Tuesday, June 16, 2015

RHONY: (Season 7), Episode 11 Recap

Tonight's Real Housewives Of New York episode started with Bethenny inviting the ladies to go and hang out decorating cupcakes and having champagne but usually, she would invite kids as well for the cupcake decorating but Bethenny doesn't invite kids anymore, it's only the ladies! The ladies start decorating and chatting and then Sonja comes across a huge dildo looking stick to roll the cupcakes but as we all know Sonja: everything with her is a sexual matter. She says how she will stick it up her butt in the bathroom because it's battery-less! HAHA! Wow! So anyway, Sonja then makes a cheers to finally paying off the 7m debt she was being sued for, while Ramona finds out she had a cupcake stain on her ass. So Sonja, due to her being very enthusiastic and bubbly, invites the women to the Turks & Caicos! It's perfect timing for the Turks & Cacios because everybody is good with everybody! Will this trip be another Scary Island?! A 2.0 version?! 

Next, Kristen meets LuAnn for shopping at a cute little shoe Botique and to talk about Ramona's AOA party. Both of the ladies say how the sports bar wasn't really Ramona-ish and it was more like Mario-ish. Luann says that she's sorry for not letting Kristen talk to Bethenny as soon as possible but it didn't really matter because they both talked anyways. Kristen says how she's sick of Bethenny's dismissive attitude all because she wanted to confront her about what Carole said. LuAnn says that Kristen should just let Bethenny come to her and instead of Kristen always coming to her first! They finally start shoe-looking and Kristen finds some nice boots that match her nail-polish! I have to admit: Kristen has great taste in style! 

Carole & Bethenny meet up for drinks and Carole brings attention to her sweater she got from forever 21. Bethenny starts name dropping and says how she used to shop there with the Hilton's and their niece: Kyle Richards- Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star. Carole says she needs to tell Bethenny something and Carole's sweater named "Trouble" could only mean that Bethenny is in for a weird awakening! Carole tells Bethenny that she had a sexual dream about her! Carole says that it was "very quick"! Bethenny wants to know the deets, and asks her if they went 'downtown Julie brown' and Carole says No, although she did touch the ending of her bathing suit to make her loosen up in reality and 'relax'. Carole said she never dreamt about guys, only ladies and Bethenny said that Carole was her first lesbian encounter! Bethenny also says how after her divorce, she was contemplating on becoming a lesbian! OMG Bethennnny! 

The conversation quickly changes to Kristen. Carole says she's the blame for playing both sides and telling this one that, and this one this at the AOA party. She then accuses Bethenny again of calling Kristen dumb but Bethenny denies calling her dumb! Bethenny does admit that she said that stealing someone else's trademark name is not very bright, which I can understand. Carole says that Bethenny isn't a fan of Kristen and vice versa! Which is true! Bethenny reveals in her confessional that she likes Carole now and how before, she thought she was "too cool for school" type a girl. Bethenny tells Carole that they both need to go on girl vacations and hang out some more and they both cheers to "balance in their life"! I wanna see some Carole and Bethenny action! Haha!  

Next, Countess Luann tells us that she has a SportsWear clothing line, that she's ready to launch but first she has to do a photoshoot so she invited all the ladies to go watch her photoshoot and Kristen will take some snaps too! Luann then tells us that she needs to photoshoot to be perfect in order for her to show off to magazine editors! Kristen arrives first and they immediately start talking about Turks & Cacios! Luann says that she heard through the grapevine that Bethenny needs some dates changed. Kristen says that it's no excuse because everyone has something to do and they can still go on a trip so what's the issue. Luann says how everyone came clean about the dates and they worked it out but Bethenny's the only one who needs to. Kristen then makes a jab at Bethenny saying how it'll only be 7 women coming on the trip instead of 8 and Luann laughs! Heather & Ramona show up next and Ramona tells the ladies that Bethenny can come on the trip but has to leave early for her daughters' recital, which confuses Heather and Luann. Heather says that if dates are changed again for Bethenny, She won't be able to go. Heather then starts shading Bethenny in her confessional about how they changed all these dates for her to bring her out of her depressed environment to The Turks & Cacios to make her happy but she's never happy. Bethenny then shows up and Kristen confronts her immediately about the schedule arrangement. Bethenny says that no dates need to be moved although she has to leave early, which she just clarified everything Ramona said! Bethenny starts explaining how she doesn't want to miss anything special with her daughter or miss too many days away and she begins crying and walks backstage. Luann goes to comfort her & Bethenny says how she wants to have a normal life and she's sick of all the negative bullshit in her life! Bethenny walks back out and Heather asks her: "Did we do something to you?" And Bethenny says: "No, You guys are fine" 

