Monday, August 3, 2015

RHOC: (Season 10), Episode 9 RECAP: The Ladies Continue To Whoop It Up In Tahiti + Mehgan's 'Stepmom' Role Is Questioned

We start off Episode 9 of 'The Real Housewives Of Orange County' with all the ladies headed on a boat, ready for moo'rea but Vicki ruins the good mood, by starting to get seasick, and goes into the bathroom, throwing up. Heather says that Shannon's bag of remedies could've helped Vicki, which I agree all the way... only if she would've brought them. The ladies finally head off to moo'rea, and Vicki is looking much better then a minute ago and is ready to whoop it up. The ladies arrive in moo'rea and are fabulously greeted with a dance from all the moo'rea people, and Tamra realizes a wiener flapping, and jokes about it with Heather.

The ladies get divided, as they're headed to their rooms, and Tamra feels like she wants to go skinny-dipping... naked! The ladies get to their rooms and everyone is excited to enjoy moorea, except Shannon, because her stomach fat irritates her. Tamra and Mehgan jump in the ocean, while Mehgan doesn't want to go in naked, but Tamra is, and Shannon is definitely whooping it up.... with her cough, but I'm thankful that she has her remedies with her! Momma Heather ruins Tamra and Mehgan's fun time, by demanding that they both get out of the ocean, because being naked is not okay, and because they need to get ready for dinner. 

Later that night, All of the ladies head out to dinner, and cheers to their fun time in Tahiti. Vicki starts becoming very picky at the food, which irritates Mehgan, who thinks Vicki should live life and stop sweating the small stuff. Mehgan begins saying that these OC women are too high maintenance, in her confessional, which then her karma surfaces as her mouth starts burning as she starts trying spicy food! Woah oh Karma! Shannon then tells the ladies that Brooks has set up a guys night, through via group message. Vicki starts getting worried about Brooks and what he eats, and Vicki says that he is going to decide whether to continue chemo or stop the chemo, which everyone says that Brooks should continue the chemo, but Vicki says that Brooks thinks the chemo will kill him faster then cancer. Shannon strongly feels that Brooks should check in with some of her doctors. Vicki changes the subject and says that she brought Lizzie a stick to pee on, in order to tell if she is pregnant or not... "Let's go pee girls!". 

Back from commercial break, Lizzie takes the pregnancy test, and obviously, she isn't pregnant, which means now she can whoop it up!

The next morning, the ladies head to a bar for some morning drinks, and Heather begins discussing her normal life with her kids, and how she's the leader of where her kids go and what they do, and Mehgan interjects and begins telling the other ladies about Hayley's recent school project, and how she drew a picture of Jim going away on an airplane, which makes Hayley sad because she can't see him most of the time. Mehgan says that she gets upset, because she can't see Jimmy's younger kids, which then Tamra thinks she should have a baby, which Mehgan would like. Vicki says nothing can come between a bond upon a mother and daughter... it's different with a stepmom. Vicki and Mehgan start bickering back and forth, about how Mehgan feels; even though stepmoms are not moms, the bond is strong with the kids, and Vicki would never know because she's never been one, along with Tamra, and Vicki feels that Mehgan is straight up disrespectful to regular moms, and she needs to know her place. Mehgan starts crying because she feels like Vicki and Tamra are being unfair to her, and starts saying that she wishes Jimmy's stepchildren were hers, and Tamra throws the low-blow with the "but you're not their mother" comment, and Mehgan finally realizes that she's not their biological mom, and changes the subject to swimming. 

The ladies head over to swimming with stingrays, and Vicki and Heather start freaking out over the stingrays and how they aren't going in. The adventure owner, James, tells the ladies to loosen up, because there is nothing to worry about, but Vicki isn't having it still. Shannon goes in the water, and leaves Vicki in charge of her family if something tragically happens to her. Heather thinks the sharks are beautiful, and she also wants Shannon to pet them, andddd she does! Woohoo.... but she claims that she will never swim with stingrays again. Meanwhile on the boat ride back, the ladies say that Tamra's boobs are hard... while Shannon's are soft and squishy. 

Shannon comes up with an idea to go to eat at a pizza place, and the ladies indeed go. Shannon says that she's going to call her kids back at her house, and goes outside. Shannon tells the ladies that she found out from David that the girls had a sleepover at a friend's house, and they started toilet papering in the neighborhood, and Stella may have fractured her foot from climbing a fence, she's even on the all star basketball team! Tamra whispers to Vicki about the time they did that to Jeana Keough's house and how much fun they had! Not the time to bring that up girls! Haha! 

The ladies decide to split up: (Mehgan, Lizzie, and Heather) and (Vicki, Tamra, and Shannon) for drinks and food, and will meet up all together later on. Tamra, Shannon and Vicki arrive and immediately decide to get shots, but the waiter doesn't speak perfect English. The ladies cheer to whooping it up, but the shots were too sour... especially for Tamra. Tamra asks Vicki if she likes Mehgan, and Vicki says she does, but not the comment she makes, especially regarding the "wanting to be Jimmy's Kids' mother comment". Vicki asks Tamra what if she was in that situation that Mehgan wants to be in, and Tamra says she would feed Mehgan to the sharks, and poke her eyeball out. Meanwhile at Lizzie, Mehgan and Heather's meet up, Lizzie is yawning, Heather is reading the food menu, and Mehgan says that she doesn't like Vicki's attitude regarding the parenting role. Lizzie and Heather think that Vicki is just being herself, just like she is to most of the new girls that enter the OC circle. Heather also says she feels as if Vicki will never see Mehgan's point about being Jimmy's children's' parents. Lizzie says she also experienced Vicki's rude behavior last year when she was introduced. Back at Team 1's group, Tamra then says that Jimmy's ex wife Allison is good friends with Heather, which baffles Vicki and Shannon. Shannon thinks Heather is wrong for befriending Jimmy's ex wife because of #GirlCode. Vicki, Tamra, and Shannon are getting flat out wasted, and then Heather calls Vicki's small tiny phone, and she has a hard time answering it, but figures it out, and all 3 ladies decide to scream through the phone, and Lizzie, Heather and Mehgan already know that the whooping it up session has began! 

All the ladies meet up and regroup, and Vicki, Tamra, and Shannon are BEYOND wasted! They hop in the pool, and Shannon brings more drinks out, but winds up getting pulled in by a drunk drunk drunk Vicki, which makes all the drinks go flying. Tamra then winds up peeing in the pool... Well, this vacation is going super great! Peeing, laughing, and hot drunken messes!

Until next week! The Moorea trip continues! 


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