Tuesday, July 7, 2015

RHONY: (Season 7), Episode 14 RECAP: Heather becomes the next main target, as she navigates conflicts with Bethenny and Dorinda!

Tonight's episode of 'The Real Housewives Of New York City' continued from last week, with Bethenny, ignoring and walking away from Ramona and Sonja, after they nicely asked her if she wanted to go to lunch, instead of her cooking. Bethenny doesn't want the attention of a petty lunch on her, and she feels like Ramona and Sonja are being the 'rulers' of the trip and she wants them to stop being so picky and just enjoy. Ramona and Sonja being to tell Kristen that Bethenny seemed to be okay with the 'lunch' ordeal but that really wasn't the case. Meanwhile, Bethenny is roaming around the house,complaining at the fact that Sonja and Ramona are too bossy, and Dorinda just stares and looks confused, but awkwardly nods her head, as in agreence w/ Bethenny. Bethenny then tells Dorinda how she can't understand that Ramona came from nothing, but feels like she's entitled to everything in her path, and begins to question who raised her! Dorinda, commenting in her confessional, says that Bethenny's cooking for lunch effort was good, but Ramona comes off un-appreciative and that's what ruins the joyful mood. Ramona sees Bethenny from the corner of her eye, and begins to start coming up with some resolutions about lunch, but Bethenny is not up for it, and expects Sonja and Ramona to have fun, themselves. Bethenny continues talking, stating how Ramona is acting like a 7-year old about cotton candy and demanding fairy tales, and how if both Sonja and Ramona leave, The tension will fade away. Bethenny stops her rampage, and continues cooking lunch, despite what Sonja and Ramona say, with the help of Dorinda

The ladies finally come to grips with the fact that they need to start acting like adults and not children, and all decide to stay in, and eat Bethenny's food, which supposedly was made out of hatred. Ramona begins to question Bethenny's rude delivery, and has a feeling that it has something to do with the dress that She borrowed, and NEVER returned! Bethenny says that that isn't the case, and hugs Ramona tightly, as a sign that she wants the drama to fade away. Bethenny compares her make-up with Ramona, to a innocent 5 year old, because no matter how angry you become at them, The anger rolls off your back and you evantually, stop being angry and cheer up. 

Lunch is finally served and the ladies are ready to get their claws in the food! Ramona, Dorinda, Bethenny, and Kristen are the first to sit down, and the other soon join them. Ramona, trying to lighten up the awkward mood, admits that she's having a good time in the beautiful island and brings up LuAnn and Bethenny's paddle board battle, which they both loved. Ramona says that she usually does paddle boarding on her knees, and Bethenny and Carole make a sexual joke, demanding Ramona should stay there! Ramona then announces that she wants to make a toast. The toast is all about how she feels like Girlfriends are important in your life, and that they can be great supporting friends, and even can help with business gigs! Carole and LuAnn feel like Ramona has something else up her sleeve in this toast, and their minds were accurate! Ramona announces that she's writing a book and it's mainly about her goals and accomplishments but also her downfalls, and failed marriage, and what trigged her being the perfect woman and mother she is today. Ramona starts to tell the ladies her title ideas and declares that the other ladies should either: Pick the best choice she says or come up with other fashionable names but before that, Bethenny begins schooling Ramona on how to be a proper writer and what that mean is: Know the title before you write, and Heather has an issue with the criticizm. Bethenny says that Ramona should call it: "Work In Progess. Ramona's title names that she came up with were: "From Hell to Happiness and "Life on the Ramona-coaster, which all of the ladies find to be the titles so negative and if Ramona is planning on writing a real and drama-free book, The title has to be started with a positive name. Ramona says that she's going to take Bethenny's advice for the book title name. Heather and Bethenny start arguing about who's doing what from who's book and who's doing dee-da with zoo-zaa and Blah, Blah, Blah.... Heather shades Bethenny in her confessional, wishing she would shut the f*ck up and stop giving opinions that weren't meant to be said. Bethenny then gets fed up with Heather's feedback. and walks off angrily. 

