Monday, September 7, 2015

RHOC: (Season 10), Episode 14 RECAP: "A Storm Is Coming"

We start off Episode 14 of The Real Housewives Of Orange County with Jim And Mehgan, who are cooking, while talking about the Vicki argument that occurred at Tamra's sex party. Mehgan says that she has learned to keep Jim out of petty arguments that erupt between women. Meanwhile, Shannon and Heather meet up for lunch. Heather discusses her leechy situation that she didn't know she could bleed for 24 hours after the fact. Shannon brings up the Vicki and Mehgan altercation and fills Heather in on the accusations and insults that Vicki made. Heather responds with an "O-M-G" facial expression and says she doesn't understand the anger behind Vicki. Back with Mehgan, she says that she's only concerned for Brooks' cancer and Vicki doesn't want the needed help for Brooks. Shannon says that Mehgan is still 30, and needs to make some improvements. Heather brings up the "Girl Code" issue that occurred in Tahiti and Shannon says she didn't mean to say it in a bad way. Heather says she believes Shannon and values their newly lovely friendship. Mehgan informs Jim that she has called a doctor because she has found a lump until her arm and is scared because Breast Cancer runs in her family. 

We catch up with Vicki, who is spending quality time with Briana, Ryan and her Grandson. They are all talking about an Oklahoma tornado warning and are thinking of where to stay if need be. Ryan comes outside and tells Vicki to stop playing with Troy and pack up everything so they can head to an shelter. Vicki starts freaking out over it and honestly, I would too! All of them go into their little safe place in their garage and Vicki's scared rant continues, and they get into the car and LEAVE! 

Tamra and Eddie meet up with a Pastor for Tamra to get baptized. Tamra reveals that she hasn't got baptized yet and she wants to. She starts talking about her custody battle with her ex husband, and how going to Church, would lighten her mood a lot. Tamra tells the Priest about the sex party + her and Eddie's sex tape, and the Priest had an confused face on... LOL! Tamra says that she did some things last year and wants to be good. The Priest says it's okay to admit your wrongs and Eddie says he's happy to be next to Tamra and will support her. Aww! 

Vicki and her crew head to a Resturant to eat and relax, minus the tornado warning. We then learn that it's Briana's birthday! Briana starts reminiscing on when she moved to Oklahoma and says that she wishes that she would move back to the OC, but she can't because of Brooks! Vicki tells Briana that it's better to be out #WhoopingItUp then sitting in a storm shelter! TRUE! 

We catch up with Mehgan and Jim and we learn that the lump she discovered is NOT breast cancer. Mehgan says the Doctor said it could be an infection. Mehgan starts talking about her family history with breast cancer, and how they never got checked, especially her mom! Mehgan calls her Mother and then tells her the news. Jim says that her family history of Cancer and them not being tested is not a big deal.. Welp. 

Heather and Terry are headed over to the beauty office (I guess that's what it's called) and are discussing their skin care line. They both come to the realization that there's is a lot at steak with this line, because they investing a lot of money and do not want to just see it turn into a failure. Heather is happy because her and Terry working together, means lots of time will be spent with each other and Terry says "no pressure". 

Shannon and David's daughters are treating them at home to a wonderful dinner, to remake for Shannon's fail birthday dinner, and to make their relationship better, and Shannon explains to them that their family is going to be re-patched and everything will come together. #TheBeadorsHaveTheScore!!! 

We catch up back with Vicki and Her Crew  (The storm has passed) and Vicki's surprise to get Briana a new car is going to be put in action right now! Briana goes outside and Vicki brags about how she will be picking the car Briana will drive. HAHA! Briana winds up picking and she picks the "U-Con EXCEL". WOOHOO!

Tamra and Eddie are having a date night and begin to discuss the Sex Party and Mehgan/Vicki's beef. Eddie says that Vicki is probably over-exaggerating about Brooks' cancer state. Tamra says she doesn't know what to believe anymore. Tamra spills the beans about helping out Ryan financially and Eddie says that he's not going to work his ass off, for a 30 year old adult. Tamra gives him a sad look and says that she wants her family close to her and Eddie says that he loves Ryan but wants the money back that Tamra owed to him, but Tamra says Ryan won't pay her back, which she wouldn't bring to Eddie's attention... ever. 

Vicki and Briana are outside talking and Vicki says she's going to leave, but Briana will be visiting OC.... and staying in a hotel. Vicki disagrees with that and Briana says that she doesn't want to move in with Vicki, only due to Brooks' presence and Vicki walks off, and demands the cameras be shut off. 

Vicki's rant continues and Briana says that Vicki is overreacting. Briana says that she isn't going to kick Brooks out of Vicki's house, due to his cancer state, and that she will definitely stay in an hotel. The cameras are still staying on their conversation but the cameras are not on on them. Briana tries to calm Vicki down, but fails, and yells at the fact that Vicki just slammed her door. 

Tune in next week to see the heated showdown between Tamra and Brooks go down! 

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