Thursday, February 19, 2015

Real World Skeletons - Briah interview

Aye I'm back with another fun interview! This time, instead of doing the Real World cast-mates, I did one of the skeletons this season: AKA Briah Bettencourt! Read our fun mini interview! 

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How was it seeing your brother for the 
first time in 2 years? 
Briah: It was intense, I was actually sweating! 

Were you happy that you guys talked it out?
Briah: Yea, I figured we'd get through it and I didn't expect him to blow up.

How did everybody treat you in the house? 
Briah: They were actually open everyone was really accepting we vibed, because I brought vodka lol.

How did you feel when you got told the news that your grandfather had passed. Briah: Sad of course, I felt mostly for my mother though..

When Bruno flipped out in the limo & the house, what was your stance on the situation?
Briah: I thought he was going over board but I knew he wouldn't of touched Sylvia, once he was in the house I regretted telling him what Tony said. 

How did you feel when Tony & Shane were talking about "jumping" Bruno?
Briah: I was thinking in my head that there was no way in hell I'd let that happen and if it did I'd of jumped in instantly. 

How are you & your brother's relationship like now? 
Briah: Good! Not perfect but we talk occasionally. I live here he lives there. I suck at communication.

Who do you still keep in contact with, now that the show is over?
Briah: Nicole, TONY and Shane I probably talk to these three the most.

Do you think that the Real World house had brought you & Bruno together? Briah: Definitely . 

What are you up to now that the show is over? :) 
Briah: Focusing on modeling, working on myself as a person and traveling.

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