Saturday, September 12, 2015

Draya Michele Skips The 'Basketball Wives L.A' Season 4 Reunion Show

The 'Basketball Wives: LA' season 4 reunion show was taped yesterday and from what I'm hearing, It was not all that exciting! Jasmine reports that that Draya did NOT show at the reunion show but everyone else showed face. As you remember from the Basketball Wives L.A (Season 3 Reunion), Draya did not show face either (she did a separate segment with Shaunie) so it wasn't a shocker because she stopped taping after Episode 8 this season. John Salley was the host again. 

In other Reunion tea, The Jasmine Brand reports that sadly, no claws or hair pulling occurred, and the cast did not get physical, opposed to what happened last year. Mehgan claimed that Angel was an escort, Tami argued with Brandi a little bit, Brandi said her and Jason are back on track for the better, and Shaunie hinted at a Season 5 in LA NOT happening and she may re-cast the entire show! According to her source, Tami was the most entertaining member on stage, with her comebacks and shady shade! 

Here are some photos from the reunion set... Honestly, it looks very small. I wish they kept a better stage like past L.A reunion shows: (Credit: 

The 'Basketball Wives L.A' season 4 reunion is set to air in October. #StayTuned for that and tomorrow's new episode on VH1 but expect to see NO Draya...sadly. 

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