Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Weekly Recap! RHOBH: (Season 5), Reunion Part 3!

On the week's finale of the Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Reunion, it included a shocking revelation of threatening text messages from Lisa Rinna to Kim + Kim's dog biting Kyle's daughter gets addressed & more! 
      Who had the dirtiest mouth? 

So the conclusion of the reunion, started with Andy announcing who had the dirtiest mouth! But first,They show clips of the "Cunalingus" & Lisa V' using the word Pussy a lot. Andy, then asks Elieen: When you first met everyone, who do you think had the dirtiest mouth? Elieen immediately says: Brandi. Rinna says that she has no problem with bad manual at all & she's shocked that Elieen said Brandi had the dirtiest mouth more then her! Brandi then forces Elieen to give her a reason why she had picked her for the dirtiest mouth. Elieen says that Brandi says things more graphic then just cursing. Andy answers a fan question & asks Lisa Vanderpump: How do you get away with talking about "pick pussy bows" & blowjobs? Does the accent hide the mouth? Vanderpump says it's not a big deal because she was used to calling that when she was younger, & lived in England. Kyle says that She hates the word Pussy, which leads to Vanderpump making purs like a cat, which grosses Kyle out! It was pretty funny. Kyle says that she hates it overall because she was never raised that way.  Andy asks Rinna about her "sitaution down there about shaving?" Rinna says that Harry doesn't get his way down there without her shaving". Andy announces that lots of people asked about Brandi's kiss with the moving guy Jake. Brandi says that she has went on a few dates with him and he's really great in bed. Andy announcing that he's 46 (older then Brandi) & that he dates 23 year olds. He then announces that Lisa Rinna had the dirtiest mouth! Rinna says that has gotten many lectures from her husband, just by watching the episodes & he says that she has to drop the bad language. Then, Andy asks Brandi about how does she feel about her F Bomb Crown being taken? Brandi says: Congratufuckinglations". Rinna responds & says: Thank you! I will put a crown on my 20 year old HairDue, (Due to Brandi's dig earlier in the first part). 

       Lisa Rinna & Kim battle it out! 

Andy brings the room down by bringing up that Rinna & Kim never solved their issues. Andy asks if they have talked since the finale? Kim says no but yes, & that she receive threatening messages after the finale wrapped up filming! verbatim: Be very careful or I will fuck you up. You be nice to your sister, & you believe her. Brandi is not telling the truth, & in that order. Thanks! Then The next day, She says; Your behavior and the way you treat people is not okay, you are nasty & need to be stopped now. Kim says she felt very frightened. Rinna says that she sent the messages because she wasn't done with Kim after the Amsterdam drama & that she has an issue with people telling her not to tell her feelings and shut up (which Kim tells Rinna every time!) Rinna starts crying as she was sorry because she was shut down a lot by her father when she was younger. Kim makes a mean comment saying; "Oh, she's crying now". Lisa Rinna & Kim start battling out with words, but it gets more worse when Brandi jumps in, which leads to Rinna telling Brandi off & Elieen going over to hug Rinna because she feels sorry that she's crying. Elieen & Kim start arguing because Kim keeps bashing Rinna for the messages & Elieen says you should forgive her because she said she was sorry! Get over yourself! Rinna says sorry herself, which leads to Kim shockingly walking over to Rinna & hugging her! 

  Andy brings up Amsterdam events! + Kyle, Kim, Lisa Rinna & Brandi battle it out!  

Andy brings up the Space-cake in Amsterdam. The ladies say they didn't want to eat it because they have children. & one day their children will see that. Brandi & Kyle start arguing because Brandi says that Kyle acts like she's: Hollier then thou. Brandi calls Kyle a hypocrite because Kyle won't accept the fact that she smokes pot, but she blames other for wrong actions. Kyle admits that she smoked it 1 time. Andy lightens up the moment by saying he smoked it once. Brandi tells Kyle to go fuck herself because Kyle told her to shut up, & let her talk. Andy tries to stop the situation by bringing Kim up in it. Brandi says but if that was Kim eating the space-cake, it would be a big deal but Kyle won't own up to issues of herself but others. Kim says that she's not struggling with her sobriety & doesn't appreciate conversations are had behind her back, without her knowledge. Kyle brings up the fact that Brandi talked crap about Kim to her friend Jennifer. Also, Kyle brings up the fact that Brandi talked shit to Rinna about Kim also but Brandi denies it & that's when Andy puts a pin in the conversation! 

Kim & Kyle's issues this season get brought up! 

Andy asks Kyle about what happened with her situation with Brandi because they were cool. Kyle thinks that Brandi puts bugs in Kim's ear to hate her'! Kyle & Kim start having an heated conversation & Kim says that she's not going into issues that happened that led up to their huge break in their relationship. Kyle brings up that something happened on Halloween. Andy digs deeper in what happened & it happened to be that Kim's dog Kingsley bit Kyle's daughter! Kyle's daughter almost lost her hand! Kim says that Kyle posted it publicly because Kyle wanted to gain Instsgram followers. The 2 start going head-to-head about the Dog Kingsley & how Kyle is lying. Kyle admits that that's the reason why the have been not speaking is because the Dog. It's been getting worse. Kim says that the dog is with a Trainor & is getting trained, which shocks everybody. Andy says that he loves Kinsley & loves seeing him on the show. Kim starts crying about her EX Husband & all her issues she has, is off limits & wants Andy to drop the conversation. Rinna jumps in to make Kim tell the truth but Kim goes back at her & tells her to stop. Kim says she has a great relationship with her other sister, Kathy (Kyle has issues with her too). Kyle says she loves Kim as her sister but as a person, she dislikes her. Kim agrees & Kyle looks in disbelief. 

The conversation picks up again & Rinna says that Kyle is being abused by Kim. Elieen jumps in & says that she feels really bad about the situation & it's scary
To watch, especially when it was brought into her house (when Kim took the pull & was acting crazy). The "intervention" comment is brought up & Brandi puts all the blame on Rinna, & Rinna puts it on Brandi. Kim thinks Kyle deserves an apology from her, but not at this moment. Kim shades Rinna & Rinna claims that she's only tried sticking up for her the whole season & was trying to help her sobriety issues. Andy brings up the conversation in Palm Springs: Kyle stole Kim's house. Kim tells Andy to drop it & Kim tells that everyone needs to stop jumping in her & her sisters' fight. Vanderpump says that the two need to take a big break, but they need to be at each-other's special events. Brandi claims she wants the sisters to make up & she's done with helping or being the mediator because it's bat shit crazy. 

As the housewives final moments come to play, Kyle says she's sad that her & Kim don't get along & she gets emotional & says she wishes everyone the best, especially Brandi & Kim. Andy asks Brandi how does she feel now leaving this reunion? Brandi says she wants the sisters to make up & be together. She doesn't want to break up a home & Kyle accepts that. Elieen says that the whole season was epic & she has to take a while to process everything. She says that she may come back but it's too be continued. Rinna says her last words about being happy that she did the housewives because she's learned a lot. Vanderpump says it's been a great year & Andy sums this reunion up by being the Intense reunion ever! Andy smirks that there will be more Beverly Hills to come! 

Welp, it was a amazing season & epic 3 part reunion! Until next time! 

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