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RHOC: (Season 10), Episode 6 RECAP: Vicki's Mother's Death Causes Everyone To Reflect On Family + Tamra Finally Becomes A Grandma!

We start off Episode 6 of The Real Housewives Of Orange County with Tamra, who is sorting through baby clothes for Baby Ava, who is about to be born very soon! Tamra's mom is also in attendance of Tamra's sorting and Tamra says that she doesn't know why she's buying all these things for the un-born baby, but she does classify herself as the "Hottest About-to-be Grandma in the OC!". Tamra says that the moment the baby is born, it's going to be a classic moment. Tamra's Mom says that Tamra has always looked at the other side of what it's seems like to be a Grandma, and now her dream has came true. Tamra tells her mother that the doctor declared that only one person can be in the official operating room with Sarah, and Tamra says she doesn't care what she has to do, she will see that baby... No if, ands, or butts about it! 

Mehgan and her stepdaughter, Hayley, meet up with two Paddle Board Yoga instructors and Mehgan tells them that it's always been her dream to do it because she loves Yoga, so why not try something fun out but on the other hand, Hayley says that she dislikes paddle boarding and yoga, which sends some giggles throughout the OC. Thank you, Hayley! We needed some giggles after that heartbreaking episode last week! Anyways, Mehgan says in her confessional that she enjoys doing fun activities with Hayley because it strengths their bond that they have, and also to help out Leann, Hayley's Mother, who we learned in a few eps ago, is battling cancer. Mehgan and Hayley start to paddle-board away, while both are laughing and having a good ol' time! Mehgan gets water in her nose, says it's gross but still continues to laugh and not sweat it, and Hayley does the same. Mehgan classifies herself as a #CoolStepmom and she can talk to Hayley about anything. Including Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat! Mehgan and Hayley get to the Yoga part and start motioning forward into the Ocean, while trying to compose themselves to not fall into the ocean, and stay on the paddle. Mehgan and Hayley continue to do very good, but Mehgan loses grip on the paddle and falls off, which makes Hayley hysterically laugh.. #CoolStepmomHood, according to Mehgan

Heather and Lizzie meet up, for some wine and dining, and also chit-chat. Heather and Lizzie begin to talk about Vicki's Mother's death, and Heather describes Vicki's pain as it was showing through the 'depth's of someone's soul'. Scenes begin to switch back and forth between Lizzie and Heather, and Mehgan and Hayley. Mehgan still at the beach, sitting on the ground, and begins to talk to Hayley about Vicki's mom's death, which breaks Hayley's heart. Mehgan begins to tear up and say how Vicki's mother's death, made her think of Hayley and how she would've felt if Leann passed. Mehgan says that she looks at stuff a little bit different because Vicki is 50, and Hayley is 17. Hayley, trying to stop tears from coming, says that there's nothing you can do with death, and Mehgan gives Hayley a sad stare. Back at Lizzie and Heather's meet up, Heather says that the good thing is that Vicki is really close with her siblings, which can bring a more positive light on the issue... but not really. Heather starts tearing, as so does Lizzie and they start discussing how ironic it is that Tamra's grandma stage is taking place the same day of Vicki's Mother's funeral! Woah... I started to get chills! 

Meanwhile back at Tamra's, She's discussing with her Mother that she cannot go to Vicki's mother's funeral because it's the same day as Baby Ava's welcome to the world, which really she feels bad about. Tamra starts tearing in her confessional, stating that what Vicki is going through isn't fair. Then, another thing that sent chills through my body me is that Tamra says that she talked to Vicki, through text messaging and Vicki said that Vicki's Mother already had her burial outfit picked out, in August of last year! Tamra then begs her Mother not to die, and Tamra's mom says that she's not going anywhere soon. Tamra continues to pack and Tamra lightens the mood by saying Her Mother needs to have more sex, in order to stay alive. 

