Monday, August 17, 2015

RHOC: (Season 10), Episode 11 RECAP: "A Psychic Surprise"

We start off Episode 11 of 'The Real Housewives Of Orange County' at the Beador residence. Shannon and David decide to chat with their daughters about the TP'ing incident and how it wasn't right. David says he TP'ed when he was younger, angering Shannon. Shannon and David say that punishments need to be put in full force. Stella says that Her mom is not fun... but she is, only when it comes to drinking. Shannon classifies herself as the 'Queen of fun' and gets a nasty attitude back from Stella. David and Shannonn decide to make their daughters write an apology note to the victims, but Adeline and Stella are disgusted and don't feel like doing it, and even hint that they may TP again. Shannon tries to get through to them, but it fails and she continues to get snappy remarks back from her daughters. Shannon ultimately blames David for fueling the issue. 

Mehgan and Jim head out for some chit chat and lunch. They start talking about Hayley and Vicki's rude hyprocital comments. Jim says he would've lost his top if he was in the same room with Vicki. Mehgan starts questioning what Hayley's dream goals are for when she graduates from school, and Jim says she wants to go to Community College. Jim and Mehgan both agree that Hayley would probably not go to Community College due to deadlines not getting done on time and Jim warns Mehgan to not get her hopes up when it comes to her. 

We catch up with Tamra, who is chatting with Her Mother and Eddie in the kitchen. Eddie is exhausted from working out, and Tamra says that she has invited the other ladies to Booty class at Cut Fitness, but hasn't practiced once! Eddie reveals his sex life with Tamra has been improving. Tamra says that Ryan and Sarah are coming back to the OC to get their kids in school, and to look at houses. The conversation switches to Ryan working at Cut Fitness with Eddie, and Eddie says he will never work with family. Tamra starts talking about her spiritual advisor, Scott, and how Heather and Mehgan want to meet him. Tamra says that all Scott has  said, has been on point, about her life and Eddie says that he's blown away by how much Scott knows about Tamra's personal life. 

Vicki and Brooks are talking about the fun Tahiti Trip and how they have each other to lean on. Brooks says that they both have birthdays coming up... and will whoop it up with some vodka that nobody will know is in there. WHAAAAA? Brooks starts talking about his cancer, and says that chemo isn't helping him, not responding to his body and he may just get off of it but whooping it up can maybe clear his mind for his birthday... hopefully.

Tamra and Heather meet up, waiting for Scott to roll through, and Tahiti is discussed. Tamra says she feels like Shannon was being so nice, up until she called Tamra a pot stirrer. Tamra also says she thinks that Shannon has a huge issue with Mehgan for some reason, even though she denies it. Mehgan walks in and joins the ladies, and Tamra confides in them about not knowing her spiritual advisor and that this would be the first time meeting him. Scott arrives, and meets the ladies. Scott appears to be so free spirited and super down to earth. Scott starts with Heather, saying that her Grandma is by her side and how they were very close. Mehgan is next, and Scott is dead on about her wanting to have her own children, and worrying about others opinions of her. Tamra asks Scott about Shannon's hatred for Mehgan and Scott says it's a jealousy thing. Tamra then asks Scott about Brooks and Vicki and Scott says Vicki has a good heart but finds Brooks' cancer story, kinda wishy washy and not real. The ladies are shocked and say why would people lie about cancer, and Mehgan says she knows somebody who did that. Scott says it's a possibility that the cancer is somewhat there, but doesn't want to offend Vicki in any type of way. 

Tamra's booty workout class is starting, and Mehgan arrives first, along side Vicki. It's Brooks' birthday and Tamra says she shot him a text to wish him a happy birthday. Shannon and Heather arrive next, and the class begins. The ladies, except Shannon, start jogging around the building, and Shannon refuses to go, because she pees in her pants every time she runs. Workouts continue and Shannon starts to annoy the other ladies with her lack of participation. 

Brooks arrives and gets a lovely cake from Tamra. Mehgan tells the ladies that she wants to invite all the ladies to Nascar Race, but Vicki says she already has plans with Brooks. Tamra asks Brooks about his cancer status, and Brooks reveals that he's taking a break from chemo because he's taking another method with another doctor, that had cancer 11 years ago, and is basically going through the same thing. But then Brooks slips up and says "The same cancer I DID have, NOT DO have", which sparks up suspicions as he's lying about having cancer at this very moment. Brooks says that chemo is not responding to his body so he's breaking it for a few, and Vicki's support of Brooks gets questioned on whether she goes to every chemo therapy with him, and Vicki confirms that she does go to his therapies but can't make all. Tamra's Son, Ryan walks in with Baby Ava and all of the ladies start fussing over the cuteness. 

Vicki leaves, and Heather, Mehgan, Tamra, and Shannon remain talking about Brooks' cancer. Shannon is upset because Brooks hasn't put the effort in to go see her doctor, and Mehgan spills the beans that Scott (Psychic) told them that Brooks doesn't have cancer. Shannon is floored by this news, and Tamra finds it inappropriate that Mehgan brought it up. Shannon says she can't picture Brooks lying about it, and Tamra brings up if any of the other ladies heard the slip up and all the ladies heard it and become suspicious. Tamra says that none of the ladies should tell Vicki because it would only make her angry, and would ruin Brooks' birthday. 

Shannon and David meet up with Vicki and Brooks for Brooks' birthday  and immediately, Brooks' cancer seems fishy yet again after he decides to order a drink, which will fuel the cancer. David asks why Vicki and Brooks' aren't going to Fontana, and Vicki says she just wants a night alone for her and Brooks. Shannon says she's starting to feel very uncomfortable holding that information, and Brooks orders another drink, fueling Shannon's anger and pulls Vicki in the bathroom and spills the beans on Mehgan's trash talking. Vicki doesn't want to know what it is, and decides to walk off, while Shannon starts crying. 

Back at the table, Vicki tells Brooks that Shannon wanted to tell her some trash talking, and Shannon says she didn't want the information to be delivered that way. Vicki says that Mehgan is starting something and Shannon says that she should've shut her mouth and never confronted her about it. Vicki storms up and implies that she's trying to protect Brooks from Mehgan's negativity, while Shannon continues to cry, and Vicki walks out, with Brooks is by her side. 

Tune in next week for the showdown between Mehgan and Vicki that we've all been waiting for! 

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