Friday, August 21, 2015

The Real Housewives Awards Are Here! Vote Here:

The Real Housewives awards are finally here and I am all here for it! There are various choices to vote from, including Best comeback, Rookie of the year, Best quote, Realest reconciliation, (etc). If you guys want to vote for anything, Vote HERE. Here are ALL the categories to chose from: 

 Best Comeback
• Rookie Of The Year 
• Best Supporting Agitator
• OMG Moment
• Most (LOL) Worthy
• Best Quote
• Realest Reconciliation 
• Most Stunning Interview Look
• Best Reunion Shocker
• Miss Congeniality 
• Lifetime Achievement Award

In my opinion, The most iconic and my favorite moment (From Reunion Shocker Category), was at the drama filled Real Housewives Of OC (Season 9) Reunion, when Tamra screamed at Vicki with her infamous line: "THAT'S MY OPINIONNNN"! 

Hurry Up and Vote and find out Monday, September 14th on Watch What Happens Live to see who wins for #RHAwards! Can't wait! 

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