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#EXCLUSIVE: Karynda Worchester Talks 'Party Down South Drama: Did The Show Get Cancelled Or No?! Get The TEA HERE:

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I am having the pleasure to interview #PartyDownSouth2's Karynda Worcester, AKA the party girl of the show! Get all the juicy tea about the show drama, Her fellow cast mates, and rumors of the shows' cancellation BELOW: 

1) First question: What was your favorite moment from Season 2
--- Karynda: "The girls nights were so much fun! We didn't have to worry about couple drama and everyone just got along and had a blast."

2) What were your thoughts on Ashton's obnoxious behavior and constantly arguing with the other roomies
--- Karynda: "She drove me insane! Don't get me wrong, I love her to death, but she just drove me crazy because we are all grown for the most part and she's been sheltered, so she hasn't had as much experience in life as the rest of us have!! At first when she was arguing with everyone, I Felt bad, but then she just started erking my nerve because she wouldn't help us clean and she never saw fault in anything she did wrong. Honestly, She has grown up a lot since we last filmed! Her and her bf have their own place now! She has a full time job and pays her own bills now." 

3) Who did you feel the closest to in the house? 
--- Karynda: "I was definitely the closest to Raven! We are complete opposites on the outside but we act the same way on the inside! We call each-other "Sisters from another mister."

4) Which man in the house were you closest to? 
--- Karynda: "The first season was Tommy immediately, but in between seasons, Duke and I became super close!! I've drifted from both but I still loooove them to death." 

5) Why do you think you've ended up getting so many guys' numbers and being on your A game in the clubs? 
--- Karynda: "First season, there was absolutely no men that I was attracted to! I am very picky when it comes to guys! And if I see you are exactly what I want! I go for it full force and let them know I'm interested!! When I like a guy, everyone will know it because I am totally myself and comfy with it! But being able to flirt at bars and out is easy when I have alcohol in me.. It's definitely liquid courage!! I don't know where I was getting it at first!" "Also, about getting numbers, I am very forward when I am interested! I was just looking for new people to hang with while there."

6) What was your vibe on the Newbie Kelsey
--- Karynda: "When she walked in, all I saw was boobs.. I'm not into girls at all, but for some reason, I just wanted to motorboat them! I was wasted so immediately when she ignored me, I didn't like her and I made it known! But the next day when I was sober, I apologized and told her I didn't know why I acted that way and she was cool about it, so I immediately liked her since she took my apology."

7) What was your take on Tommy and Ashton's kitchen fight? 
--- Karynda: "I was sleeping during that fight and I'm mad I missed it! When I heard she hit him with a bag of fries, I couldn't help but laugh! She was helping a friend out and that's okay! But she should have just waited until he was sober to try to make a point because obviously it
was not working for his intensely drunk butt."

8) So now, towards the end, you, Raven and Ashton got into this hair pulling, crazy brawl! Why do you think it all happened the way it did? 
--- Karynda: "It was the night we got back from the mudbogs and she had been driving me crazy because there were a few incidents of her not respecting the cameramen and where they can go and follow her! It's kind of complicated but I was already aggravated with her then she wouldn't help us clean up the RV cause she lost her flip flop then she was too worried about the phone then helping us! She literally walked around For 30 minutes looking for the phone! I was already bugged by her then when she didn't want chocolate on her face! It made me mad cause I felt like she never wanted to participate anything! I was saying a lot more stuff than shown! I was basically finally letting her know how I feel." "I liked that Immediately Raven jumped in to help her bestie out and had my back but I feel like I already made my point."

9) So at the Reunion, Do you think Bradley took it too far with wanting to turn everyone against Ashton
--- Karynda: "He had a valid point to start with but he just kept it going and going! We all got kind of tired of the same conversation! He didn't need to persuade us to having bad feelings towards her or not like her, because most of the group already felt that way! Bradley thought everyone felt the same way he did about Ashton, so he expected everyone to have his back! Me and duke were neutral, Kelsie and hunter really liked her, and the rest of the group felt the same way as he did, but Tommy and Ashton are cool now."

10) Who do you still keep in touch with as of now? 
--- Karynda: "Raven and tommy for the most part! I tried my hardest to make it to Ravens baby shower next weekend but I can't and it's killing me!"

Last Question: With all these cancellation of the show, Is there any truth to it? Please set the record straight once and for all! 
--- Karynda: "Well from what I hear, pds will go on for a while but pds2 is not and I repeat not cancelled officially! But we have been waiting to find out for 8 months and the waiting game is old." "The funding is not there for us right now! Also I've been told that if we do do another season, it will be sometime next year! So there's really no telling."

So glad that I had a second chance at interviewing Karynda! She's super fun and down to earth! If you're missing Party Down South, no worries because the original cast is back for a fifth season in January

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