It's time for LuAnn's photoshoot and she looks flawless! She starts posing in all different dresses, twirling, spinning and  smiling and she looked amazing doing it! Bethenny, in her confessional says that Luann looks like she's posing for a Maxi-Pad commercial and cracks herself up! Kristen poses for one scene and she did look beautiful as well! The photographer says that they did fantastic! I mean Lord.... These NYC ladies have such great fashionable style! 

Next, We catch up with Sonja, who is getting her Turks & Caicos outfits, swimsuits, etc. ready and also we the help of her new intern: Allison. We then get introduced to Sonja's Stylist: Ceaser, who tells Sonja to pick out cute stuff for Bethenny because she's hot! And she is! Sonja says that she needs something cute for her giggly ass! Sonja then tells both of them that she will be gone for 4 days so she wouldn't pack that much but she seems really excited for the trip ahead! 

Ramona, Dorinda, Luann & Bethenny hop in a limo to go out to dinner, which is Bethenny's childhood memory restaurant! The restaurant is called "Parkside" and of course, it's in NYC. Ramona then tells Luann to spill the beans on Sonja's outrageous behavior at Beautique the night before and LuAnn wastes no time spilling the tea! Luann says Sonja was on more then 2 guys, belligerent and just acting a fool! Ramona left early, so she didn't really know what happened, besides what she heard. Dorinda also says that Sonja was a 'blanket' on John, meaning she was all cuddly bubbly on top of him. Dorinda says she can't blame Sonja because she was drunk but the only thing she does care about is John's reaction! Bethenny tells Dorinda that someone needs to tell Sonja to back off, and then Dorinda spills her drink on herself because someone gave her a trick cup. Bethenny then asks Ramona:'"who was Sonja's man?" And Ramona said: "every man was her man!". The ladies arrive at the spot and Bethenny is already taken back, remembering fun times from her childhood, going to the restaurants, seeing all the men at tables and stuff. Dorinda starts saying how she wants to visit Panama City and all the fun places just to get out and enjoy a little more then NYC. LuAnn brings up Sonja again and how she babysitted Sonja at Botique, which doesn't sit well with Bethenny and she stayed with her until she left! Ramona says in her confessional that she can't get a good read on Sonja because she's self-destructing a lot , while Bethenny, Dorinda, LuAnn say that they feel bad that people have to watch over her and she can't really help herself but they don't excuse a lot of her behavior. Ramona begins to say that she can't see the "dark cloud" over Sonja because when she's in it, Sonja's great! But she doesn't know what happens behind closed doors. Ramona says she thought that when she visited Sonja, the crazy bone in her body was 'gone', which Bethenny says you can't change that because that's inside you! Ramona says she's loosing it and Heather gave her something special for that, which doesn't surprise Bethenny! Then, LuAnn says that they need to have an intervention on Sonja's Partying, but the other ladies see it as ganging up on her so they change their mind! Bethenny thinks Ramona is denial about Sonja, & Ramona thinks that as well a little! The food comes out and I never ever A pepperoni & cheese stuffed into bread! Looked yummy! So, Dorinda, Ramona & Bethenny go to the ladies' room but Ramona then gets afraid to leave LuAnn alone at the table, but Luann sarcastically says she's good and that for company, she'll flirt with the boys behind her! Ramona takes it literal and tells the guys behind them to keep her girlfriend company, while Luann mouths; ramona! Ramona heads to the bathroom and leaves Luann shaking her head! Haha! 

