Friday, May 29, 2015

Breaking news: Kim Richards MISSING after attending Daughter's wedding!+ Sister Kyle speaks out!

This past weekend, Real Housewife of Beverly Hills star Kim Richards attended her niece (Brooke Brinson) 's wedding. After the wedding, She got belligerently drunk & went on a rampage of drinking. It was reported that she was under the influence of something. Her family actually caught her & was disgusted by it! She was originally set to return to rehab straight after but that's not the case in this matter! 

It's been almost a week now & Kim Richards is missing! Ever since her nieces' wedding in Mexico! Nobody has spoken to her & her family is worried sick about her! 

This past Wednesday, Her sister Kyle Richards spoke out for the first time since the wedding. She spoke to while she was running the streets in Beverly Hills. She admitted that she hasn't had NO CONTACT with Kim ever since the wedding & she & the family are worried sick over her & hope she's okay! 

I hope Kim gets the help she needs & is safe where-ever she is! 


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  2. Lisa r, you kept bashing her&brandy until kim broke.i blame you blowfish.hope you get yours 100 fold back.i saw tweet before u deleated it.your disgusting person.