Sunday, August 16, 2015

Joe Giudice Screams At Daughter Gia, Causing An Argument With Neighbor And Cops Get Called!

It's not looking good for Real Housewives Of New Jersey Star, Joe Giudice, besides from getting accused of cheating on incarcerated wife, Teresa Giudice, He has gotten himself in trouble with the cops now, this past Saturday, due to a neighbor getting concerned and worried, after hearing him yell at his Daughter, Gia because he locked her out of their shore house, and TMZ has reported all the tea. 

"A witness tells TMZ Joe's oldest daughter Gia was locked out of the house and trying to get in for several minutes. Once Joe finally let her inside, he could be heard screaming at Gia from the backyard and that's when a neighbor stepped in. The woman approached Joe's house and the two got into a shouting match. The neighbor could be heard yelling, "this guy is crazy, he's dangerous, call the cops."

"Officers arrived to diffuse the situation and we're told Joe's daughters were begging them not to arrest their father. A law enforcement source says no arrests were made and the argument was settled peacefully. A rep for Joe says the whole thing started because Joe was having a party and the neighbor felt it was inappropriate for children to be around."

TMZ also posted Exclusive pics and a video from the incident: 


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