Thursday, October 8, 2015

Miss Nikki Baby Files A Restraining Order Against Mally Mall After He Allegedly Blackmailed Her With Other Sex Tapes Of Them!

The drama between Miss Nikki Baby and Ex Mally Mall is still going on! After a sex-tape snippet leaked between the two of them, Nikki blamed Mally, but Mally claimed his iCloud, Gmail, and his other accounts were hacked by a random hacker, but Nikki Baby was not buying it, and said she will be taking legal action! 

But now TMZ Reports claim that Mally Has been blackmailing her other sex tapes, of the two of them, and before he supposedly "leaked" the first sex tape snippet, he said: "I will expose her Dirty P*ssy if you don't stop being a b*tch!".

TMZ also reports that Nikki wanted a restraining order and how he was violent to her, broke her phone and her nose a couple of times, and was suicidal toward himself: 

"Mudarris makes the accusations in her request for a restraining order against Mally Mall. In the docs, she also says he's threatened to kill himself. As for violence against her ... Mudarris says Mally injured her nose back in February, and has destroyed her phones multiple times. Nikki seems to fear Mally's exotic pets, because when asked about any weapons he might own -- she points out his collection of wild animals and snakes."

TMZ exclusively then reported how A Judge took the restraining order into consideration, and Mally Mall IS TO STAY 100 Yards away from Nikki! Let's see how this plays out! 

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