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Real World Skeletons: Sylvia Estrode interview! + A little surprise at the end!

Recently, I did my very first interview AKA - Q & A with the beautiful Sylvia Estrode from Real World Skeletons! She talked about the Madison fight, Violetta, Bruno, The blowout with her & Tony's ex & more!

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First question: Who did you click with first in the house?" 
Sylvia: I Immediately clicked with Violetta & Tony. 

You and Violetta had a close bond from jump! It also seems like you had each-other's back during any situation that happened. Am I right?
Sylvia: "Violetta and I will always be sisters from another mister. For some reason we just balanced eachother out. But don't get me wrong V and I go at it every now and then but that'll never change how much I love her.  

Did you have feelings for Bruno more then a friend?
Sylvia: Of course I did! He was always so comforting, he liked to joke around, & the looks were of course a plus! 

Did you have a clue about the skeletons moving in due to Real World Explosion? 
Sylvia: I think we all had the idea in the back of our heads. But we didn't want it to effect our time in Chicago so we tried to push the idea to the side. But they started to roll in & all hell starting to break loose! 

Why did you & Madison start clashing in the beginning? I really didn't understand about the beer tab thingy so can you explain in depth about what happened? 
Sylvia: For me I've always paid my own way. I never had anything handed to me. So when I go out I'm always prepared for the worst. I was pissed bc for one she only offered 50 dollars that's it not even to put more in when we got back to the house. In my eyes she had already try to play in the cute girl who doesn't have to pay so I wasn't having it. 

Now, how did you feel about the whole Violetta & Jason argument?
Sylvia: Hell with that argument I had no idea it even happened. I don't even know where I was, But I know V at first people didn't really understand her but everyone eventually loved her. J felt awful about the argument. 

Were you there when Violetta & Tony were arguing? 
Sylvia: Unmm I was there but not really "there" lmao! That was the exact night I peed in the confessional hahah. 

How did you feel when Alicia moved in? What week approximately did she arrive?
Sylvia: Gosh I'd have to say the skeletons didn't arrive until we'd been in the house for atleast a month and a half. For me I was pissed but I felt like I handled to the best of my abilities I feel bad for saying something about her weight. That's one thing I do not like is commenting on someone's appearance bc I know it's the only thing that will stick in someone's head and I never want to hurt someone like that. 

We're you ok with Violetta not being cordial with her? Or did you tell V that it was wrong?
Sylvia: Of course I was okay with it. She immediately came into the house talking trash about me maybe if she approached it in a different way, Things would have been different.

*I asked her a side question & asked her if her & Alicia are on speaking terms as of now & she said nope! She rather go on with her life without her* 

Before Tonys exes moved in, Nicole & Jason had a huge argument. How did you feel about the argument?
Sylvia: Well obviously, I come from a very abusive past relationship so when a man raises his voice at a woman I do NOT AGREE with it but they talked it out and that made me happy. 

How did you feel about the whole Tony & his exes moving in? Did you like Elizabeth or Alyssa better? 
Sylvia: I didn't like Princess from the moment she walked in. I could tell she has this already don't want anything to do with us attitude. I liked Alyssa better due to positive energy & vibes. 

*She admitted that she flipped out on Princess & threw all her down stairs because her loyalty was with Madison & she & Madison already established a friendship so she would have had her back regardless (just like she would have the other roommates' back)

Did MTV cut the argument between you & Bruno out? Or is this later in the season? When you said "I'll never fucking talk to you again, don't even fucking worry about it"
Sylvia: That's later in the season! They will show it. Just stay tuned! 

Final Question (for this interview) -  I know they haven't aired the Madison fight until Tuesday, but how do you think MTV will put it? I know you didn't jump but how do you think they will portray it? 
Sylvia: She answered & said "I'm not sure how it will look I guess that'll be a shock for all of us. I didn't "Jump her. I saw her on Violetta & I pulled her hair to get her off because I would jump in for any of my friends, especially when somebody attacks them. 

Our second interview will be happen in the near future! It was so fun talking to Sylvia & she's a really sweet person to chat with! 

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