Sunday, February 22, 2015

Real World Skeletons - Alicia interview

This past week, I did an interview with the first skeleton of Real World Skeletons! She talked about Sylvia, Violetta, the exprience, & more!

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First question - Were you nervous walking into the house with Sylvia inside?
Alicia: No. I didn't think I was going to the house for some dramatic experience. I was going to party and experience something awesome.

Who did you click with off the bat? 
Alicia: Madison and I have a lot in common so we bonded right away! I actually think I became closest with Nicole though. 

How did you feel when Violetta was being rude to you due to the fact that V & Sylvia were close?
Alicia: I didnt understand why she was being rude. She didnt even know me. 6 different people were asking questions and cameras were in my face. It was a lot. Especially because all I wanted was to see Sylvia.

When she made the trash comment & threw your stuff off the railing, were you done w/ Violetta at that point?
Alicia: The trash comment didnt bother me and I didn't see her throw my stuff off the railing because I was outside with Tony.  Violetta is V. I felt pretty numb at the point.

When Sylvia walked inside the house & saw you, what was going thru your mind? Did you think that a problem was going to occur? 
Alicia: I was thinking we would talk but never thought it would go bad. 

What did you mean when you told the bartender that you made Sylvia everything she is today? 
Alicia: I didnt intentionally mean it like that by any means! I wasnt trying to talk down about her at all but I was really fucked up and when she confronted me I was drinking again! So I didnt lie to her I just didnt understand what was going on and I wanted to punch her when she said that! She was one of my closest friends in KC! I felt betrayed. I was really hurt that she would confront me like that and make it so dramatic. 
Its not like I was going to fight her! Let alone in a restaurant...

How did you feel about Jason & Nicole's argument? 
Alicia: Jason, Nicole and I were together that whole day and it came out of nowhere! Jason ran out then Nic and I left. When they started fighting, Sylvia and I were in between them. 

Why do you & Sylv have beef anyway? Like what happened between you guys? She got so pissed every time she heard your name! 
Alicia: Lol. Its funny actually because here and I never really had a reason. She thought I talked down to her and I thought she did the same thing. We both wanted things our way. I was the one who applied for real world! When they asked for a list of people who hated me, I really didn't have one so I asked Sylvia to pretend to hate me. Then MTV played us back and fourth all the way up to when she left. The day they offered her the spot, they were still interviewing me like I was getting it.

What is the status of your "friendship" as of now? 
Alicia: I live in California now and shes not apart of my life. My best friend and everything that happened between them its just better we aren't friends but I will never be rude to her! We've been through a lot! She was there for me when no one really was for some difficult times! 

Do you regret anything from the Real World exprience from the time you were there? 
Alicia: I regret being too worried about my ex boyfriend and our relationship to embrace it. I left 2 days early and its because I was worried about losing him. 

Do you think that they will invite you + the other skeletons to a reunion? 
Alicia: I don't know if they will. I mean I hope so! I just want to grab Nicole's face and kiss her! Thats the other thing I probably regret, not sleeping in her bed lol.

What are you up to since the show is over? What is your plan for the future?
Alicia: I'm applying for med school very soon & just living life! :) 

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