Friday, July 3, 2015

Teresa Giudice's Prison Diary excerts LEAKED! + Rumors about RHONJ Season 7 Filming Schedule

Teresa Giudice, star of The Real Housewives Of New Jersey has striked the social media boards again... But this time... It's about her prison diary, which was recently leaked on Twitter! 

Read some of her prison diary statuses: 

January 26, Day 21

I went to lunch at 10:20. I had tater tots, a soy burger that was so gross and orange! I also had some potato salad. They feed us so much here. I’m going to have potatoes coming out of my ears pretty soon!

February 1, Day 27
Great Mass. I enjoy [going to church], it makes me feel good after I go and during. I feel like God is really present there with me.

February, undated
There is a lady in here, she hit her roommate. The officers are up here now to evaluate the situation. She is a crazy lady who fights with everyone.

March 16, Day 70
I got an email from Gia. She got an award for perseverance. I started crying at the computer. I was so happy for her, and saying to myself, “That is my daughter.”

Here's another RUMORED update about Teresa: As everyone knows, She will be released in December 2015 for early release confinement and will have to finish her home-sentence into Feburary and RHONJ Season 7 will begin filming in March 2016, as rumored. 

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