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LHHATL: (Season 4), Epispde 17 RECAP: "I Do" (Season Finale)

Here we are! The Love And Hip Hop Atlanta (Season 4Finale! This season defintely had it's share of drama... from Baby mama drama, to friendships ending, to Mamagement companies, to plot twists, to Perfomances, to Newbie cast members, to feisty altercations, and obviously ratchetness. We were introduced to Season 4 in April, and I never expected the drama to be fiesty and heated as it was, but hey, what do you expect coming from HOTlanta? So let's get into the finale recap!!! 

We start off the finale with the continuation of Margeaux and Jessica Dime's classless petty ambush on Mimi at a performance she booked her on, due to Mimi's supposed trash talking, and mind you, Stevie J and Ariane are along side Mimi, observing the pettiness headed their way. Jessica Dime and Margo start bopping on the stage to Margo's song: "Start a war" and Mimi doesn't look pleased... and honestly, I wouldn't be either. Stevie J says that he's highly confused of who Margo started a war with, and says it's probably aimed towards Mimi. Dime and Margo head out back, and Mimi and Stevie walk up to them, and you can cut the tension with a knife... instantly. Mimi says it was a "great" performance, although she wasn't expecting Margo to be a guest star. Dime says she's just doing buisness, and Stevie J tells her that's not the way to conduct herself professionally. Dime ignores him, and Margo says that she doesn't understand the issue with performing with Dime, and Mimi says because it's a performance that she booked, and it was not right to go behind her back, and not warn her. Dime says that Mimi has been talking behind her back so they're even, which Mimi denies. Dime says that she's just trying to get her money up and how the money needs to come in, and she starts going in on Stevie J, calling him a rat face b*tch and making fun of his sunglasses. Whoops! Dime then threatens to have someone else with her next time, to beat him up. Dime tries to walk up on Stevie, claiming she fights guys too, and Stevie tells her to not walk up on him like that. Stevie tells Dime that she won't get all feisty with Joseline, because she will whoop her ass. OOOP... It just got real! Dime says that Stevie hasn't done nothing to help her career, and says she wants nothing to do with Mimi's drama filled Management company. Margo and Dime walk off, and Dime continues to insult both Mimi and Stevie, but they both stick it out, and remain unbothered. 

Kaleena is back on screen, and she's in the studio, rehearsing a song, and honestly, she has a great voice. Kaleena says she's taking her counselors' advice, using her music as therapy, as a way to brush her postpartum depression off... for good. You go, Kaleena! Tony walks in, and they both start talking about taking a hit record, making a dope video out of it, and see where Kaleena's depression stage takes her, hopefully in the positive direction. Tony asks Kaleena if he can manage her again, and Kaleena, who starts to tear up, says that she never wanted him to stop managing her, that was his choice. Kaleena says that her and Tony are unstoppable as a team, and Tony begins to chuckle. 

Stevie J is at Mimi's house, spending time with their daughter, Eva, and Stevie says he has some good news to tell Mimi, it's an offer. Mimi sits down and Stevie says that he's happy to be clean and sober, and since he's moving to LA for buisness, he wants Mimi and Eva to move to LA with him, so they can be together as a happy family. Mimi automatically asks about Joseline and how she would feel, and Stevie fills her in on the messy events that have been transpiring between them. Mimi says that MF management company would do very good in LA, and says she will think hard about moving to LA, which gets Stevie J happy because she's at least thinking about it. 

Margo meets up with Nikko in the gym, to come HONESTLY clean, about who she's dating. Margo drops a huge bomb on Nikko... and it's that Margo is dating a girl! PLOT TWIST! Nikko says he feels that Margo's relationship is the reason why they're divorcing, and Margo gets loud, claiming that's not the reason why. Margo says that her girlfriends' name is Merica, NOT America, wow. What a name. Nikko says that he hopes Margo and Merica have a good life, from the bottom of his heart. Awe, that's sweet! 

It's time for Rasheeda's store grand opening, and she can't thank nobody more for the opportunity, then Kirk. Some familiar faces we see in the building are Erica, Ariane, Mimi, Traci Steele, Khadiyah, Joc, and Kandi from RHOA. The grand opening is packed with over 200 people. Khadiyah and Joc get into a awkward exchange of words, and Joc says he realizes that he misses her. Karlie Redd walks in, with gifts, and says she's got an invitation from Rasheeda, and came to support her. Ariane and Mimi find it weird and question Karlie's motives, but Karlie claims it's all good intentions. Mimi fills Ariane and Karlie in on Stevie's offer for her and Eva to move to LA, and from facial expressions, Karlie and Ariane don't seem pleased. Karlie goes to find Rasheeda, and Erica is by Rasheeda's side. Karlie walks up, and decides to talk about their falling out, and surprisingly, makes up with them. Karlie even says that she would hop to Rasheeda and Erica's defense, if needed, and laughs follow. 

