Saturday, February 7, 2015

Real World Skeletons - Supertease!

Here is an exclusive supertease of pics of what's more to come on Real World - Skeletons! 

        ^ Sylvia VS Bruno ^ 

^Bruno's brother Briah arrives ^

     ^ Bruno yelling at somebody ^ 

^Somebody Breaks Glass (I think)

   ^ Madison's skeletons arrive! ^ 

    ^Nicole's Skeletons arrive! ^ 

^Jason's father arrives (his skeleton) 

 Sylvia VS Bruno - (Still to come) 
• Jason & Bruno argument (Next week) 
• Jason's Father (skeleton) Still to come
• Bruno's Brother arriving (Next week) 
• Briah yelling at somebody (Still to come
• Somebody breaking glass (Still to come
• Madison's sisters arriving (Still to come
• Nicole's skeletons (Arrive next week) 

+ More! 

Stay tuned for more craziness! Real World Skeletons Airs Every Tuesday at 10/9c on MTV. 

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