Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Natalie G's alleged recording

Natalie G & Natalie D. from Mob Wives have been beefing on this new season! Natalie D. has been throwing all these accusations at Nat G. & the biggest accusation she made was that "Natalie G is a rat & a cop caller" but that's not all! After tonight's episode of Mob Wives aired, Natalie D posted on her twitter, an alleged video of Natalie G. confessing to being a rat, cop caller & putting her Ex boyfriend in jail. Natalie G. said on the show that she ONLY called the cops on him for protection because he was physically abusing her. Here is the alleged video that Nat D. posted about Guercio. 

Watch Natalie G. & Natalie D discuss  reunion tea + their beef! 

Their reunion has filmed just a few days ago & it's rumored that they went toe to toe in an explosive battle of words! 

Who do you believe?! Do you think the alleged tape is fake? 

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