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LHHATL: (Season 4), Episode 9 Recap: Mimi Finally Confesses Truth about the sex-tape to Ariane, Margeaux and Stevie J!

Season 4, Episode 9 Recap?! Yup! Look how many episodes I've recapped already! Wow! So let's get into the recap! Episode 9 continued where it ended from last week with someone knocking at Mimi's door because she called someone over so she can finally reveal the ENTIRE truth that goes with the sex-tape because she's sick of Nikko's and Margo's exposing threats so she wanted to expose herself! Uh oh! So, Mimi opens the door and it's the Good Guy Stevie J! She says that she called him over to finally have a "long overdue" conversation about the tape. She starts off and says how she wasn't honest with
Stevie because at time, they were in such a bad place. She then starts FINALLY speaking the truth, confirming that she lied about how the tape got leaked and how she came up with the 'whole bag got stolen' were boldface lies! I mean..Everybody knew this by now and She just confirmed it! She then says that Nikko planned filming themselves; which Mimi went along with and Mimi helped Nikko leak it and they both agree to make Nikko out to be the bad guy, for the sake of Eva! Stevie J, looking so disappointed in his confessional, says how Mimi could've told him the truth and how she's been lying to everybody for over a YEAR! Stevie says Mimi can make whatever decision(s) she wants but not when it comes to affecting Eva because she will have to deal with that whole shenanigan when she's older. Stevie then says that Eva may be mad at him when she gets older because he feels he was the root of the issue: It trickled down to him! Mimi lets Stevie know that the sex-tape was NOT to get back at him and Stevie says: "I'm not mad at you". They then hold hands, hug and Stevie tells Mimi; "Family Over Everything!".

Next, We finally see Scrappy back in action, getting camera time again! So, Scrappy meets up w/ Ernest, Momma Dee's (boo/ex-boo) to discuss how they can get over Ernest stealing from him when he was a kid. Scrappy admits that His Sister, Jasmine despised/still does despises him for the way he disrespected Momma Dee, as they were growing up, which we all knew from a couple eps ago! Ernest reveals that he wants to make peace in the family and one way he wants to is to asking Momma Dee to marry him!, which shocks Scrappy. Scrappy says that as long as Momma Dee is happy walking down that aisle, Scrappy supports Ernest! Ernest says he appreciates it, wishes for the best, and We hope the same! 

The episode switches to Kaleena, which is pissed because Tony was out all night and just popped up at the house at 10am! She says that he makes her feel like he's more focused on everybody else then His on wife! Kaleena starts going off because Tony didn't tell her nothing about being out all night, without a single phone call and Tony says he's been out all night at the club & studio making money and he tells Kaleena to "shut the fu*k up!". Tony says that Kaleena only focuses on her stuff and not what Tony wants to do! Tony then says the management Buisness is dead as of now because he has other projects going on. He also says that the 'creative' part of Kaleena's music isn't going nowhere and Kaleena slams a plate and it breaks! She says that that is a lie and Tony tells her to go find another manager that will put up with her shit because he's done, leaving her in tears! 

The episode changes to Sina, which we find out that Yung Joc has been sleeping at her house, ever since the night she threw all his shit off the balcony! Sina begins to demand an answer on why Joc brought Khadiyah to the meeting of the moms. Joc says he just wanted them to get along and it failed miserably which is correct! Sina says that Joc brings problems on himself, that he needs to man up, stop acting like he hasn't had no pussy before and just start being a normal regular father for his kids, instead of chasing other woman & she's right! Joc has a family he needs to take care of! 

