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RHOC: (Season 10), Episode 3 Recap: "Whine Country"

Yes People, I'm back! I'm back with another recap for RHOC and this time, I for sure WILL recap every single episode of The Real Housewives Of Orange County, Every Monday 10PM (it will be posted)! So let's get on to the recap!  

The episode started off with Meghan meeting up with Tamra & Heather at a restaurant for cocktails and chit-chat! Meghan begins off making a comment how she can't wait to drink Heather's wine, named Collete, after her daughter and Heather is really excited for the launch, to show it off to the other ladies when they all go to Napa! Heather says she known for throwing fabulous parties! For her name-changed, when they broke ground down and had the big hoedown so why not throw one for Collete's wine?! They then cheers to Meghan being available to meet them and then inspector Tamra is in full force! She asks Meghan if she's in the OC full time and Meghan said yes, and begins explaining that even though she misses the small ones in Missouri, She's full time in the OC because she has to take care of her Stepdaughter, Hailey, because her mom is really ill! Meghan then says that she just sold her old house that she lived in and can't really go anywhere else because the house closes in 2 weeks! She then admits to moving 7 times, with not really having a game-plan for backup and she's #OverIt at this point, which I will be too! Moving 7 times?! Nah Uh! Meghan says that she had a fun time at Vicki's party and Tamra says that she's totally shocked by how live, funny and nice Lizzie was! Heather says Lizzie is really mainly nice, but Tamra couldn't say the same from what she had experienced last year w/ her. Tamra then says that she feels like Shannon was very standoffish but Heather ingaged in conversation with her, despite their conflict. Meghan begins telling them that she had her little 'run in's" with Shannon because she met David at Heather's hoedown last year and it was awkward, but Meghan had called Shannon because she heard that she had hosted a party for a charity that Meghan happens to be host(ING) a separate party for!  When Meghan called her, Shannon seemed like she was hot and bothered and really didn't want nothing to do with it. Maybe it was the fact that when Shannon asked for a name, Meghan said "Meghan King", not "Meghan King Edmonds", which maybe threw her for a loop. Meghan then tells them that she really didn't chat with Shannon at all about the Charity Phone Call because it was Vicki's party and she didn't want to be causing problems there. Meghan says she will address it with Shannon because it's making her feel uncomfortable and Tamra says in her confessional that Meghan needs to be careful & watch what she says to Shannon because any tiny thing that is brought to her attention and she doesn't like it, Could be taken the opposite way! Heather, being the humorous girl she is, says that if a girl was flirting with Terry, she wouldn't really pay attention and would laugh it off, which amuses Meghan & Tamra, which was a dig towards the awkwardness between David and Meghan

The next day, Shannon & Vicki at Vicki's house, are chatting and Vicki says that she had doubts about going on the Napa trip, but now she officially can't go because she's receiving an award in Florida. Vicki says that she will be earning a trophy, in Florida for 'acknowledgement as a top producer in the insurance and financial Buisness industry", which Queen Shannon congratulates! Vicki says to sum it up, Just think of the award as an "Oscar's for insurance people". Vicki says she loves how she gets to walk up on a stage, handed a trophie and gets acknowledged! Vicki begins picking out some cute little dresses for the trip, while Shannon says that Heather and Tamra were really pleasantly nice at Vicki's party but Shannon keeps on calling both Heather and Tamra by their first and last names: Judge & Dubrow lol! Shannon asks Vicki for her opinion, but Vicki ignores her and picks up a cute G-string and puts it in the bag, speaking in a sultry sexy voice! Vicki starts giving lessons about G-strings to Shannon about how if you get into a car accident, you can put the cute G-string on and it will feel very confrontable, which then Shannon sarcastially thanks her for the Sex lesson! Vicki, drops her big luggage to roll, hugs Shannon as she wishes she could go to Napa! Shannon says that she forgave Heather & Tamra for all the Season 9 chaos but she never forgets and is feeling weird about being by them on the trip, so Vicki cheers her up and tells her to "WOOP IT UP" and have a fun time! 

We catch up more with Heather (*speaks*: Dubrow) and she has arrived at airport, waiting for the other ladies to come so they can all fly to Napa! Katie Hamiliton will be joining the ladies on the plane and trip! (little side info). Heather admits that she had ruffled up the deck and booked a big plane for all the ladies to fly, while the men will be showing up at different times due to work schedules. All the ladies arrive one-by-one and they're ready to rock and roll! Meghan admits that she has never been to Napa and labels the trip as a 'dream come true!' They get on the plane and Meghan gives each girl, a cute wine glass for drinking, with green garment stuffed inside, just to be kinda flashy, crafty, colorful, and because it's her 1st trip to Napa! We then learn that Katie doesn't drink! Tamra then asks Katie what church she goes to and Katie had just started going to "Free Chapel". Tamra says how she has been dealing with personal issues, which she refused to speak about and how Her & Eddie going to church, made her really into a good person and she's changing, minus all the stress and comments she gets from the outside world. Katie then says: 
"Wow, Good Job, Tamra!"

We are back with the ladies and they've finally safely landed in Napa! The women, as Heather leads, clap for the safety landing and how cool it was really seeing from the sky: The view look of it! . Heather tells the ladies to go to the hotel, while she goes to the Wine launch and gets a early sneak peek of the bottle! Heather starts telling the Party People, where to set certain things up so every spot in the place has something fancy added to it, which then Heather calls herself an 'control freak'! 

Meanwhile, The other ladies arrive at the gorgeous hotel called: "Silver road", which Shannon loves their type of style the minute she stepped in! She likes it old school! Tamra then sees a big card on a stand near the kitchen labeled: "Tamra BARNEY", which Tamra doesn't like because she's anxious about Eddie seeing that, knowing the fact that he still gets ticked off because she hasn't fully changed her yet! Tamra says in her confessional that changing your name is too much work, and she's busy a lot and it's a huge process! 

