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EXCLUSIVE: LeeAnne Locken Talks 'Real Housewives Of Dallas' & Possibility Of A Season 2!

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Recently, I had the opportunity to interview 'Real Housewives Of Dallas' Star, LeeAnne Locken, where she talked 'RHOD' Drama, Possibly a second season, & more!

Q1: What made you do the show? 

LeeAnne: I decided to sign on because in the beginning we were told that this would be a show about charity and the non-profit world and I wanted a chance to highlight some of the organizations that I love to help.

Q2: What started your issues with Brandi on the show?

LeeAnne: What started my “issues’ with Brandi was never shown on the show! The she sat down in the very first episode to chat with me on the sofa, the FIRST words out of her mouth were, “I think you are so selfish for sharing your story of being molested as a child”. As a human being who spends every day trying to help and offer compassion to others, I simply could understand her or that statement and felt I was owed/due an apology, which I never got.

Q3: At Marie's party, What was going through your head when the craziness went down?

LeeAnne: I was so tired of being the ONLY one that EVERYONE picked on! I lost my ever loving mind and had enough! Stephanie put herself in the line of fire by being a little b*tch and calling me “classy”. Ask for the argument to brought to you and I will happily oblige! With Tiffany, I knew exactly what I was doing and wanted to rile her up so I wasn’t the ONLY EMOTIONAL one in the bunch! Nuff said!

Q4: Where do you stand now with the
ladies, now that Season 1 has wrapped?

LeeAnne: After the Reunion, I truly thought that we would all start the next season with a FRESH start! So let me take them one by one- Marie doesn’t exist to me. She continues to pay people to “destroy” me and Tiffany on social media and then lie about it! #DONE Cary- I am hoping to get some time to actually get to know her. Neither one of us took the time during Season 1 to truly get to know each other and that came out at the reunion. Brandi- I have had some fun times with Brandi since the show wrapped up and I hoping to continue on that path with her. Stephanie- has done some incredibly mean spirited interviews and every one she seems to enjoy talking crap about me. I don’t think she is going to like my attitude towards her in Season 2 IF she gets asked back.

Q5: What were your thoughts on Cary & Mark accusing you of spreading lies about their marriage? 

LeeAnne: It’s common knowledge in the town and not gossip. I admitted to saying it on camera and frankly I’m done with the conversation.

Q6: In one word, How would you describe Cary? 

LeeAnne: Machiavellian.

Q7: In one word, Describe Marie & Brandi: 

LeeAnne: Marie- LIAR & Psychopath
Brandi- Funny & Young

Q8: What have you learned from doing the Housewives experience?

LeeAnne: This is my 3rd reality show. With each one I can see where I have grown in life and where I still need improvement. I am work in progress! Aren’t we all?

Q9: How would you describe your first reunion?

LeeAnne: Boring. 

Last Question: Do you think RHOD will be renewed for Season 2? 

LeeAnne: Yes! 

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Lets pray there will be a RHOD Season 2.. Follow me on twitter @JayBGCBlog for more reality tv! 

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