Tuesday, March 31, 2015

RHOBH: Season 5 - Reunion Part 1 Recap!

Oh boy! The #RHOBH (Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills) Reunion has just arrived & the first part was epic! Here's my recap/opinions on Part 1! 

           Reunion Part 1 

The episode started off with Andy introducing the ladies this season. Andy goes in to ask how everyone is doing, like always. Andy calls out that this show is NOT like Elieen's show: The Young & The Restless. Elieen says "No, it's definitely more dramatic!". Andy goes to ask how Yolanda is doing & how she will have limited time this reunion due to her Lyme Diesase. 

Andy answers a fan question regarding Kim. The question asked: I loved seeing you on Revenge, will we seeing more? Kim answers: Maybe. Then, another one asked about rumors about Kim being in Sharknado: 3! Kim hints that she might be but she says "maybe" & smirks. Andy goes to Elieen and answers another fan question: How does Vince (Her Husband) feel about being on TV? Elieen says: He is who he is & that was him peeking in the garage window when Brandi & Kyle had their altercation. Kyle thought that it was production until a twitter Fan told her that it was him. Then, Andy asks Elieen about how much money she spends. Elieen says around 100k but they lost that same amount. 

Andy asks Lisa Vanderpump & Kyle about how former Beverly Hills Housewife Camille made out with a German Prince at the finale party. The ladies say that she's NOT a German Princess & she's in her palace. Brandi says that she thought he was Gay. Kyle jumps in and says just because He made out with a lady doesn't mean he's not gay! 

It's Brandi's turn to answer questions from fans and the questions happened to be about her appearance on: Celebrity Apprentice. Andy says to Brandi: Now that everyone has seen  you on Celebrity Apprentice, Can you answer: Is Donald Trumps' hair real? The answer is yes because he does the "Slick back" and a "cone forward". Andy asked Brandi the last question and that was: Is there any love lost between you and Kenya Moore?  Brandi answers & says: No & she describes her as Smart, Crazy & Evil. 

Andy asked Brandi how her father is doing and Brandi says that he's doing very good since the last time she talked about it! Also, Brandi said to her father may need one more surgery to heal everything up for good. 

Andy even goes into much deeper topic and asked how Brandi is doing with Kim and Brandi says that she is doing good and still friends with Kim. But on the other hand, Kyle and Kim haven't spoken for three months! Kim says that she hopes that they could make up but she's very happy in her life where she is right now. Kim says that she does miss Kyle but the other ladies ruined their sistership by getting involved. Kyle calls out how Brandi got involved but Kim didn't confront her about that. Kyle says that time heals all wounds and hopefully they can make amends. 

The ladies take a look back at how every time Yolanda used to set up something nice, The Ladies used to ruin it with their bickering constantly. Lisa Vanderpump says that Yolanda always gives Brandi a pass when she's wrong. Yolanda said that it's very easy to just kick Brandi to the curb like she's a bag of trash but She's not going to let her be the outsider of the group because she belongs here too. Lisa Vanderpump gives an example to win Brandi low-blowed Yolanda's daughter and then it turned silence! Everybody starts to go after Brandi and said that she's an angry drunk. Brandi says that the reason why she was acting out this season was because of her usage of alcohol and Lisa Vanderpump doesn't buy it one bit! 

Andy brings up how Yolanda's daughter is the most hottest model in the world. Yolanda says that she's very proud of her daughter and she's going out for a walk tonight in Tom Ford also. Andy then asked Yolanda: How is the update with your Lyme disease? Yolanda starts crying getting emotional & says that her brain needs some rest and it's very sad that she's going through this! Andy said that: Since you have limited time doing this reunion, Is there anything she would like to say before she goes
Yolanda says that she wishes everyone the best and hopes that everyone who has problems can make amends. The ladies hug Yolanda and she departs'. 

Andy brings up Lisa Rinna coming on this season as a new housewife. Andy brings up how are Rinna's parents doing? Rinna responds & says: Her mother is doing great but her father is in the hospital what pneumonia. Rinna says one thing She learned this season is to not judge other people as soon as she did! 

Andy brings up how Lisa Rinna said that she always responds "yes" to new advertisements that she's welcome to do. Kim gets up out of her seat and twirls and talks in a sarcastic voice about Lisa Rinna and says "Hi I'm Lisa Rinna" & she chuckles. Lisa Rinna and Kim start   arguing a little bit after Kim says that she has more pride than Lisa! But then they simmer down. Vanderpump says that Rinna can be a people pleaser sometimes cause she's so sweet. 

Andy asks Lisa Rinna about her eating disorder this season. Lisa Rinna says that she lost a few pounds after her father got diagnosed with pneumonia. Brandi shows how she feels about the situation and Lisa Rinna and her start arguing because apparently, Brandi sent Rinna a text message saying that she's an "anorexic old hag". Brandi denies the allegation and they move on. 

Vanderpump & Glanville discuss their friendship in the beginning of the season/year and how it was good until  Brandi turned physical towards the end of the season. 

Kyle & Brandi get into a heated conversation because Kyle thinks Brandi take things way too far sometimes! Kyle & Brandi start throwing insults back at each-other like crazy! Vanderpump comments on  how she feels about Brandi's behavior and she says that Brandi gets really out of control sometimes and she shouldn't turn physical because of alcohol. Then, Brandi calls Kyle: A f*cking c*nt. 

Brandi & Lisa also discuss Brandi's Boy Toy Andre this season. Vanderpump says that she knows Andre from her son Max. Brandi says out of nowhere that: She fuck*d Andre & it was amazing. Brandi thinks that Lisa is jealous because he wouldn't fuc* her! Everyone thinks she has a disgraceful mouth & Lisa Calls Brandi "disgusting" & Brandi says; Lisa, no you are disgusting. 

Andy also agrees that Brandi takes it too far & Brandi goes off at Andy. Andy compares Brandi's physical actions as a person playing with a dog until they bite you. Then, Andy apologizes & Brandi tells him to go fuck himself. 

Kyle & Brandi start arguing over petty stuff again & Brandi says; I wish I can punch Kyle right now because I think about it everyday. Andy asks Brandi & Vanderpump what the future holds for them & they both say that they're NOT interested. Lisa says that she is not interested in a friendship that includes: Slapping each other & Apologizing! 

Until next week! The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Reunion: Part 2 is back next Tuesday! Stay tuned! 

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