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RHONY: (Season 7), Episode 15 RECAP: Heathers Flips Out After Finding A Naked Man In The House! (Final Day Of Turks And Caicos Trip!)

We begin This Week's episode of The Real Housewives Of New York City with where it ended last week: Heather's antagonizing behavior to a crying Dorinda at the intense "Fu*k dinner! Oh wait... We all of a sudden remember that all of this drama started over.... a curse! Heather and Dorinda walk outside to try and make peace without all of the other ladies' inputs and loudness and Dorinda starts panicking, asking Heather if she can rip her mic off. Heather tells Dorinda that obviously she wouldn't swear in front of her mother, but she's doing it in front of the ladies. Meanwhile Inside, Sonja blames LuAnn for this entire mess, but LuAnn denies playing any role, which is "Typical LuAnn", according to Sonja

Ramona interrupts Heather and Dorinda's making peace conversation outside and Heather starts getting really annoyed about it! Dorinda motions both ladies to the bathroom, but Ramona wants to give Her a hug, but Heather wants Ramona O-U-T now! Heather yells at Ramona and tells her to get out, but Ramona doesn't listen and Heather and Dorinda wind up walking back the other way, away from Ramona! As Heather and Dorinda walk away, Ramona assures Heather that she's upsetting Dorinda more.

Heather and Dorinda finally get alone time and Dorinda continues crying, saying that this whole dinner mess is coming in between their friendship, but Heather disagrees. Heather tells Dorinda that the entire argument is very petty and not that serious, and in no time, Both Heather and Dorinda hug and make peace! Thank you, Jesus! LuAnn, Carole, Heather and Dorinda walk back to their table and walk in on Ramona's trouble-maker self tell Kristen and Sonja that Heather was very mean to her outside, but Heather has no more energy to comment. Carole and Heather decide to go home, and for the other ladies.... Who knows what happened that night! 

The next morning, A frazzled Heather wakes up, starts panicking back and forth, and tells Carole some messiness that she picked up on and it's unbelievable! Heather tells Carole that she woke up and saw some weird stranger in Bethenny's bed! The worst part.... Heather sleeps naked but the worst worst worst part..... The guy was naked too! O-M-G! Heather is really freaking out because she has a feeling that the guy might have seen her when she was taking off her robe because she caught him, peeking when he rolled over to her side! Heather then says how when she went to go downstairs, The guy was also downstairs! This has to be another episode of Stalker or something! I'm convinced! Carole says that she's very disappointed in whose ever man it was and Heather for sure is too! Heather continues to panic because she also has a feeling that the guy was watching her sleep and tells Carole to see if she has her wallet, and jewelry, just incase it's missing, they know the target! 

Carole and Heather confront a confused Dorinda, who confirms that she has no idea what transpired because she went to sleep, after coming back from the dinner. Heather and Carole then confront Sonja, who denies bringing home a guy, and then Ramona, who is clearly aggravated that she's getting woken up but Ramona pins the situation alllll on LuAnn! Heather gets so annoyed and flips their curtains open, and tells Ramona to get up to clear the situation and Ramona shushes both of them! #MeanGirl, alert! 

Heather starts crying, panicking back and forth in the kitchen, calling this entire situation 'insane', while Sonja, Dorinda and Carole walk around in the kitchen and watch. Heather and Carole then go and confront LuAnn about the strange guy, and LuAnn says that all they had were drinks and she thought he had left. Although, Another man was there! LuAnn says that she has no idea how both men got upstairs, and Both ladies tell LuAnn that Ramona pinned the entire situation on her. LuAnn says it's not her fault and All four of them, including Ramona were having a fun ass time! 

Heather, Carole and Sonja are in the kitchen and Heather thinks that this "man" ordeal is a coverup for some personal issues in Ramona's life, and call Ramona and LuAnn's behavior: "Vile". Heather then starts preaching about how Ramona is a 50 year old women, shouldn't be doing that, and if Ramona's Daughter, Averey was in their same situation, Ramona would flip tables! 

