Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Sneak Peeks: #BGC14- Official Photoshoot Pics, Opening Fight Peek and more!

The big announcements for Bad Girls Club: Season 14 has been announced! First, They announced the Opening Fight preview, which was crazy! They also announced the Official Cast Photoshoot and Indivisual photoshoots! Read below: 


First up: Meet Jelaminah "Jela" Lanier: 

Hailing from Houston, Texas, Jelaminah “Jela” Lanier is a confident southern girl with controlling tendencies. Jela parties hard and is not afraid to take on anyone who questions the way she lives her life. The target of many conflicts, she’s known to ruffle a few feathers along the way. She prides herself in being a leader not a follower and hopes to learn to love more and flight less.

Next up: Meet Kat Florek

Kat Florek is a competitive, fun party girl who loves beautiful women, dive bars and karaoke. Originally from Illinois, Kat knows that her tough-girl persona will make its mark in the mansion. Living and loving the single life, she easily gets bored with relationships and is constantly moving onto her next conquest. Looking to tap into her softer side, she anticipates that living in the BGC mansion will help balance her feisty temper. 

Next, Meet Jasmine Cartier: 

A gutsy girl from the Windy City, Jasmine Carter is known for saying one thing and doing another, if you make Jasmine mad, you’ll get a dose of the South Side’s finest. She has a dominant personality but is trying to take a new lease on life by trading in drama for laughter. Her motto? “This isn’t The Friendship Club… It’s The Bad Girls Club!”

Meet Lauren Lewis: 

self-proclaimed “Backwoods Barbie,” Lauren Lewis loves to hunt, fish, wrestle and hang with the guys. Hailing from Atlanta, Lauren is known to be the life of the party but often finds herself in casual relationships. Looking to balance work and play, she’s hoping to calm her partying ways. 

Next, Meet Christina "Tina" Aviles

Christina “Tina” Aviles is a New York Puerto Rican princess who commands the attention of everyone around her. She loves herself more than anything else and isn’t afraid to speak her mind. In a house with six other girls, Christina’s goal is to think before she acts and live life a little less unfiltered.  

Last, Meet Shannon & Shannede: AKA THE CLERMONT TWINS!: 

Never the ones to bite their tongues, identical twins Shannon and Shannade Clermont are double the trouble.  Raised in New York City, they have grown accustomed to a lavish lifestyle and idolize the fashion and modeling industries. They are two peas in a pod and do not seek approval from anyone else. Known for having zero filters, these hot tempered co-dependent sisters want to learn to let others in rather than shutting everyone out.  

Here's the Group Photoshoot: 

Bad Girls Club: Back For More- Casting Special premieres August 4th at 8/7c, where you will get a exclusive first look of all 7 baddies before the premiere! The OFFICIAL #BGC14 premiere is August 11th, 8/7c on Oxygen! Also, Life Coach Laura Baron is back in action for her 3rd season! 

Stay tuned for more updates! 

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