Tuesday, April 21, 2015

RHONY: (Season 7), Episode 3 Recap!

This season of: The Real Housewives of New York is shooting by fast! This episode was episode 3 already! In this episode, The Battle of the brunches invites come about, former New York housewife Kelly Bennismon returns which gets Bethenny in an uproar, Luann reveals a secret about Mario to Ramona, & much more! 

       Review: Season 7, Episode 3 

• So, the episode started off with Luann, Kristen, Carole & Heather talking about whose brunch they should go to first! Ramona's or Bethenny's? They finally come to the conclusion that they're going to both, just to make everyone happy! Then, Kristen brings up if Bethenny & Ramona know each-other that much as they claim, after their blowout at Luann's house? Luann says she has some inside scoop about how when Bethenny did her talk-show, Ramona was there & she spilled something on B's dress, so Ramona asked B to borrow another dress, but Ramona left with the dress! All the ladies come to think that Bethenny is still holding a grudge with Ramona because of that!

• Meanwhile, Bethenny starts getting prepared for the brunch, while her personal assistant helps her with ideas. Heather, Carole, Luann & Kristen arrive at B's house start trying her foods/drinks & start chatting about her & Ramona's blowout! Bethenny denies that she's not mad about the dress that Ramona took. The ladies come to the conclusion that Ramona flipped out for no reason. 

• Then the 4musketeers (Ramona, 
Sonja, & Dorinda & Tanya: Ramona's sister) head to lunch to discuss the Bethenny fight. Sonja thinks Ramona is dead wrong for being so self-absorbed & when she approaches Ramona about what got Bethenny so fired up, Ramona dis-acknowledges the question, which gets Dorinda pissed because she came out for a drink, not catty fighting. 

• Back at Bethenny's, the ladies spill some tea on Sonja! They claim that she's still wrapped up in a delusion & claims to have many businesses but has none! Bethenny says she wants to help Sonja get back on track & focus on the reality, & not the unimportant things. 

• Back by Ramona, Her & her company are waiting for the other ladies to arrive at the restaurant. Luann & the other ladies leave B's house & bring Cocktails, blenders & gifts to Ramona's. Luann calls Ramona to let her know that they're 5 minutes away from arriving, but Dorinda has to leave already! She's been waiting for an 1 hour & can't wait any longer! The ladies arrives as soon as Dorinda is ready to walk out of the door. Sonja becomes stressed in an uproar that she wasn't invited to Bethenny's brunch! Sonja seems really stuck on being mad, but Ramona wasn't invited & she's not upset! Does anyone see the immaturity level with Sonja?! I sure do! 

• Back in the City, Dorinda & her boyfriend John are having Pizza & shrimp salad. Dorinda gets her wine, which she is absolutely obsessed with! John leans over & kissing Dorinda, which then we learn that Dorinda doesn't do PDA. John gets a buisness call & Dorinda tells us that she does do WTF. She lets him have it but takes the phone & tells the caller that he's super rude! John then apologizes to his friend! Their relationship is funny! We all know who wears the pants in this relationship hahah! 

• We then get a first look at Bethenny's new Soho house that is under-construction. It's really large as the NYC one goes! Bethenny thinks it's going to be a good house to live in! I mean, it's better then being homeless! As we all know, Bethenny is the most wealthiest but homeless housewife! I love Bethenny! This will be a big turn around! 

Luann stops by to visit Ramona. Luann hesitantly tells Ramona that she needs to tell her something! Ramona automatically assumes that it's about Mario, which Luann notifies her that it is. Luann then drops a bombshell on Her! Luann tells Ramona that she has seen Mario on many dating sites, which seems like a complete setback to Ramona! Ramona is dating too, but she's still going through the finalized stage of filing for divorce! 

• Then, Dorinda goes out to dinner & waits for her friends to arrive. She's the first suddenly to arrive & is wearing a pretty dress as well! After being seated, A African American man approaches her. She asks if he'll take her coat, but it turns out that he doesn't work there! He's just a patron there. What an awkward situation! 

Heather, Luann, & Bethenny meet for lunch. Heather starts blabbing & blabbing  on how being on Television in a mock shark tank format that listens to concepts but doesn't give lots of money. Heather that asks Bethenny about the Ramona text, which Bethenny shuts her down & tells her that: Nothing she says is interesting! 

Luann plans a girls night out with the single ladies! Sorry: Heather, Kristen, & Dorinda, you were not invited! They meet at a boutique pick up joint. When Luann enters, she's greeted by none other then former housewife; Kelly Bensimon! The ladies arrive one by one! But When Bethenny arrives, she spots Kelly but walks over to the bar & surrounds herself by a bunch of men! Then, when two young men approach the table of ladies, Sonja immediately clinched on to them like a monkey! Luann goes over to the bar & Her & Bethenny argue because Luann never notified her that Kelly was attending the party. They sort out their differences & hug it out in less then 5 minutes! 

• The ladies party the night away! Sonja dances with her boytoy, Bethenny & Kelly start getting along, & Men start hitting on Ramona! Then, Sonja spots Dorinda's boyfriend at the bar & approaches him! She quickly asks where's Dorinda? & he says that he's only there for a strictly a "buisness meeting"! The episode ends off with everyone on good terms basically! 

Until next episode! The Real Housewives Of New York- (Season 7), Episode 4 premieres next Tuesday at 8/7c on Bravo! 

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