Thursday, April 16, 2015

RHONY: (Season 7), Episode 2 RECAP! New House, Old Grudges!

On this week episode of the Real housewives of New York, Sonja meets Dorinda, Luann shows the ladies her old house,Her & Ramona clear the air + Ramona & Bethenny square off! 

So, The episode started with Heather & Carole getting into a limo to get to Luann's. Heather brings her literature, which Carole brings her delicious coffee! They start talking about Ramona's sitaution with Mario & how she needs to lighten up & stop hiding her feelings, & about Sonja needs to come back down to reality & stop bullshitting all the time. 

Meanwhile, Ramona shows Dorinda her house. Ramona brings her dog Coco inside the house as well because she took her in the car. Ramona announces that she has had that house for since when her daughter Averey was 7 years old! Dorinda says that she heard about Ramona & Mario's marriage issues in the press but never believed them. Ramona says that Dorinda has a house in the Berkshires, & She has one in the Hamptons (for the 5000th time). The two sit down & talk about how Sonja can't have a full blown deep conversation. Dorinda thinks it's denial but says she's not going to make assumptions because she has never met Sonja & she's only going off by Ramona's mouth. 

Luann hosts a estate auction sale, which Heather & Carole arrive there first! The selections of stuff being auctioned are: Television sets, Railings, paintings & more! Luann says that she feels weird with people going through 18 years old stuff! Luann's house is being torn down now & she's sad about it but wants to get out of it! 

The episode switches to Queen Bethenny, where she talks to her Assistant about pros & cons about having office space/living space. Bethenny announces that she lives in her car & hotels ever since her husband took over her old house. Her assistant says that she needs to separate the time/two of them because now that Brin is older, she needs to have time for basically working & living space. Bethenny says she exhausted due to the issues of living + her skinny book brand, which she owns 100% of it. She just wants everything to be handled but it doesn't look like it's happening overnight! 

Dorinda & Ramona visit Luann's estate sale but they walk in, as soon as Heather, Luann, & Carole walk into the back! What a coincidence! They start looking around when Carole, Luann & Heather walk in & greet themselves to Dorinda & Ramona. Dorinda introduces herself & the girls they start communicating & reliving old memories. Dorinda & Heather have made a friendship but haven't grown up together. the conversation goes good, but gets better when shockingly, Ramona pulls Luann aside & apologizes for being mean to her in the past! Also, Ramona says that she wishes she had never judged Luann on her past because she doesn't know what that situation feels like until she was in it. Then, They play a flashback about Ramona bashing Luann in the past about her being married for 18 years & rubbing it in her face. Ramona & Luann hug it out but Luann says: I can forgive but never forget but she's moving on to see what's coming in the future. 

Ramona & Dorinda are chatting it up in Ramona's house but it gets more chatty when Sonja comes in the room! Dorinda thinks that Sonja came very strong right off the bat, but they meet each-other & hug finally. Sonja looked really pretty To be honest in my opinion! She has her nice little wear in her own style! That's also why I love Sonja! She's so classy & dresses beautifully. Although, Sonja starts talking so much in seconds which starts to annoy Dorinda. Ramona tells Sonja that she's sleeping downstairs & giving Dorinda the nice room. Sonja gets offended but brushes it off. 

Meanwhile in the Hamptons house by Luann's, Heather, & Carole wake up & wait for Luann to get up. Kristen arrives, while Luann gets up & Luann's chef starts making them breakfast. Carole's little self starts to flirt with the Chef (mind you he's young!) The ladies start discussing Ramona's motives behind her apology. Heather thinks Ramona is humble but wants to know her motives. She calls Ramona a "mob Wife" & she was living in denial that Mario was with another girl. Everyone agrees & the convo stops there. 

Ramona, Sonja & Dorinda go out for Brunch & Dorinda starts talking more deep to Sonja, as to meet her. Sonja offends Ramona by saying she dresses kind of slutty, & Ramona gets upset. While the waiter takes the menu's back, Sonja extends her hand to shake her hand. Sonja upsets Ramona again because she brings up Mario, which Ramoma hates talking about! Sonja calls Ramona "italian" & then Dorinda jumps in to defend Sonja & Ramona ends the conversation when Sonja's sister arrives at the dinner. Sonja's sister asks about Luann's party, & all the girls are going. They start talking about Bethenny & if she's going to nice or evil. 

Luann starts setting up her party & getting food ready. Carole, Heather, Kristen & Luann go on the patio & start talking & that's when Dorinda & Sonja arrive! Sonja & Luann hug, & Dorinda says that she's been knowing Luann since 7 years. Sonja also hugs the other ladies even she had issues with them. Sonja starts to become a warm fuzzy jellybean & putting the past behind her & just wants to have a good time for Luann. Heather says that she's not worried because she's coming out of the bag! Sonja pulls out Vodka out of her purse, which stuns Luann. 

Bethenny arrives on the scene & kinda gets the cold shoulder but that's stops. Bethenny hugs the other ladies but it's awkward because people don't look like they want to see her, but it's shocking because everyone is smiling to see her though! Bethenny starts talking to the other ladies & doing some catching up! Bethenny shows her burn marks to Carole. The ladies start sitting on Luann's couch & talk but that's when Queen Ramona walks in! Bethenny looks shocked to see her, but they hug & start talking! Ramona sits down & communicates more with Bethenny + Catch up since B's departure from the show. Heather makes a comment about how Bethenny should buy Luann something because Luann introduced Bethenny to the skinny girl book. Ramona makes a dig that Bethenny "gets around with men! Basically stating the she's a prosititute". Bethenny gets offended but changes the topic to ask when's the last time any of the ladies had  sex but Ramona gets offended because she hates talking about Mario! The ladies start making plans about where they want to hang out but Bethenny doesn't want to do anything big. Bethenny says that Sonja is coming to her house & Ramona says NO she's not. Bethenny says that Ramona wants it to be all about her & Ramona feels like B is taking guests away from her. Bethenny wants to have a brunch which gets her upset again. Bethenny gets disgusted & walks away with Luann following her. Luann follows her out because she's lost at what happened. Bethenny starts telling her what happened but that's when..................

Ramona walks outside & they start arguing. Bethenny says that she doesn't want to be around Ramona because her energy is sad. They start going back & forth about who's coming to who's for brunch & it's not a big deal to Bethenny, but it really is to Ramona. The two leave on kinda OK/ good terms & the episode ends like that! 

Next episode gets intense! Former Housewife: Kelly Bensimon arrives to Luann's pleasure, it's great but to Bethenny's pleasure, it's not good after all!  

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