Monday, January 26, 2015

Mob Wives Tea: What's to come the rest of the season!

This Wednesday, 8/7c on VH1 will be the EPIC SHOWDOWN Round 2 fight between Natalie & Karen because Natalie talked about how Karen is a "deadbeat" mother! In the extended preview, Renee & Karen are telling Natalie how her mouth & actions are out of control! Natalie then says "If youse can handle it, come at me!" Karen gets up, flips the table & gets a grip on Natalie's hair & drags her out of her seat. Natalie had Karen's hair in a grip too but Karen dragged her hair down! The table was flipped & Natalie's chair was flipped upside down! Natalie & Karen's beef has been going on since another Social Media beef that happened after filming wrapped with Season 4! 

I also got info the old member Carla Facciolo may be returning for guest appearances on Season 5! She took many pictures around the time Season 5 almost aired with Renee & Karen but quickly took the pics down. 

Season 4 retired cast member Alicia Garofalo will be returning for Natalie but Guest appearances only! Natalie & Alicia BOTH confirmed it too! 

Even more juicy tea: New Girl Natalie D has beef with Natalie G. & it's playing out throughout the show! The 2 Natalie's will come face to face at the reunion (which hasn't been filmed yet I believe) & boy oh boy! There will be drama! We are already on episode 7 & there is MORE beef to come between the Natalie's, Karen & Natalie, & Renee & Natalie! They ALL are even beefing through Social Media while the show airs live on Wednesdays. 

We have LOTS to look forward to! VH1 definitely did not show all the fights this season in the trailer so hopefully, there are some hidden brutal fights! We have the reunion coming up in a few months too! 

What do you think about Carla & Alicia's rumored appearances?! What about Karen & Natalie's EXPLOSIVE brawl on Wednesday?! Can't wait!! 

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