Thursday, April 2, 2015

Bad Girls Club: A Star passes away!

Today, everybody got shocking news about a former Bad Girls Club: Chicago original cast member! Former cast mate Linsey Jade has died. It's confirmed that she had a issue with her lungs. Please send your condolences to Linsey's family/friends at this time. This was totally unexpected! 

Linsey's friend reported the news around 12PM this afternoon. Linsey's friend had an argument with Linsey a few days before she died & they haven't talked since. Linsey's friend reported it on her Instagram bio/A public picture she posted. Here's Linsey's friend confirming her death.

Here are some former Bad Girls sending their condolences to Linsey's family/friends!! (Rocky, Judi, Aysia, Jada, Brittany, Andrea S9, Hailey S11, + more!) 

Here's Hailey S11, Benze S11, Loren S12 & Natalie BGC4's responses to Linsey's death! 

Linsey's last moment on TV was a clip of her at the reunion. She wasn't invited but she was still apart. She was most known for getting into her altercations with Jada & Loren. I'm super shocked but then again happy because it shows the growth in all of them to pray for Linsey at this time. I hope it's not true & it CAN'T be an April fool's joke. That would be messed up. 

#RIPLinsey #BGC12 - You'll Be Missed. 🙏❤️

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