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RHONY: (Season 7) Reunion Part 1 Recap

And here we are! Part 1 of 'The Real Housewives Of New York City' aired tonight, and honestly, yes catty drama resurfaced, but it was It was a great Part 1. I mean in all honesty, what would a Housewives reunion be without catty drama, right? So without further due, Let's get into part 1. 

We start off with Andy Cohen's normal welcomings to all the ladies, especially Newbie Dorinda and Kristen first, and we then learn that Heather is ending her 'Holla' tag, after 3 years, which is like Christmas to Bethenny's ears. We also learn that Carole's book deadline happens to be scheduled for October. When Andy gets to Bethenny, he welcomes her back to the show, and asks her if she ever contemplated on leaving while filming season 7, Bethenny says "yes" but the only time was when she saw LuAnn and Kelly Bensimon get miked up. Andy gets to Ramona, and tells her that he's representing her tonight, by wearing Ramona Blue. LuAnn's turn is next and Andy notices her raspy voice, and heads in to asks her the meaning of "eggs a la frachaise" and LuAnn says they are scrambled eggs, that do not get dry. Dorinda reveals that she learned that Hilary Clinton watches the show, and indeed loves her. Sonja is next and last, and she reveals that her $7 million lawsuit is all up to date, and claps follow. 

Bethenny's return is the first segment and we watch her most whiny and bitchy scenes play out... (No shade, because I LOVE Bethenny). We also see her fun times play out, but the bitchy scenes were shown above the fun ones. Bethenny admits that her bitchy behavior is comical, but admits that she was acting like a bitch most of the season. Bethenny makes a joke and says that Heather was literally inside of her, and that being called a "know it all" was accurate... LOL! Andy asks Bethenny about the difference from the old seasons, to this current season, and Bethenny explains that when Andy was asking her to return to the show after leaving (maybe for season 5), that it wasn't a good stage in her life, because of all the drama but when Andy asked her back for season 7, She was ready because she was half way drama free. Bethenny reveals she's NOT divorced yet, which has been going on for 3 years, and when Andy begins to poke for details in her personal life, Bethenny declares that deets will remain un-talked about, due to legal matters, but she does say that she has a colorful past, and it's painful to talk about. Carole steps in, and tells Andy that Bethenny is a great mom, makes the effort to talk to her daughter every day, and all Jason does is play childish head games and not answer the phone. Bethenny says that some things that she has dealt with in her past, are insane. Andy then says a viewer question: "Bethenny, why do you say you're homeless, but have houses you live in, and houses you're  renovating?". Bethenny says that it's because she goes to so many places, doesn't have a real stable place in 2 years, and stands by her comment 100%. She also clarifies that she has her own stable place now and she did NOT bash the homeless people by making comments like that.

Andy asks the ladies about what their first reactions to hearing Bethenny's return to the show. Ramona and Sonja say they were happy, and Heather drops a bomb on everyone, and accuses LuAnn of making a rude toast at her estate sale, saying she was NOT happy to see Bethenny back and toasted to taking her down. Carole and Ramona were at LuAnn's estate sale, and only Carole admits to hearing it come from LuAnn's mouth, which she clearly denies saying. Bethenny says that she believes LuAnn said that comment, but doesn't hold a grudge over it. Andy says that it seemed like Bethenny needed to warm up to the group coming back to the show, and Bethenny agrees, and says that she knew of/met everybody before coming back, but was meeting Dorinda for the first time. Carole says that Bethenny coming back to the show, brought their friendship closer, and Andy happily says he's switching gears. 

Andy brings up the Berkshires next, and reads a fan question, in regard to Heather comparing her former nanny to Bethenny's abusive childhood, which Heather denies it being in a comparison type of way, and says that it was in regard to everyone dealing with some personal sh*t in their life. Dorinda's Berkshires Birthday drama is brought up, and Bethenny says she was embarrassed of the way she lost her cool, and Heather wishes she would've backed off, and not been so pushy regarding Bethenny's food issues. Bethenny says that Heather was so on her, and Heather says she wishes she would've seen the red light to stop the pushy questions. Andy asks Heather about what was her reaction when Bethenny was being rude at that table earlier in the season, Heather says she understood the rudeness because she just didn't want to hear it. Bethenny says she wasn't interested in Kristen's sad behavior that she wasn't invited to some of her events, and Andy asks Dorinda and Kristen their perspective of being left out on some of Bethenny's events. Dorinda says she understood because they have just met, and Kristen says it was blown out of proportion, because she wasn't devastated about getting left out, she was mainly confused. Bethenny then blames Heather for twisting Kristen's words, and Heather says she didn't twist any words, and Ramona chimes in, and gangs up on Heather, siding with Bethenny. Heather says that the only reason why she told Bethenny about Kristen's 'feeling left out behavior' was because she felt like she needed to know, and Bethenny says she was just over the conversation and didn't want to hear it. 