LuAnn awakens and confronts Heather about her ridiculous crying, and says that if she was in Heather's shoes, She wouldn't be scared of some guy. On the other hand, Heather is freaking out and panicking! Then, It's the line we've ALL been waiting for! LuAnn tells Heather: "Be Cool! Don't Be All... Like un-cool" about the guy, which Heather takes offense to being called "Un-cool". Heather then tells LuAnn that she's disappointed in her behavior and her lack of care for her friends about some weird strangers roaming around their house. LuAnn says that one of the guys' name was: David, and LuAnn stumbles when asked about the other name by Heather and Carole. LuAnn covers up for the guy and says that maybe the guy drank too much and passed out... I'm not buying your bullsh*t LuAnn... I'm just not! So uncool! Lol Just kidding! LuAnn still covers for herself and the guy, which Sonja understands but Carole and Heather don't find it cool that she taking up for him and Both Heather and Carole convince LuAnn to confront Ramona, who Carole claims is fake sleeping. 

LuAnn confronts the Singer Stinger, but instead of getting in an uproar at her, She tells Ramona that the ladies are aggravated because they had a good time, and Ramona says that Heather is ridiculous, and so is Carole. Both of the ladies deny having ANY involvement in the sleeping arrangements on the guys. But then, Ramona drops a bombshell, and hints that she knew the guy went to sleep upstairs! This is really too much! LuAnn then confronts Ramona about her pinning everything on Her and Ramona says "All I said was to talk to LuAnn". LuAnn walks out of Ramona's room and basically makes fun of the fact that Heather was/is hysterically crying! 

LuAnn walks into the kitchen, amongst the other ladies and they continue to talk about what's transpiring. Sonja begins spilling the T on that Ramona knew she left the guy upstairs and she shouldn't have. Sonja does say in her confessional that she thinks the guy was probably hiding under LuAnn's cover sheets because either way you put it, LuAnn isn't dumb and shouldn't play dumb. Heather then tells LuAnn that shouldn't have been so mean, called them uncool, just because of a creepy observation that they've disliked and LuAnn thinks that Heather is being so over the top about it. 

Kristen joins the ladies and has some dirt to spill to the ladies about the Guys!  Kristen says that the Hotel Manager tried kicking both guys out, but Ramona and LuAnn insisted on keeping them, LuAnn made out on the balcony, and..... LuAnn's guy is MARRIED! Whoops! Tea spilled.... very much so! All of the ladies look shocked by this, but LuAnn has the reaction of: "Sh*t happens", and Heather thinks it's un-cool that the guy happens to be married, but yet she's taking shots about Her and Carole.... Hypocrisy much? 

LuAnn tries to clear the air about the guy to Heather for the last time, but Heather now already knows what transpired! Both ladies blame Ramona and call her a "bitch" for not owning up to her faults. Carole says that she had a feeling the minute they got the naked guy signal, that was a signal to pack up and go home. Dorinda says that the trip was interesting and not boring... for sure, due to all the drama! Haha! Ramona also labels the trip as a "10". 

Bethenny and Carole meet up for drinks, and catch up.. since Bethenny had to leave the trip early for a recital. Dorinda is meeting them here soon! Yay! Carole lets Bethenny know that she missed a lot but not a lot. Carole fills Bethenny in about the heated dinner, and Ramona and LuAnn's man antics. Bethenny is shocked to hear the naked man, but laughs about the cursing argument at the dinner. Bethenny labeled the ladies as the "Golden Girls" for none of them  bringing home guys, but she's kinda happy to hear Ramona brought a *cough* naked guy back to the room. Bethenny then tells Carole that she was so exhausted after leaving. Carole confides in Bethenny, and claims that Dorinda is the new gangster on the town! Dorinda enters the building, and Bethenny starts making fun of Dorinda's mad but funny voice in her confessionals, but I have to admit, Bethenny was on point! Dorinda says that she's not really an arguer, but if you want to throw-down, she's ready and Carole says that the final dinner argument was ridiculous. Bethenny says that she's happy she wasn't involved in the pettiness. The ladies then start talking about a charity, hosted by Kristen, that she invited all the ladies and you're supposed to come w/ Denim and Diamonds-dressed! Ooooooh! Bethenny then tells the ladies that Kristen has been quoting and talking about her in press, which Carole heard too, and Bethenny says she doesn't need that type of aggravation. Bethenny then gets a message from Kristen, and it states that she should bring a hot glue-gun, Iron, Scissors, or an ice-pick to the charity event, which leads Bethenny to make some harsh comments about gluing Kristen's mouth shut for talking about her in the press.  

