Friday, October 2, 2015

Couples Therapy Official Season 6 Trailer Releases: Joe Budden vs Janice Dickinson! Watch Here...

VH1 has released an extended trailer of Couples Therapy's Sixth Season, which airs Next Wednesday on VH1 and it looks explosive! This season's' cast couples are: 

 Joe Budden and Kaylin Garcia (Love and Hip Hop New York)

• (Jaclyn) And Scott (Singer and Leader of Creed) 

• Big Ang And Neil Murphy (Mob Wives) 

• Carmen Carrera And Adam: (Actress/Transgender - and Model)

• Janice Dickinson And (Rocky: (Supermodel) 

In the trailer, There were many drama scenes but one part was Joe Budden's rumored violent attacks on women and His Girlfriend: Kaylin Garcia confronts him on it! Another scene was an EPIC confrontation between Janice Dickison and Budden, leading to a chair getting thrown! #WHOA! 

Take a look at the extended Couples Therapy trailer, airing Next Wednesday at 10/9c On VH1

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