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Real World Explosion - Jenny interview

Last week, I started an interview with Jenny from Real World Explosion & just finalized it now! She talked about Cory, Brian, Her small twitter beef with Jamie, the reunion & more!

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First question: What made you do The Real World?
Jenny: I did it because it seemed like a fun and a once and a lifetime opportunity!

Who did you vibe with off the bat? 
Jenny: I vibed with Ashley and Arielle right off the bat. I could relate to Ashley & I was inspired by Arielle. 

Did you have any idea that the exes were moving in? 
Jenny: Not at all! COMPLETE SHOCKER! 

What were your thoughts on Ashley's drunken outbursts? 
Jenny: At first I thought they were funny and then I started to get concerned...

How did you feel when Ashley ripped up Jay's papers w/ his moms phone number in there? 
Jenny; I was heartbroken & felt bad for Jay! 

How did you feel when Ashley got voted out the house?
Jenny: Ashley wasn't voted out. She left on her own! MTV chopped that out & made it seem a different way then it actually was. She left on her own. She wanted to know how everyone felt about her coming back so it was Jays idea to take a house vote. Ashley could have said, Oh well and came back anyway! 

Can you explain your little twitter beef with Jamie about the "buying followers" thingy? 
Jenny: Ohhhh that one, yeah she made a indirect comment that I "bought" followers. I don't even know how to do that or that you could! It's sad that people in this world care so much about "followers" they aren't your real friends. But I understand the obsession & we have moved past it & we are still good. Why hold grudges? 

What made you click so good w/ Cory?
Jenny: Ugh.. Sorry I get so bored with answering questions about Cory. Lol I guess we just had personalities that got along. 

Did anybody in particular annoy you throughout the house? 
Jenny: Jaime annoyed me the most to be honest... I didn't like how involved she got in everyone's business. I just don't get along with people like that. She said she wasn't judgemental but it was clear that she was! But like I said I don't have a problem with her. I just try to ignore it and move on. We won't always click with everyone. 

What was your exprience like living with Brian in the beginning?
Jenny: it was hard because of the circumstances obviously but I was so happy he was there. He always had my heart and always will! 

Which ex did you like the most? or were all of them cool?
Jenny: I liked all the exes. I got along with Hailey the best though. 

Who was the messiest in the house?
Jenny: As far as messiest, I would say it's between Jaime and I because I left the most dishes. 

What was your opinion on Lauren's pregnancy scare? 
Jenny: Idk... I felt like it was hard for them! It was shocking news for sure. 

Were you upset when you found out that Brian cheated in the club?
Jenny: Of course I was upset! You couldn't tell?

Who do you think was the biggest shit stirrer or manipulator in that house?
Jenny: Jamie for sure! 

When you slapped Brian, what was going thru your mind? Were you upset at him?
Jenny: Yes I was upset but I made a mistake. I don't want to advocate violence to our youth. I acted out of pure anger and from some drinking! 

Did you ever stop having feelings for Cory or no? Like in the house?
Jenny: I believe I was confused and hurt from Brian. It was a very confusing time for me.

How did you feel when hailey exploded on Thomas?
Jenny: It's understandable, it would be extremely difficult to watch and live with someone you love while they are with someone else. 

Do you think Jamie overstepped her boundaries with the Thomas & Hailey situation? 
Jenny: No I think she was trying to be respectful of their past... But I didn't pay much attention honesty, I was in tune to my own drama. 

Were you jealous of Brian & Cory's bromance?
Jenny: It was a forced fake situation. I think they would have been friends maybe under different circumstances so it made everything weird. 

So about the finale, why did Brian turn pyscho?
Jenny: He was drinking vodka, and he got possessed! Or he just flipped out from all the stress but I swear on everything I have never ever seen him act like that in the 6 years I have known him! It scared the shit out of me! 

When Cory & Brian fought in the limo, what was going thru your mind? 
Jenny: I wasn't there but I found out everything when Brian came home & I just felt sick to my stomach! 

How long was filming? Like besides the reunion?
Jenny: About 3 months. 

How did you feel when Cory accused you of being fake? 
Jenny: I honestly to this day, I have no idea what he was talking about! 

How was it being in front of live audience expressing your feelings?
Jenny: Expressing feelings in front of an audience was really tough, I already have a hard time doing it without one. I felt frozen to be honest! 

When you hugged Brian, Cory seemed pissed. Why was he so upset?
Jenny: I also have no idea! 

What are you up to after the show? After the reunion?
Jenny: Going back to school for nursing currently. I also sang on a track and there's a music video for it I'm in! ---> <--- 

Do you regret anything from Real World? 
Jenny: I regret slapping Brian, I don't want to promote violence.

Would you ever do a challenge spinoff?! 
Jenny: I would probably do the challenge if all the conditions were right.

Who do you keep in touch with now that the show is over? 
Jenny: Well Brian and I are still together. I still talk to Ashley! 

Last question: is there anything that you would like to saw to All your fans (including me)? 
Jenny: Keep chasing your dreams, you can accomplish anything.

That wrapped up our interview! Check out Jenny's music video on Vevo on YouTube! 

Jenny's social networks info: 

Instagram: Itsjennydelich
Twitter: Itsjennydelich

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