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LHHATL: (Season 4), Episode 15 RECAP: Momma Dee Plans For Her Wedding + Joseline And Stevie Clash Over Snitching And Sneaky Antics!

We begin Episode 15 of Love And Hip Hop Atlanta with the continuation of Kaleena and Rasheeda's falling out at the 'peace meeting' that Tony and Kirk arranged. Kaleena is still trying to act ratchet after throwing the drink, while Rasheeda sits in her seat, looking like fresh money, not flinching one bit!  Kaleena tries to get her stuff to leave, but Tony says he will get it, just to avoid any future altercations. Kaleena and Tony head outside, and Kaleena becomes highly annoyed, and starts crying, due to Tony telling Rasheeda and Kirk about her postpartum depression stage. Tony gets annoyed as well, because he doesn't want Kaleena to have an impression that he's against her, when really, he's all for his woman. Kaleena says that the topic of her depression should've never been discussed, even though it could've helped solved the issue. Back inside, Rasheeda tells Kirk that all the rage Kaleena had a minute ago, comes from her being broke, not having a life, and that she's acting all crazy for no reason. Tony is then sent inside to get Kaleena's belongings. This "peace meeting" turned sour real quick! 

Momma Dee is back on the screen, and she is meeting with Erica. I thought they hated each-other... Oh well. So Momma Dee tells Erica that she wants her in her wedding, as one of her bridesmaids', and Erica says that she thinks she's being punked. Momma Dee says that she wants all her family reunited, and even though, Her and Erica's relationship has been up and down, she complements Erica and calls her a good parent, along side Scrappy. Erica, who seems to be having doubts about being in the wedding, puts her big girl panties on, and tells Momma Dee that she's going to think about it. They both say that God is so good, and he "fixed it JESUS" as Phaedra Parks would say. 

Tiffany Foxx is back, and she has invited Joseline to sit down with her, to discuss Stevie's part in managing her. Joseline walks in, looking confused as to why she's there, but is willing to listen. Tiffany Foxx begins telling Joseline that she's been working on her mixtape, and that she has already had a meeting with Mimi and Stevie, and that she has recorded a '90's track' in the studio, presented by Stevie, which baffles Joseline and we're only 1 minute into the conversation! Damn, this tea is overflowing already! Joseline says that she has heard about Mimi's management company and all, but never about Stevie's part in working in the studio with Tiff. Joseline says that she appreciates Tiffany coming to her as a woman, even though she's pissed that Stevie hasn't told her nothing about it, and then, the topic turns to Jessica Dime. Joseline shares to Tiffany that she had a wild night with Dime, but Stevie didn't because he said she was too fat, and they both realize that they have Jessica Dime in common, their hatred for her only. Tiffany says that Dime has no class, and would've never realized that she would share something in common with Joseline, and the meeting turns out surprisingly good after all. I'm surprised that Joseline didn't throw a drink or something.. I'm blown away. 

Nikko has flown his mother Vanessa in to the "A", and has invited Margeaux to a dinner meeting to come clean about their divorce. Nikko admits that he put his mom through a lot, regarding the sex tape, but the situation with Margeaux is totally different. Vanessa doesn't understand why Margeaux is coming, because the last she heard, all was well, and Nikko says that they have some situations to hash out. Margeaux arrives and gives Vanessa a hug, and seems so excited to see her. Nikko lets his mom know that He and Margeaux are headed to divorce, which becomes a total blindside for Vanessa, because she thought they would last. Margeaux then admits to seeing someone else, now that she's over Nikko, which surprises Nikko... (I don't know why), and Nikko says he's seeing nobody. Vanessa says that if both of them are happy with the decision to separate, she wishes them the best and that's all that matters. 

Karlie meets with Kaleena at her house, to catch up. Kaleena says that she's been staying in the house, and working on her music as much as she can, while balancing her new baby boy, although she wishes the drama in her life would go away. Kaleena then begins to tell Karlie about the whole Rasheeda and Tammy issue, and how she feels like she is suffering from postpartum depression. Karlie tells Kaleena that she shouldn't feel bad or sad about having postpartum because she was going through the same thing when she had her daughter, Jasmine. Kaleena says that she's going to get help for herself, and Karlie lets her know that she there for her. 

Bambi and Scrappy are walking and talking, and Bambi says that she apologizes for the Laude video and not telling him, but she feels like she was just doing it, for freedom out of the drama with him. Scrappy says that she was turnt up, and it was not cool to not tell him. Bambi apologizes again, and Scrappy says that he loves The Bam, and is going to support her with anything, moving forward, and Bambi says that she's going to think about possibly moving in Scrappy's house full time. Scrappy says that if Momma Dee and Ernest can move past their drama from 20 years ago and do something more with their relationship, Then him and Bambi can too. 

