Saturday, April 18, 2015

RHOBH Drama! Kim Richards gets arrested for drunken behavior!

Recently, Kim Richards was arrested due to drunken behavior & kicking a cop! A source close to Kim told TMZ: She started to drink, become aggressive & unruly after watching her Season 5 Reunion! Read more below! 

The source also says that Kim had lots of stress before watching her reunion! Including her EX husband's illness, her daughters wedding & more! She went to her daughters' house to watch the Season 5 reunion, where she started drinking & it became worse. As everyone knows, she had major blowups during the season + the reunion! Sources also say that she could be fired from RHOBH due to her behavior! She was released & walked in public after! 

Let's pray for Kim & hope she gets the proper treatment because she does have many supporters! Season 5 was a rough season for her, but if she returns for Season 6, hopefully she gets the proper treatment & doesn't act out so crazy like this season! 

Here's the TMZ links:

More updates coming soon! 


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