Wednesday, September 30, 2015

'#LHHH' Tea! Jason Lee Apologizes To Hazel E On Facebook For Throwing A Drink In Her Face!

In the latest episode of 'Love and Hip Hop Hollywood' season 2, which aired this past Monday, and we saw Blogger Jason Lee make a few tea-spilling appearances, but his intense altercation with Hazel E was the most jaw dropping fight of them all! 

It all started when Miss Nikki Baby invited Jason and Hazel to chit chat about them possibly helping her spread the word about her Lingerie Line. Once the two came face to face, insults started flying, but then a drink flew, but before that, Jason threw a claim out how Hazel was homeless, NOT a Hollywood publicist and she was a fraud. Hazel claimed that Jason is "Hollywood Fake" and how he was talking trash about her because he never appeared on a famous blog, and long story short, Jason threw a fresh Ciroc drink on Hazel, walked away, and yelled: "EAT THAT B*TCH!". 

Even though Hazel E quit the show, Jason took the Facebook after Monday night's episode, stating that He Sincerely apologizes to Hazel for throwing a drink on her, and hopes the two can own up to their mistakes at the reunion, which films very soon. It's still unknown whether Hazel will attend her final piece of the show, even though she IS featured throughout the rest on the season: 


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