Tuesday, April 21, 2015

LHHATL: (Season 4), Episode 1 Recap/Review

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Season 4 premiered aired yesterday & there's so much that happened! This was a great way to start the premiere & the rest of the season looks bomb as f*ck! 

First things first, the new intros this season are amazing! It changed a lot! The casts' intro photos have been changed to all black colors! The order went Mimi, Rasheeda, Karlie, Erica, Joseline & newly added Stevie J! Here the review comes! 

The episode started off with Mimi & Stevie at the club & announcing that they're new business partners! Mimi is apart of MF Management & she's managing a new client: Tiffany Foxx! Tiff comes out on stage & performs in front of Stevie & Mimi. In my opinion, she has a very good voice & her rapping skills are on point! After she performs & leaves, Mimi brings up to Stevie J that what Joseline did at the reunion was dead wrong! Mimi says that she hopes Joseline is getting the treatment she needs after going on a rampage. Then, Mimi brings up how their daughter Eva wants a little brother. So Stevie thinks it's a clever idea to ask Mimi if she wants his "Special Sauce" AKA his sperm! Mimi seems disgusted by this, but Stevie thinks it's a brilliant idea. Then, Stevie J says he's a changed man & wants Joseline & Mimi to make amends. Mimi says that the only reason they can't get along is because of her & she needs serious help. Mimi says this is all for buisness, although Stevie is all for pleasure! 

Next up, Karlie Redd & Joseline's old booking agent Dawn go to Miami to support new cast-member & stripper Jessica Dime's strip! Karlie & Dawn make it rain heavily on Jessica! Jessica finishes & meets Karlie & Dawn backstage, where Jess announces that was her last stripper event! Dawn tries to convince her to move to Atlanta for better & bigger opportunities. Dawn & Karlie bring up Joseline but Jessica doesn't recognize Joseline: She recognizes Shannelica Benacourt! Her & Joseline made 10/20 bands when they were younger stripping! Jess says that she reached out to Joseline but with no response, & she hopes to run into her to catch up. Dawn & Karlie talk about the epic reunion to Jessica, which she looks shocked that Joseline went crazy attacking people! Karlie says she thinks that she was going for people that was coming for her, but Dawn thinks it was a substance abuse type of thing. Karlie & Dawn make it rain on Jessica one more time & Jessica does a lap-dance on Karlie also for the last time. 

Meanwhile, Erica D. goes out to support Queen Momma Dee for her "I Deserve" track! Erica brings flowers with her & gives them to Momma Dee! They've been getting along better & better! Erica drops a bomb on Momma & tells her that Scrappy hasn't been paying his child-support! Momma Dee doesn't believe it at first, but wants to give Scrappy a chance to speak his peace. Then, Bambi & Scrappy show up to her showcase, with Erica sitting in front of them. Bambi decides to not acknowledge her & Erica does the same. Momma Dee performs her single & the crowd goes crazy!! It was an amazing performance in my opinion! Then, Momma Dee pulls Scrappy & The Bam aside to address Erica's allegations. Scrappy denies it & Bambi says he's a great father. Momma Dee doesn't know what to believe but only thing she hopes is that Scrappy is paying child support, which she knows he is because he loves Emani a lot! 

Mimi, Rasheeda, Karlie, Erica & Ariane meet up to go to a painting class just to catch up since the epic reunion! They draw the man standing in front of them.  The ladies start to catch up & share their stories since the reunion. All the ladies say that Joseline had to be on drugs since she went off the rampage attacking Tammy, Mimi & Althea. Mimi announces that Stevie J is her new business partner but it's only business wise, which the ladies have their doubts that it could be pleasure-related! Mimi tells the ladies about Stevie's sperm offering. They think it's out of the ordinary completely! Then, Karlie wants Mimi to meet Jessica Dime because she doesn't have management, but when Karlie announces that she danced with Joseline, Mimi seems unpleased! The best painting comes out to be Mimi's! Her painting was grey & was a short looking stick figure! 

At the frost residence, Kirk signs a new sexy artist to the Frost Fam: Ashley Nicole! But it's not an office they work in, it's a residential apartment! Rasheeda doesn't know about this! The crazy thing is that she's flirting & getting too touchy feely with him! She kisses him & says she's so happy to be apart of the family but she wants Rasheeda to be comfortable around her. 

Stevie J arrives at Mimi's house after the drunken mess that came from him. They chat about him going off the handle, which Stevie admits to. Then, She drops a bomb on Stevie asking him that she's heard from all the blogs that he failed a drug test. Stevie says he failed one or two. Mimi thinks it's all about Ms. Joseline! Then, Mimi brings up Nikko & tells Stevie first about a BOOK deal that she made with Nikko because of the sex-tape! He owns 25% of it! Mimi says that He & their daughter are in the book also! Stevie says that he will not allow Nikko eat off Him, Mimi or and his daughter. He wants to settle it with Nikko, but Mimi doesn't want any issues. Stevie walks out abruptly & Mimi looks scared/disgusted because she wishes she never told him about it. 

Next up, we introduce Nikko's wife Margo Simms to the cast! She meets him in the park to talk with him about what been going on & how he back stabbed her with the sex-tape. She breaks down & says that she made music everyday, & Nikko wasn't there for her! She feels back-stabbed by him for not owning up to planning the sex-tape! Nikko admits to planning the sex tape with Mimi, which Margo knew all along! 

Now since Stevie J wasn't impressed with Tiffany Foxx's first performance, Mimi invites Rasheeda & Karlie to another showcase, but this time it's more people then last time! While sitting there, Stevie J starts flirting with Mimi & acting belligerent, since he's been taking shots back to back! Tiffany comes out on stage, while Stevie continues to act a fool, which includes asking the bartender for another drink, & shouting. Tiffany tells him to stop but he continues. Mimi looks fed up & Stevie J leaves.

The next day, Mimi decides to do a photoshoot, with the help of Dawn! Next thing you know, Nikko walks in, with the disappointment frown of Mimi! He tells her she looks great but he's not there for love! Their relationship is done but Nikko wants something else! Mimi had wrote a book and he owns 25% of it because they have a deal together ever since the sex-tape! Nikko says that Mimi has to tell him her every move, but she disagrees. The two start arguing & slanging insults at each-other, which makes Nikko walk out of the Photoshoot session! 

Last up, Stevie J & Nikko meet up to discuss the book deal. Off the rip, they start slinging insults about not paying child support, taking wives away from each-other & much more! Stevie says that Nikko will not eat off him or his family in the book but if he does, he will leak some shit that Nikko wants nobody to know about! Stevie tells Nikko to stop bringing his daughter up, but when Nikko says that the sex-tape is benefiting Eva, All hell breaks loose when Stevie charges Nikko! The full fight wasn't show because it's a "To be continued" & that's how the episode ends off! 

This was a great way to start the Premiere & the rest of the season looks amazing! Joseline was getting herself together this episode & may be returning next week! Ever since the reunion rampage, it has been confirmed that she has been suspended 4 episodes! We shall see! Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta is officially back! Tune in every Monday at 8/7c only on VH1! 


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