you think Sylvia was wrong for what she did? or do you understand her reason behind it?
Tony: I think Sylvia has some regret from it but she stands by her word and feels her actions are justified.

Were you drunk during that fight?
Tony: From the club, I was intoxicated, so yes. 

Did you think that whole fight overall was uncalled for?
Tony : I think it could've been solved in a different manner.

Side note(s): The Black eye thing is coming later In the season.
-Tony's brother Shane is visiting the house. 

Was it hard saying goodbye to Alyssa & Elizabeth when they were leaving?
Tony: It was so hard to say goodbye to those two girls knowing nothing would be the same with them.

Last question (for this interview) Are you talking with Madison, Alyssa or Elizabeth as of now? Or will we see the status during the reunion?
Tony: I'm unsure about if we will see them on a reunion but I do speak with Madison. The other girls I can't say the same.

This wraps up our first interview! Stay tuned for a follow up one coming soon! 

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