Heather starts to bash Bethenny to Carole, claiming that Bethenny is annoying and thinks she's a know-it-all, Meanwhile, Bethenny overhears Heather and tells LuAnn that she's sick of the side-talking, but LuAnn doesn't want to get involved in the drama. While Heather continues blabbing it all to Carole, Bethenny walks up on her, and waits for Heather to say what she said to Carole, to her face. Bethenny confronts Heather about the trash-talking, but wants her to not get stressed over it. LuAnn walks up, and Heather admits that she feels like Bethenny has a 'above everyone' attitude and feels like nobody can get a word, edge-wise. Bethenny then shuts Heather down and says: Well, You can get always get a word in, whenever you want, but if you can't, that means you have to do better" OOOOOP! Shady, Bethenny is back! Bethenny gets annoyed with Heather and starts demanding a face-to-face confession about sh*t talking and about her being a know it all, and Heather tells Bethenny that she feels like she's a know it all, and Bethenny feels like that could be true because she knows a lot of stuff! Heather says that not everyone knows all info in the world, and Bethenny says that if Heather wants to know something, She can come to her to talk to. Bethenny then says that she feels like writing her own book, about knowing it all, and walks away, while Heather calls her 'crazy! 

The ladies decide to hang on the beach, where Bethenny and Heather are back friends now, and decide to go in the pool, think about getting bu*t naked, but Bethenny picks up Heather, places her in the water, as Heather pulls down Bethenny's bikini, and we begin to see Bethenny's little booty! The ladies then come up with a plan to paddle with the Paddle Board! 

The ladies then go to the Conch Shack. They also come across John, the owner. Ramona buys shots and orders the help around. Normal people are drinking rum... Ramona has ordered tequila shots. All the ladies are in love with John. Ramona cock blocks Bethenny, Carole, and Luann and drunkenly moves in on John. Bethenny and Luann retreat to the picnic table in the sand and The three cock blocked girls are pissed at Ramona.

The next morning, Bethenny leaves a day early for Brynn’s recital. Ramona has more macramé. Everyone had a great time last night. Kristen is still pissy with Ramona over the John thing. Why would Kristen care? Shortly later everyone else leaves. They are off for an infomercial on the Gansevoort Resort. It’s quite lovely. The staff quickly sends them off to the beach. Ramona and Sonja claim their rooms first of course. Clearly, that was the point of leaving early! 

Once the ladies all reunite. Everyone is pissed at Ramona for spending the whole night trying to hump John’s leg. Who cares? Ramona then sends shade to Carole, “I’m sorry you are offended but you are fucking some 28-year-old.” For once, I agree with Ramona

Luann and Sonja make up. Or try to. Sonja doesn’t believe the other girls were concerned about her. Sonja cries about her divorce from Mr. Morgan. Luann cries too. It begins a love fest! 

The ladies all go to their giant tent for champagne and laughter. Kristen and Carole run off to swim only Carole fakes Kristen out and stops short of getting in. Kristen dives in and loses her top. Dorinda and Carole discuss being widowed and how long they would have been married if their husband had lived. Dorinda seemed glad to have Carole because she understands. Carole feels the same way.

Oh dear Jesus! Who is dressing these women for their last night in Turks and Caicos? They are all very Dynasty! Everyone agrees this is the best vacation ever. Laughter all around. Then they break down into a fight about swearing. Everyone is telling Heather she swears too much. Well not everyone mostly Luann and RamonaDorinda and Luann are saying that swearing is uncouth more or less. Luann is drunk. So is Dorinda. Dorinda goes in on Heather for cussing. Heather seems semi-sober. Dorinda is losing her drunken mind over cussing. Dorinda is a slurry mess. I don’t understand why Heather is engaging the two drunk women. Dorinda talks about how her mother taught her better while swearing while she is saying swearing is uncouth. Heather says, “Well your mother must be proud of you now.” Dorinda has a complete meltdown.  Luann tries to walk Dorinda out but Heather does it anyway! 

Until next week! We say goodbye to the Turks and Caicos but Heather has an explosive blowout with Ramona and LuAnn! Until then! 

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