Sunday, August 16, 2015

Renee Graizano Takes A Break From Filming 'Mob Wives' Season 6 Due To Health Issues!

Although Mob Wives Season 6 is in production, it looks like one original mob wife is taking a break from filming Season 6, due to a health scare, according to Radar Online

Renee told Radar that she suffered health issues while filming Mob Wives' Sixth Season. Her hormone levels are said to be unbalanced and she also suffering from very low blood pressure. Renee was rushed to the hospital on August 13th as well. A source close to Radar Online says that They ran every test under the sun and said to her, ‘You are dehydrated. You shouldn’t go to work,'” the source continues. “She needs vitamin B12, has low potassium and is dehydrated.” She does says that she loves VH1 and supports her sister, Jenn Graziano, who is the producer of the show but she needs to step away from the show, to focus on her. 

Radar Online also reports: "She’s being pushed, pushed, pushed and it’s all drama, drama, drama,” the source says. “Her and her son are concerned about her well-being because they feel the show has a lot to do with it.”
 “When you are being pushed into situations and having situations created which could create riff-raff with her child, there is nothing they could do or say,” the source says. “And it’s deeper than just Mob Wives.”

Renee tweeted out, confirming that she HAS NOT QUIT #MobWives but is taking a break:  

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