Heather and Kristen meet up for some workouts, and Carole joins them for some talk. Carole sees the ladies complaining about stuff hurting as they're working out, and Carole says there's nothing wrong with her body. Carole spills the beans on her meet-up with Dorinda and Bethenny, and the re-hashment of the "F-U Dinner", as Carole calls it. Carole tells Heather what she wants to know about why Dorinda was really heated and it's all because a long week of drinking a lot. Heather says that it bothers her seeing Dorinda fly off the handle for no good reason, and Kristen makes that "Yes, I agree with Heather face". Heather says that she's not exactly mad at why Dorinda was mad at her, but it annoys her, seeing Dorinda fly off the handles because she even did it to Kristen, at her Birthday weekend in the Berkshires. Heather feels like Dorinda's recent blowouts among the ladies also have to do with her husband, drinking a lot, and his passing. The ladies talk Ramona and Carole reveals that they've been texting back and forth, but she's still not happy about the comment Ramona made about Adam, which highly ticked off Carole. The conversation switches to Bethenny and Carole brings the interview that Bethenny was mad about up. Kristen says that Bethenny is only mad because she quoted, but if it was someone else she gets along with, then she wouldn't have gotten offended. The ladies continue working out and Carole wants another break! Haha! 

It's time for Kristen's charity event, and Heather is the first to arrive, any get greeted by Kristen and Kristen's friend Manny, whom that house is the decoration spot that they're decorating at, since he let them borrow it. Kristen says how she's happy to finally do a charity, #SmileTrain, and it's to help kids all around the universe, battling surgeries. The ladies start rolling in and Bethenny gives an icy "Hi" to Kristen, which Kristen loves and doesn't care. LuAnn and Dorinda arrive next and LuAnn admits that she hasn't been in contact with Heather or Carole since the fiasco in the Turks and Caicos and she says that Both ladies tried breaking into her room, to catch her in the act with that guy, and those are not friends she wants! Ouch! The ladies start sewing, gluing, and looks like everyone is getting along.... for now! Sonja and Ramona roll in last, and Ramona tells the ladies that she brought an extra chain, lached onto her jeans to auction off, and she kinda starts kissing Heather's ass, but not apologizing for the man 20 feet away from her..... how rude! Kristen asks LuAnn about regrouping after the trip, LuAnn says she's still annoyed, not very much energized, and then, LuAnn and Bethenny start shading Kristen and Heather, right to their faces, and say that they're both mad different sh*t with the both of them. 

Bethenny finally confronts Kristen about the press interview and all of a sudden... An argument pops out! Bethenny, in a uproar, tells Kristen to not to talk about her in the press because she has enemies doing that. Kristen says that Bethenny took it the wrong way. Kristen says that she was asked questions at an event, she had some drinks.... and then Bethenny cuts her off and says that how come all of the other ladies aren't doing press interviews, except for her. Ramona tries to get into their conversation, sticking up for Bethenny, but Kristen shuts her down and tells her it's not about her and to go. Bethenny asks Kristen why she would talk about her in press, when she's trying to become friends and Kristen shoots back and implies that she doesn't want to friends with Bethenny at this point! Ooooooo! Kristen says what she said in the press, wasn't negative or mean about Bethenny, and Bethenny says that it's adding gasoline to fire, knowing all the things that are already bad in the press about her. Kristen apologizes and they drop the conversation and Kristen sarcastically thanks Bethenny for doing the jeans for the kids. Yay it's over! No arguing at a charity event! Not even 2 seconds later.. Bethenny asks Kristen to talk privately and they go over to the couch, but Kristen makes it clear that she has her gloves on! 