The Launch Party for Collete is almost here but there's a couple that has still yet to arrive! Shannon & David! Everybody then sees them driving down the street, and surprisingly arguing! David asks the Mini-truck driver to turn around to go the other way so him & Shannon can get over their issue they have, which there was no clip shown, and Heather gets pissed off when she sees them coming toward their direction but turn around. Everybody suspects and begins to wonder why they turned back around and where are they going!? Shannon finally admits that she's upset because David was very late, heading to the hotel room, and David admitted that He & Lizzie's husband Christian took sake' shots before coming, which surprises Shannon because David is not a drinker or shot-taker! 

Ugh! Im so happy Shannon & David finally came back around and jump in with the clan so I can hear Heather's bitching about them turning the opposite way stop! They come back around and they hop in the limo! Heather says hello to David while she questions Shannon on why she turned around. Shannon says it had to do with wardrobe drama, not really saying the truth to them. Why would she say anything after last year's drama! Tamra squealed stuff on her marriage! So, Shannon gives Tamra a empty pill pack container, which last year, Tamra though it was something different like something that you pinch in someone lol! Tamra though it was a (drinking) shot pill! Which Tamra then laughs and doesn't take it so seriously! 

The Collete Wine Launch Party is finally here and the party is on and popping! Shannon then says that she wants to go to the bar, which she hears that there is no bars, which that person was wrong. Tamra joins Shannon and David whispers to Eddie that if he gets a shot, he may get in trouble!, which Shannon overhears and gets furiouted! There's no reason to actually because David admited to saying that & they move on! Finally! So, Terry, Heather's husband says that Tamra looks good but he has no idea what changed, which Tamra says it's her boob implant she got! Lizzie begins to catch on, and notices Tamra's titties are bigger and badder then ever!

Tamra & Heather sit down on a couch and Tamra brings up how Heather's events/personality are so bubbly and glamorously designed! Heather decides that she wants to call Vicki, with Tamra by her side, just to see how she is doing. The phone starts trilling and as soon as Vicki answers, Heather & Tamra scream:-"VICKIIIII" out of pure excitement! Vicki says that the ladies better not be wopping it up without her, which Heather pops that bubble and says that they're wopping it up without her! Heather gets off the phone, says she has to potty, but then tells Terry some good/bad news! Good news: She tells him that she didn't cut her finger, opening a wine bottle! Bad news is that the cabinets are 150,000,000 over budget, which Heather says that they tried to conserve money but it failed! Terry looks disgusted by this news! They have to be at a lower limit! Shannon & Meghan go to use the bathroom, and get bothered by Tamra because she has to use the bathroom very bad! Tamra uses the guy's bathroom and Shannon notices a piece of toilet paper under Tamra's shoe, which everybody saw but wouldn't tell her! Poor Tamra lol! 

Meghan pulls Shannon aside to address the "flirting" rumor with Her & David about the hoedown, which Shannon shuts down right away and she's that she had her own issues that didn't consist of her! Shannon says how she only got pissed because David had a drink with a girl and didn't let her know anything! 

Terry, clinks his glass in order to listen to a speech both Heather & He are presented by with a toast from themselves! They cheers to the wine Collete, which Terry goes over the top and embarrasses Heather, making jokes that their daughter is a wild child basically and the Launch Party ends with All the ladies gathering for a group pic & Heather being happy to have her friends out to support! 

After the Launch Party, Everyone goes looking for their hotel rooms, and Smart Girl Heather gives the ladies the correct  direction, which Shannon was trying to convince David but they get into a little spat over it! Back at the hotel once they find it. Shannon truly apologizes for being so mean and harsh and she says it's because she has the "affair" in the back of her mind, scared if it's going to happen again! 

Heather, Meghan, Terry and Jim go and get ready for a wine tasting party, provided by the Dubrows! NOT a launch party again! Everyone else meets up with them and they head on the big party bus, ready for a wine tasting! Everyone arrives and Lizzie describes it as it likes "Willy Wonka and the Chocalate Factory!". The winery guy tells the ladies that they will have to drink it out of the barrels and Tamra is up first! She sucks the red right out of it: (No disgusting intent) but Tamra made it a sexual fun one! Shannon says that the bottle is contagious and then it's Meghan's turn and Geez... The OC wives are sexual wives! Tamra tells Meghan to take it "deep" and "don't slip!". 

For the last night in Napa, The Bellos were really nice to invite Heather and the rest of the ladies to their home! Meghan, Tamra, Lizzie & Shannon stand by the Bello's fireplace while Shannon & Meghan start to talk more and get to know each-other more. Meghan doesn't want to say anything just yet about the charity call but she will very soon! Very soon! Heather then calls everyone outside to make a toast while Meghan calls Shannon inside to talk about the charity call finally! Meghan says that she doesn't like unresolved issues building! So, Meghan starts talking about the charity call and how she got offended by the tone of Shannon's attitude! Shannon said she got offended because she thought Meghan was a saleswoman because she only said "Meghan King!"-- Not Meghan King Edmonds! Meghan tells Shannon that she was trying to get her help for the charity but Shannon says that she wasn't going to call you back because she sounded like a saleswoman. Then, Shannon gets very upset when she finds out that Meghan got her private phone number from a random girl she met in June! O-My! Meghan says that's not the point and Shannon says she's done and she walks away, saying: "I start charities Meghan! Don't try to paint me out to be un-charitable!"

Until next week! The Shannon & Meghan Battle continues! 

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