Momma Dee is getting ready for her big wedding day, of getting remarried to Ernest, and is excited then ever. Bambi says that Scrappy might not show up, while Momma Dee gets more bad news that there's only a few minutes until showtime, and she isn't even ready. Jasmine shows up, and drives Momma Dee to happy tears. Momma Dee starts getting stressed up, hoping all goes as planned, especially wanting Scrappy by her side. 

Stevie J is at home, writing a letter to Joseline, and says that even though he will not go to her performance at Gayborhood, he wishes her the best, even though she lied about a few things regarding her career. Meanwhile, Joseline is getting prepared for her fiesty Perfomance for the LGBT Community. Stevie J hands flowers and the letter to some man, to deliver to Joseline, and packs a bag, leaving their house. 

Momma Dee's wedding is here, and we learn that Khadiyah and Joc are back on... wow. Momma Dee is once again stressed because Scrappy isn't present. Momma Dee and Bambi confide in Joc, to walk Momma Dee down the aisle, due to Scrappy's absence. All of a sudden, Scrappy arrives, and the wedding officially begins. Scrappy walks Momma Dee down the aisle, and the ceremony begins. Surprisingly, Jasmine didn't have any objections. Scrappy says his peace that he wants Ernest to take good care of Momma Dee, in order for her to get out of his buisness. Momma Dee and Ernest are officially re-married!!!! AMEN! 

It's time for Joseline's Perfomance and she's performing songs, back to back, and she's KILLING it on stage. After the Perfomance, she gives a quick speech, tearing up, and speaking up for herself and the LGBT Community. Backstage, Joseline gets the flowers and letter from Stevie, and Karlie walks in. Karlie spills the beans on Stevie's offer to Mimi to move to LA with them. Joseline says she's pissed with Karlie because of her fakeness, how she doesn't like her gossiping with Mimi, and is mad how she always delivers messy gossip. Joseline tells Karlie to get out, throws her purse out, and all of a sudden, a fight comes to place. Joseline pops Karlie with Stevie's flowers, knocks her into the other room, hits her with the flowers, and screams at her, to not talk about her with girls she doesn't mess with. Karlie says she doesn't, and tells Joseline that she will not end up like her, with no friends. Karlie says Joseline switches up daily, meaning one day she's cool, one day she's mad, and Joseline ignores her, sarcastically reading Stevie's letter. Karlie decides to be slick, and throws the flowers at Joseline, but sadly, VH1 cuts it off right there and we don't see what happens next. WAHHH! 

It's our final moments in the ATL and we get updates from the cast. 

Momma Dee and Ernest are happily married. 

Margeaux is happy with Merica

Kirk and Rasheeda is happy with her store, and even though they had a bumpy year, they are happy now, and even though she had a falling out with Karlie, their friendship is mending, but for Kaleena, MAYBE some hope for a rebuild. 

Mimi has been meeting with publishers for her autobiography, and #ThristBucket Nikko will get nada from it, and she's still deciding if she's moving to LA, because she's focusing on her and her daughter. 

Bambi and Scrappy's relationship is better, and wants Momma Dee to stay out of their business, if she wants the same respect. 

Erica is glad that Momma Dee's wedding was drama free, and even though the child support issue with Scrappy is up in the air, he can still see Emani with no prob, and she's focusing on being the best mom to her. 

Karlie is upset that her friendship with Joseline is done, but she hopes Joseline would see that she wasn't bashing her, and Her and Lyfe Jennings' relationship, as well as her stores, cosmetics, and labels, are in a great place. 

Kaleena and Tony are in a great place, Tony is back managing her, Her friendship with Rasheeda is on the rocks, and she's still patching up her postpartum depression. 

Joseline doesn't care about Stevie's letter, and realizes that she only can trust and depend on herself. 

Stevie J is headed to LA... all by himself and is fed up with betrayals, but loves Joseline and doesn't want to hold her career back. 

Welp.... And here we are! The end of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Season 4! Don't be sad though! Stay tuned for my recap next week on the Reunion Part 1...Until then... Deuces! 

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