The next scene goes to Margeaux, who is finally having Ariane model in her Art Show! Annnnnd this week, Margeaux's hair style is purple and black! We learn that Margo has a brand: House Of Margeaux and it's about like Tokie Bows: Weed or something like that! Nikko arrives and brings a huge poster of colors Margo can use for the show and then turns his guns on Ariane! He calls her "sexy" and she just wants him gone! Nikko says that he hopes Ariane rocks it, leaves and then Margo sticks by her husband and tells Ariane that she knows nothing about Nikko & Ariane fires back and says: "And you have no idea bout Mimi! Ariane tells Margo about their meet up, and Margo doesn't look surprised. Next thing you know, Mimi arrives at Margo's art show and it's on and popping! Mimi first apologizes to Ariane for being so rude and then Mimi pulls Margo aside to tell her the sex-tape truth but Margo shuts her down! Mimi says that: Yes, I agreed to leak the tape", which Ariane overhears! Margo says she's confused because Mimi lied the last time they met and Mimi is confused why she's confused! Margo threatens to put her hand in her face and Mimi doesn't care at this point! Margo puts her hand in Mimi's face again but Ariane pushes her away. Margo always says how that stuff Mimi does is petty and she acts like a kid and Mimi reverses the same thing! Ariane & Mimi walk off, Margo says: "Good night" and Mimi responds with: "Eat a dick b-tch!". Ariane & Mimi go outside to talk about Mimi finally owns up to leaking it finally! Ariane pushes Mimi and they both start screaming in each-other's faces! Ariane starts crying because of Mimi lying to her own best friend and Mimi says it was never to hurt her. She was just in a fucked up space! Ariane calls Mimi a "stupid bitch" and Mimi says she has no more energy for the BS and they both walk their sepreate ways! 

Next up, it's the opening of Club Kapture and Joseline & Stevie J are performing: "Stingy w/ my Kutty kat" so the club can get more customers to make it a huge success. The performance was amazing! Tony begins to talk/confide to Stevie J. about how Him & Kaleena had a big blowout but he says it some dramatic about how eggs started flying! Boy.... You know she only broke one plate! Chill with dramatics! Tony says he has no idea what he's going to do & Stevie knows what it's like because he's "married" to Joseline and he's her manager: #Husbanager! Meanwhile, Kaleena talks to Rasheeda about the arguing, plate throwing, and all the crazy shit that went on that Tony & Stevie are talking about. Kaleena says that she doesn't have a solution but Rasheeda on the other hand says that Deb Anthey is the one to go to because she's a good relationship expert and helped Her & Kirk when they were crumbling for his cheating ways. Kaleena starts crying about how her career is on the line but says she'll take Rah's advice! 

Finally after 4 episodes of disappearance, Queen Momma Dee is back on the screen and her & Ernest are at church, dancing to the gospel songs! When the pastor asks if anyone has something for love or special for someone, Ernest testifies! He says that he loves Momma Dee and he calls her up along side of her! She comes up, He gets down on one knee and he proposes! He said: "Will you marry me?" And Momma Dee said "YESSSSSSSS", as she starts crying! He puts the ring on, Momma Dee cries more heavily in awe and SHE begins singing actually! The pastor begins playing: "I deserve" and she killed it: (In a good way). They then sit down while the band continues playing and Momma Dee continues crying in awe! 

Margeaux goes to meet Nikko at his house and in her confessional, She says she needs to expose HERSELF to some TRUTHS OF HER OWN! Hmmmm... What can this be?! Do I smell Hyprocite? So, Margeaux tells Nikko about the party and how about Mimi owned up to the truth finally but she thinks that Nikko did the sex-tape with another woman because of what Margo has did in the past! She admits that she had cheated with somebody around the sex-tape was in party! Margeaux then starts crying because she feels as their relationship is toxic and they need to go their separate ways. Nikko doesn't know how to handle this, but Margo is really ready! 

Last in the episode, Joc meets up with Khadiyah after their intense blowout because appearently, Khadiyah texted Him that he really needs to come see her but she didn't really give detail! So Joc comes through and Khadiyah gets right into it! She says that: She's been having food cravings, her body has been off, and her sleep patern has been off! Joc starts smirking and wants to know what the issue really is? And Khadiyah said that they need to take a pregnancy test! She takes a pregnancy test and SHE'S NOT PREGNANT, which makes Joc the most happiest man in the world because that would've been his 9th child! NOO! Khadiyah starts crying about how if she was pregnant, will Joc be there and if he isn't he can go because she wants to have babies and get married but Joc is not for that! Khadiyah tells him again: If you're not ready, You can leave! 

Until next week! Jessica Dime finally meets & pops up on Joseline in the studio! Will they come to blows or no? Find out Next Monday! 

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