Saturday, January 30, 2016

'Bad Girls Club' Season 15 Reunion Films! See Pics, Fights, and Tweets HERE:

It's about that time! The 'Bad Girls Club' sisters of Season 15 came together this past Wednesday to settle their beef, at the reunion, and it was very crazy! 


Hanan, Susu, Jaz and Jaimee: 

Allison (Part Of Millionaires): 

Asia, Amber, Dime, Angela, Melissa, Allison, and Kristina: 

Liv, Jaz, and Hanan: 

Jaz and Hanan: 

Melissa and Angela:

(The only pairs that did NOT show for the reunion were orginals: Jess and Anna, and Ghost Twins: Victoria and Amanda). 


• Jaz vs Melissa (Almost) 
• Sisters: Dime vs Liv (Confirmed)
• Angela vs Jaimee (Confirmed) 
• Kristina vs Jaz (Bloody Fight) 
• Olivia apperantly got jumped by her sister, and Asia. 
• Hanan/Susu vs Kristina (Confirmed)


'Bad Girls Club' Season 15 Premieres March 15th at 8/7c. 

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