Friday, September 9, 2016

#RHOC Kelly Dodd Speaks On Scary Dune Buggy Accident In Bravo Blog: Says 'Mehgan King Edmonds' "Showed No Sympathy"

In the recent episode of the 'Real Housewives Of Orange County', We witnessed the scary Dune Buggy Accident, that took place in Glamis, earlier this year while filming. It all started when Tamra Judge lost control of the ATV, & it flipped a couple of times. Heather Dubrow & Kelly Dodd were also present in the car, but it got serious when Vicki was airlifted out & Tamra was sent to the hospital! 

In her recent Bravo Blog: Kelly opened up about the scary accident: 

She says:

"When the dust literally settled I was in shock, a little freaked out, and felt blessed that I was okay. My attention immediately turned to Vicki who was badly hurt and clearly struggling. Tamra and Vicki were laid out being attended to by the EMTs for what seemed like a long time. To the EMT’s credit, they did a fabulous job and were extremely professional. I am sure their actions prevented Tamra’s and Vicki’s injuries from being exacerbated. A huge thank you to the Park Rangers, EMTs, and Evolution support staff. "Heather too was instrumental in preventing further injuries. She was cool and calm under pressure and used her MTD [married to doctor] to full effect. Her insisting that “nobody move” and telling the first responders to keep the injured ladies helmets on was excellent advice. "Both Tamra and Vicki were in a lot of pain. Since their injuries were different it's hard to compare, but at the moment it seemed like Vicki was more severely hurt and at greater risk of spinal injury, nerve damage, concussion, internal injury, etc. Life-flighting Vicki to the trauma hospital in Palm Springs was the right decision. "

Kelly also talked about Mehgan King Edmonds' reaction when Heather called her & told her about the accident: 

"When Heather and I heard Meghan’s reaction and reluctance to go the hospital and show support for Vicki (of course would have meant disrupting her golf game) we were beside ourselves in disbelief. As much as I at times have detested Shannon for (in my opinion her) setting me up, I would absolutely help her in any way I could if she was injured and hospitalized (I pray this never happens). I would do that in an instant. " In her blog last week, Meghan told everyone I need to be more self-aware and empathize with another person’s perspective. How absolutely ironic that when, Meghan should have shown empathy for someone, she proves that she has none!".

(Read more of Kelly's blog here

Im happy that all of the ladies are OK now! Tune in on Monday for an all new episode of 'RHOC' where friendships are tested after the accident! 

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