Joseline is in the studio, and she says that she has been working on a new track... behind Stevie's back, and doesn't care about his opinion when he finds out. The song is called "church" and it's for bad b*tches making moves in the industry or something around those lines. Karlie walks in and is puzzled, because usually when Joseline does a track, Stevie is behind her. Joseline tells Karlie that ever since she has heard about the Tiffany/Dime/Mimi/Stevie situation, she hasn't been with Stevie and decided to do this track behind his back as a little payback, for his sneaky studio shenanigans. Joseline says that if Stevie was working with Rihanna, it would be very different. Karlie understands everything she's saying and Joseline says that although Stevie is her husband, he's nothing but a trick in her eyes. 

Jessica Dime and Margeaux meet up for some catch up and music talk. Dime says that Mimi's management isn't satisfying her, although she did give her a session with Jermaine Dupri, which clearly isn't going to be enough for her. Margeaux calls Mimi an idiot for all of that, and then she tells Dime about the whole photoshoot set-up, and Dime thinks it's a blessing in disguise why she hasn't worked with Stevie. Dime and Margeaux start bashing Joseline and her music and how it's horrible.. and blah blah blah. Margeaux then tells Dime if she would like to sing with her, maybe a remix, on her song: "Start A War". Obviously, Dime is down for it, because they have been starting wars with the same b*tches. 

It's time for Momma Dee's wedding preparation and Erica is there helping her out with the dresses, just so she don't show up at the official wedding looking ugly. Bambi, Momma Dee's Friend Shanelle, and Momma Dee's daughter, Jasmine arrive and Momma Dee announces that she wants all of them to be their bridesmaids. Jasmine and Bambi are shocked, but Shanelle isn't. Bambi, Erica and Shanelle say they're down with the crown to be bridesmaids. Bambi then says that she's going to bring her shimmer extensions to the wedding, to make Momma Dee look pretty, and Erica says she will pass. Bambi and Erica start going back and fourth, Bambi calls Erica dusty, Erica calls Bambi the family pet, and Momma Dee tells them to be shut up because it's her day, and she's going to pass out from the drama. Momma Dee asks Jasmine if she's down with the crown, and Jasmine says that she's not approving of Ernest and tells Momma Dee that she has a feeling that Ernest will hurt her again, but Momma Dee doesn't believe it. Jasmine doesn't give a clear answer whether she's in the wedding or not.

Joseline and Stevie are making love to each-other, and Joseline says that she made their whole room, filled with flowers, roses, etc.. as a trap for Stevie to stop lying and come clean! Oh lord! Stevie J finally comes clean and admits to Joseline that he's been in the studio with Tiffany Foxx, gave her a beat, and he's definitely getting paid for it. Joseline says that she told him specifically to NOT work with other artists unless they're big in the industry, and Stevie says that Tiffany has established her place, on the radio. Joseline then comes clean to Stevie about meeting with Tiffany already, and Stevie looked pissed! Stevie says that Tiffany respects Joseline, and Joseline says she respects her too, but that's not the point. The point is is that Stevie should've came clean first... not Tiff. Stevie says he's pissed that Joseline's meeting with people behind his back, and quiet frankly, Joseline doesn't care one bit. Joseline then comes clean to doing a track behind Stevie's back! And the truth comes out! Stevie says he doesn't appreciate that, and wants to know who she did the song with. Joseline says it's nobody he knows, but as we all know Stevie, he will find out who Joseline did the song with...soon! 

Tiffany Foxx is chatting with her real manager, Brooke Holladay, in the club, and tells her that she has been working with Stevie J, and has been more open to working with him, after his sincere apology. All of a sudden.. Jessica Dime spot Tiffany Foxx and is hanging with Dawn. Dime tells Dawn that she should go and solve their unresolved beef they have. Dime walks over, and her and Tiffany start talking. Tiffany tells Dime that she's been working with Stevie and Jazze Phae, who both find Dime to be unprofessional and classless, and then she tells Dime that Mimi has been talking about her behind her back, which sets Dime off. Dime and Tiffany start arguing about professionalism and Tiffany says she finds herself more professional that Dime, and that she has a song on the radio right now, Dime says she probably f*cked somebody to put her song on the radio, Tiffany accuses Dime of trying to f*ck Stevie but he put her out a hotel room.. and then all of a sudden... DIME THROWS A DRINK AT TIFFANY! Tiffany throws it back, it hits Dawn in her head, which makes Dime run, and Brook and Tiffany try lunging to hit Dime. Dime and Dawn walk outside and both come to the conclusion that Mimi needs to be cut out of the picture, and need to move to Dawn's side, who proves that she's got the mula! #ByeByeMimi?  

Until next week! 

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