The next morning, Ramona & Bethenny meet up for footpedi's and for chat! Ramona is coming straight from the gym, while Buisness lady Bethenny is on the phone for 5 seconds. Ramona starts exaggerating showing off her muscles and what she exactly did at the gym then she finally sits down in the chair. Bethenny asks Ramona if she's ready for the Turks and Cacios trip and Ramona is all about being drama free, going out and spending time with her friends! Ramona hopes nobody picks on Bethenny, but she doesn't know quite much about Kristennnnn Taekman! Bethenny explains that she doesn't have an issue with her because she's just getting to know her but she could tell at Luann's photoshoot that she had a cold, sour puss face. Ramona says how before Bethenny went to the photoshoot, Kristen was bitching about dates for the trip and immediately as Bethenny arrived, Kristen just bum-rushed her with questions! Ramona says Kristen has a hard-on for her, & Bethenny says that if Kristen wants to go head to head w/ her, strap it on and that shall be fun! They both start getting their nails painted and Bethenny says: "Toes before Hos", which Ramona doesn't really understand. Bethenny says she's not 22, but she gets with the lingo! Bethenny explains the saying: "Bros before hoes", meaning that your brothers/best friends are more important that come-and-go girls! Toes before hoes means your body (feet: nails painted) are more important then bitchy girls, and then Ramona starts to sink it to the lingo talk! 

Lastly, Luann hosts her a Launch Party for her sportswear collection & she comes in and brings her Daughter, Victoria and it's being celebrated at the Warwick Hotel in Manhattan. Luann invited the ladies to come of course and indeed the ladies start rolling in! We get introduced to Luann's stylist: Carson Kressely, which Luann says has been her friend for a long period of time now, they both have accounts on evine.com and they both connect in the fashion world! Luann asks Carson to move a mannequin but that fails becausehe accidentally drops it and pretends it's his fake wife! 

Heather, Luann, Dorinda & Kristen Sit on the couch and Heather begins to talk about Bethenny having to change the trip dates/ going home early and her breakdown at Luann's photoshoot. Dorinda says she doesn't understand why she was crying and Heather tells her she's going through a lot and she would just like to hug Bethenny but she can't. Dorinda says she was very defensive with Richard dying and didn't want to be bothered so she can understand from Bethenny being there for her daughter. Ramona walks in wearing a royal blue dress and is so greeting towards everyone except Kristen! She says that her grey dress and the fumes will make her get sick! That's not nice, Ramona! Not even 5 seconds in of arriving, Ramona squares off with Kristen! She asks Kristen about her bum-rush towards Bethenny at the photoshoot, even when she knows all the stuff she's going through! Ramona tells Kristen that it's not right to immediately blow her up with questions, knowing her struggles & Kristen is stuck on stupid. Kristen then says she was just curious about the trips and dates and she had to go into Makeuo and hair to shoot for Luann's collection and she just wanted to ask her so everyone was clear! Ramona & Kristen start bickering back and forth and disagreeing with each-other about Kristen's delivery on Bethenny. Kristen feels like Ramona is picking on her! Oh boy, here we go! Luann tells Ramona to calm down & Ramona tells Luann: "May I please finish?!". Luann tells her not to disrespect her in her suite but she may continue. Ramona finally has the floor and says that Bethenny is going through a lot and then she asks Kristen: "Are you that dumb?!", which sets Kristen off. Kristen says to Heather that she can't believe Ramona's attitude and how she comes in wearing blue and think she's the royalist lady out of all. Kristen says that she's not dumb and she tells Ramona that she's walking away and Ramona says: "Please do". Kristen walks away, holding her glass, & bumping into a gentleman in an uproar! It got intense! 

Until next week! The Turks & Cacios trip emerges conflict between Bethenny & Sonja

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