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Real World Skeletons: interview w/ Nicole Zanatta!

This past Wednesday, I did an interview with Nicole Zanatta from Real World : Skeletons! She talked about the wolfpack, the fighting, the skeletons & more!

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Who did you clique with first when you moved into the house?
Nicole: Honestly I feel like I clicked with everyone walking into the house. as the days progressed it was Bruno and Jason and than Tony later on.

Did anybody rub you the wrong way/ annoy you on the first night?
Nicole: Not at all until I saw the episode and they made fun of my fat ass! Aka my wife. 

How did you feel about Madison dozing off some nights & not staying with the group? Did it bother you?
Nicole: Haha yes! However, we would talk to her as a group and even question why she would feel that way. She wasn't like us she wasn't use to having a group of people with her. Maybe she felt like she had to fit in in some type of way when that wasn't the case. We were all picked for being ourselves nothing more nothing less.

How did you feel about the Violetta & Jason argument?
Nicole: Honestly, I rather not talk about that because that's a touchy subject. You put people in the house with strong personalities... Enough said!  

I don't wanna talk about the Jason argument because you don't wanna talk about touchy subjects but do you have any other thing to say to the people that don't understand because I clearly did.
Nicole: That argument was one to remember you will see! It wasn't just about garbage though! I want people to know that it was about my sexuality. 

Were you shocked when the first skeleton moved in?
Nicole: Haha yes I was!! I was like no fucking way! 

Did you feel some type of way when Princess said that everybody was putting on for cameras? 
Nicole: Without a doubt! I was really nice to her that comment had everyone on edge and against each-other. I couldn't back up Tony even if I tried to & it actually hurt because I was obviously closer with the guys.

Did you vibe with Alyssa, Princess & Alicia in the house? 
Nicole: Yes!!! Your working into a established family the second we walked thru the doors we were family. They were strangers but all linked to one of us....Alyssa and I actually missed ;)

How was living with the skeletons like? Was it stressful?
Nicole: Ohhhhh gosh, it was so stressful! We had have numerous fights up and down! It was a crazy ride but at the end..... ;)

Were you really upset about the way the Madison fight went?
Nicole: Yeah it hurt me, I help people I didn't become an Emt to watch. That's never been me and will never be me! Watching it on tape made me realize we're all adults were all human, why would we ever do that?! Well now, we're all human were not perfect. I'd be lying if I said that the fights that went on in that house didn't upset me.

Do you think Madison provoked it or do you think Violetta did? If you don't wanna talk about it, I'll respect that.
Nicole: It wasn't provoked by neither. I think it was a build up between both of them in the house period.

During the fight, Sylvia yanked her off of Violetta as a bestfriend move. Did you understand Sylvia's point of doing that?
Nicole: Sylvia said she would have done the same for anyone I truly believe she didn't know what was going on and honestly had true intentions in being a good friend. 

When production called you in the room to check out the whole fight, did you think somebody was going home?
Nicole: Yeah of course! That was a concern because most of us seen previous seasons when it escalates someone walks out the door.

Last Question (for this interview)- Has Real World experience made you better then you were already or are you the same? 
Nicole: It didn't change me. Real World here is the same, if anything it changed my perception of myself. It made me stronger in many ways that it made me weaker. It made me realize what I'm capable of... However you'll watch more to come and I'm sure this answer will be. You'll have a follow up interview in the future you'll know why.

That was the interview! It was short but we are going to have a follow up one soon! It's not scheduled for a date but Nicole said that she's ok whenever! Stay tuned with our SECOND ONE!! 

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