We catch up with Vicki and she's hysterically crying, while packing things for her Mother's funeral, and Brooks is right by her side. Vicki says that she wants to look beautiful to represent her mother but she's going crazy looking for clothing. Vicki begins crying in Brooks arms, as well as saying in her confessional that she feels lost, without her Mom now gone. Their doorbell rings and it happens to be Tamra and Eddie. Vicki continues to cry and Tamra approaches her, hugs her, and they both sit on the couch. Vicki says how she was so excited because she had planned to take Her Mother, Briana, and Brooks to Disneyland, but now the plans have drastically changed for the worst. Tamra tells Vicki that she's so sorry that she can't make it to the funeral, but that's only because Baby Ava is being welcomed into the world. Brooks and Eddie peek as their talking, and Tamra tells Brooks that if he needs anything while Vicki is gone, Her and Eddie will jump to her rescue, which was very sweet and kind! Tamra and Vicki then notify us, and say that since Vicki's Family doesn't approve of Brooks, he can't go to the funeral, which is very sad! Brooks offers to say a prayer with all four of them, and they succeed. Vicki says that Tamra and Vicki's Mother liked each-other and start reminicsing about old fun times when Tamra and Vicki used to quarrel, and Vicki's Mom used to play in the middle, which brings a fun light to this heartbreaking issue.  

We then catch up with Heather, who is helping her son, Nicky, build a fun kid's house for school, which is way more fun then Heather's new house building. Terry then joins on in, and their lovely daughter, Collette begins to beg Terry for goldfish and chips. Terry doesn't give in, but Heather on the other hand does, because she wants to be loving and more around, more around then Terry usually isn't. Terry begs Collette to give him a kiss but instead, Collette starts making fun jokes about Terry... And his farting! Heather thinks that Collette isn't showing much affection to Terry because He's not around a lot, which he should be. Heather walks upstairs to Coco, and Terry ends up not receiving the kiss he wanted from her! 

We catch up with The Beadors, who are arriving home from some type of counseling session, and so excited to see their daughters. Shannon tells her daughters that it was very cute that they sent 'Aunt Vicki' a text about her Mom's funeral, praying for the best! Shannon tells her daughters that Her and David went to a kid's therapy session, and one of the things they learned is that parents have to listen to their kids. Stella, One of their daughters, completely agree with the topic but David says that Stella doesn't get the concept fully. Adeline, one of their other daughters, also agree, and say how David doesn't let them talk and express their opinions! All four of their daughters, begin aggressively calling David's name... DAD! DAD! DAD! DAD.... but they get no response, except for Shannon's confessional commenting. David says how they also learned in consueling, that before you express your feelings to a child about a bad grade they've gotten for example, be very warming and start cheering them up if they're down. David starts getting interrogated on his day, and David starts spilling some adult business to them, saying how Shannon was mad at him all day, and all the day before, because he didn't follow through with what he promised, which irritates Shannon. Shannon tells the girls that it's time for bedtime, and the girls have no problem stepping away from the adult conversation. 

David and Shannon finally get some alone time.... in the kitchen, and Shannon tells David that David shouldn't bring up personal issues in front of the kids, and at that.. Shannon tells David that he's in-fact lying, about why Shannon has been in a grouchy mood with him and there are other reasons to the topic that David didn't say. Shannon finally tells us, and reveals why she's upset at David, which is.... She told David specifically to give her exact locations/restaurants where he and his affair had gone too, and she has found out more shocking betrayals! Stella interrupts their conversation, and Shannon notices that Stella doesn't have on PJ's. David awkwardly walks past his daughter, and tells Shannon that he wants to talk to her privately, as he shuts their kitchen door, and leaves Stella awkwardly staring at them, and walks away saying she felt weird. 

Yay! It's finally the day where Tamra is fixing to be a Grandma!!!! Woohoo, as Vicki would say. Tamra and the rest of her family are getting ready for the big time ahead and Tamra and Her Mother say that there's no turning back on this day! Sarah starts getting nervous but congratulated at the same time in the car, as she anxiously waits to finally get through with the pregnancy. All of them finally arrive at the hospital and Commercial break arrives! 

Commercial break is over, and we come back with Tamra, who is anxiously getting alerts of when Sarah is ready for the baby to push, and Tamra is getting comforted by Sarah's other daughters. Ryan gives Tamra a update about how the doctor is getting bottles and other stuff ready for the baby, and Tamra is ready! Home-video time! Ryan and Sarah are finally getting ready for final words before Baby Ava is welcomed into the world, as they make a home video! Flashbacks of Ryan's younger years start really getting us, and then..... It's baby time! Ryan and Sarah finally go into labor and are moments away from Baby Ava greeting them! 