Bethenny apologizes to Kristen for her harsh delivery and says that her very closed personality has been an issue within the group.. nothing against her. Meanwhile at the table, Carole, Heather and Dorinda think Kristen can mess up with Bethenny a lot of times. Kristen apologizes for what she said in the press, and says when Josh read it to her, she was embarrassed. Bethenny wishes that Kristen would've called her or texted her before it was selling but the two agree that they can move on and let bygones be bygones! The ladies start showing off their designs and Bethenny shows her's first, but then tells the ladies she has to leave, and thanks Kristen for the invitation. Sonja says in her confessional that Bethenny's up, down, up, down, up, down, up, down, up, down, attitude, makes her dizzy. At the table, LuAnn asks Dorinda if she should speak to Heather now, and Dorinda thinks it's a good idea. 

LuAnn and Heather sit down on one of the other couches and LuAnn has her guns blazing really strong! LuAnn starts yelling at Heather, saying how it was rude for her and Carole to burst into Her room, at 9:30am just to talk about some random guy. It's not just a random guy, LuAnn... He was naked and slept over! You're so delusional O-M-G! Heather immediately wants to bring Carole over but LuAnn guards her and says no. LuAnn tells Heather that Carole said that she was sorry for Heather's outburst and hers, and that's when Heather calls Carole and LuAnn lets her. When confronted, Carole denies ever saying that, while LuAnn tells Carole she's lying. Carole admits that LuAnn is full of sh*t and has her story twisted. Dorinda is brought up into the equation but she shouldn't have been because she was only confronted by Heather and Carole, which she just woke up and got bombarded without full details. All of the ladies + Kristen, who is at the table, thinks that the situation has a lot to do with Ramona, who refuses to go and talk with the other four ladies, so they come to her. LuAnn and Ramona face off about Ramona pinning everything on LuAnn but Ramona squeals that Heather indeed was on a rampage and all Ramona said was: "Talk to LuAnn", giving the fact that she was just waken up. Ramona apologizes to the rest of the ladies and hugs Heather for acting a fool on vacation and Heather accepts it. Heather then accuses LuAnn of blazing music at 3am, but LuAnn denies another accusation yet again! Heather then says: "Countess, Own up to your sh*t". Yessss Heather! Preach it! Heather then tells LuAnn that she has been nothing but a good friend to her, and how she would never barge into her room on purpose. Heather and LuAnn make up and hug! Finally! It seems like Heather only did it for the simple fact that Heather doesn't want to hear Dorinda's sh*t anymore, and Dorinda doesn't want to hear Heather's sh*t anymore either. Sonja says that Carole told her that the naked man had a small penis, and LuAnn did admit that the guy was hot! HAHA! Heather then begins to shade Dorinda in her confessional about her meddling into problems.... She's just trying to help, Holla Girl! Relax! 

Sonja shows off her colorful pants, while Dorinda and Heather argue about who riled up LuAnn first. Dorinda feels like Heather did, and Heather feels like Dorinda did, only for the simple fact that they talked after they left the trip. Dorinda says that she's seeing a different Heather that she's not appreciating or liking, (Teaching and Preaching one) and Dorinda says that Heather's teaching to preaching attitude is self-righteous and cold.  Dorinda gets fed up with Heather and says she's leaving. Heather doesn't really care, but Kristen tries to get her back, but there's no luck. Dorinda has exited to building! Until next week! 

Tune in next week to see Dorinda and Carole's trip to London! All new Real Housewives Of New York City, Next Tuesday at 9/8c! 



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