Thursday, July 9, 2015

Natalie Guercio Reveals That She Was Asked Back For 'Mob Wives' Season 6

It's official! It's looking like Natalie Guercio, Current Mob Wife, is coming back for the 6th season of the show, which has started filming earlier last month. Guercio has hinted her return in tweets and kept all her fellow fans on their feet, gasping for an official statement from her! Andddd they got one! 

Natalie Guercio tweeted, hinting that her fellow Mob Wives cast members, Renee Graziano, and Karen Gravano are pissed about hearing that She was indeed asked back for Season 6: 

Alicia Di' Michele, Former Mob Wives, that starred in Season 4 of the show but didn't return in Season 5, commented to Guercio, stating that she should'nt return: 

Mob Wives: Season 6 has currently been filming and from episode-view, They're probably filming Episode 8 or 9! #StayTuned for more updates! 

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