We catch back up with Mehgan, who is getting prepared to stay at a suite, getting ready for Hayley's winter formal and Leann is by her side. Mehgan says how doing this, brings back many memories of when Mehgan and Her Mother, Julie used to make gatherings and spend time together fun! This is also special to Leann, because she wants to spend quality time with her daughter because she never knows when it's her time to go. Leann gets a call from Sydney, Hayley's friend, who tells that Hayley forgot her winter formal dress and Leann isn't really surprised! Jim and Leann's husband come strolling in, and continue to get ready for the party. Mehgan is also happy that her family is bonding with her other family. Hayley and her friends come strolling by also and Hayley tells Mehgan that she's stressed as hell over her dress that she forgot. Hayley starts stressing more and takes her anger out on Leann, which gets Mehgan very upset because she feels that she should respect her mother and show some sympathy for her illness. Hayley finally finds a way to say: "Whoo-Sah.

We catch back up with Tamra and It's officially time for Baby Ava to make her fabulous debut! The baby has officially been born and Tamra, Her Mother and One of Sarah's daughters are in the waiting room, of course waiting and the wait is getting to Tamra! Ryan sends Tamra a text that they can all come see the baby, and All three ploop up and run to finally see Baby Ava. Tamra and Her Mom are getting so overjoyed and Tamra starts happily crying, as she starts to see Baby Ava squint and look right up at her! Sarah is in recovery and Tamra admits that she's super excited to be a grandma... but not because it makes her sorta old! Haha! Tamra walks in on Sarah and she starts happily talking to Ava and still can't believe that she's a grandma! Congrats Tamra! WOOHOO FOR YOU! 

We are back with Mehgan, who is getting excited with Hayley for the party and also Hayley is happy that she finally got her dress back! Leann surprises Hayley and let's her know that she hired a photographer and they're going to take some family and friend photos to have memories, which leads Hayley to make bratty comments that she doesn't have her dress on yet... Teenagers suck! Hayley manages to get through two group photos with friends and family, but Hayley can't seem to cherish these moments and decides to continue her bratty comment rampage. It was a success overall! 

We catch back up with Vicki, who is so distraught still over her Mom and doesn't know how she can survive, given the fact that she feels like she's dying now. Shannon calls Vicki and Vicki begins to confide and cry to her about how she can't get over her Mom's death and she feels completely numb. Shannon tells Vicki to stay strong and Vicki tells Shannon that she hasn't even fully slept since Bunco Night! Vicki then tells Shannon how Her Mom's funeral went and Vicki says she's grateful for the fact that her mom wasn't buried in snow, which makes her cry again! OMG! My heart is breaking for Vicki... I'm even becoming numb! Vicki also says how she physically picked up her Mom from her casket and began sobbing on her cheek! Poor Vicki... This is painful to watch, listen to, and even recap! Shannon makes Vicki aware that she's there for her 24/7 and Vicki says how she'll try to compose herself for work! 

Heather gets an alert about Baby Ava being born, and immediately shares the photos with her children. Heather's children start complaining about desert while eating dinner, and Heather tries to not get feisty, and compose herself in a nice way to them. Heather goes in another room and calls Tamra and calls her " Hey grandma" LOL! Heather comes up with a plan to do something fun for Vicki and to celebrate Baby Ava just to lighten up the mood and Tamra agrees because especially Vicki needs a fun girls night out! 

Shannon stops by Vicki's house and brings her some homeopathic remedy, some soar throat reliever, and calming relievers, but all Vicki wants is her Mommy back! I feel so bad for Vicki! Shannon continues explaining all the remedy relievers that she had brought Vicki and Vicki hugs her. Shannon and Vicki sit on the couch and discuss Tamra. They both are excited for Tamra being a grandma but Shannon is more worried about Vicki. Vicki says how she will try to stay strong but her mom dying is really breaking her down and Shannon lets her know that she's always going to be there for her! 

Tamra and Ryan are talking in Baby Ava's room and Tamra begins to cry about how she doesn't want to leave for the OC or Baby Ava but Ryan reassures her that pictures will be sent to her everyday. Tamra and Ryan start talking about the new man in Ryan and the new adjustments. Tamra says that she feels like a bad mother because of some of Ryan's past bad choices, but now she's super happy with the man she raised! Ryan then drops a bomb on Tamra! He tells Tamra that he and Sarah have made a decision to make Baby Ava live down-south and Tamra supports their decision. She has told him before to back to the OC so everyone can be happy. Eddie calls Ryan and congratulates him on being a dad and asks him how he feels about it. Ryan feels good about it but it can be stressful at times. Tamra lastly says that if she has to help Ryan out financially, she will go through the process, even without Eddie's knowledge!  

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