Andy asks Bethenny about her change from bitchy to greeting during the season, and Bethenny says that she may have started the show early, and there was an expectation going into the show after leaving for a while, and Heather cuts Bethenny off, leaving Bethenny irritated, saying that Heather is way too interruptive, and Heather says she's just getting started, and Bethenny sarcastically says: "Oh great, I can't wait"... LOL AWKWARD! 

We're Back from commercial break and Ramona's Birthday Weekend is rehashed and Sonja's rude behavior of not letting the ladies into her house is the topic of discussion first. When asked about why she refused to let them in, Sonja says she talked to the ladies prior, that she couldn't let them in because she was talking to her sister, and her sisters' bestfriend died, and she couldn't leave her house, which all of the other ladies deny ever having a conversation with Sonja about that. Heather says she was so angry because Sonja wouldn't let her in and that if the situation was reversed, Heather would let any of the ladies in. Heather then says that after that incident, she came to the realization Her and Sonja are not friends, and calls Sonja a b*tch! Ouch! 

Andy reads another fan question, and it's for Dorinda, asking about her opinion on the Atlantic City trip (Ramona's birthday weekend) and Dorinda says that regarding the Limo chaos, She never experienced or witnessed drama like that, especially when they drank a lot right after. Bethenny says that Dorinda seemed very comfortable with drinking, and Dorinda denies drinking right away. Another fan question gets read by Andy, and it's about Sonja's lovey dovey kissing behavior. Andy asks the ladies who has Sonja tried making out with before, and LuAnn, Carole and Heather say that they have gotten some Sonja kissing action before. Sonja says that Carole is a "bullsh*t lesbian" and that she was flirting with her, but wasn't really feeling it. OUCH again! Andy asks Sonja if she's bisexual, and Sonja explains that only when she's drinking. Andy asks if Sonja has ever been with a woman for the long run, and Sonja says never in a relationship, only a playful drunk fun time with her lesbian friends, that she has great times with. 

Sonja's drinking is the next topic of discussion and Bethenny, along with LuAnn, say that they get very worried when she's alone, and that they worry and care for her. Bethenny then says that she was getting so frustrated and upset in Atlantic City because none of the words were getting through to Sonja. Bethenny says that Sonja changes her mood a lot of times, and it's scary. Bethenny and LuAnn say that Sonja isn't owning up to her sh*t, and Sonja gets heated and declares that she will speak because the drinking issue have been discussed all season. Sonja says that half of the ladies have an alcohol problem, and that she's not denying that she likes partying, and Bethenny says it's not worth talking about anymore because she's not understanding the point that the ladies are concerned about her. Andy asks Dorinda about when she carried Sonja to bed in AC, and Dorinda says that she was just helping her, and Sonja tries to flip the switch saying that she actually carried Dorinda to be one night, which happens to be a lie. 

Sonja's "I party with John John Kennedy" comment is brought up and Carole says although Sonja was drunk, it was inappropriate to say. Sonja says that John John was HER friend, and Carole says it's her family which is why she's upset that it was made. LuAnn jumps in, and lowblows Carole and says: "I'm glad that you're concerned about family, Carole". Heather chimes in, saying that was wrong to say, and LuAnn barks at Heather, saying that she shouldn't be Carole's guard dog. Andy diffuses the awkward dispute and Heather calls LuAnn a "bully". Sonja and Carole's conversation continues and Carole demands that Sonja should stop talking about her family. Sonja says she won't stop talking about John John because he was a great time in her life. Ramona says that Sonja lived a colorful life back then, and that Sonja can't give her old partying lifestyle up, which clearly the other ladies understand. 

The LuAnn/Carole/Adam drama is discussed and Carole reveals that she is still seeing Adam and their relationship is fun, and LuAnn rolls her eyes in response. LuAnn says that she was pissed because Adam was still dating her niece, which Carole clearly denies. LuAnn's comment of: "Keeping younger men around is okay, but to date... Come on" is brought up and LuAnn explains that what she meant was that it's just nice to have guys around to hang, not to sleep with. Carole says that LuAnn sleeps with younger men, and The Countess denies. Carole says that guy, Eric was with LuAnn and he was younger, but LuAnn says he was 30 something and doesn't date guys lower then 30 and that she's NOT sleeping with him on a daily... but she is.. sometimes. Carole says that LuAnn's Niece and Adam were NOT seeing each other in the timeline of her relationship with him, but LuAnn denies again. Carole says that LuAnn's type is Adam and LuAnn takes offense to it and says that she's pissed because Carole messed with her family. Andy asks when Carole and Adam's relationship started actually, and Carole says it was after the weekend that she spent time with LuAnn and it was 8 days after. OOOOOOOOPS! LuAnn says that in the group of girls, You do not date your friends' chef, who happens to hooking up with your friends' niece.. PREACH LuAnn! Carole shoots back and claims that LuAnn f*cks men in bathrooms, but that's not her style. Andy brings up that Carole and LuAnn's beef has heated up ALOT on Social media, and reads some of LuAnn's vicious tweets. Carole calls LuAnn desperate for tweeting all that nonsense and LuAnn claims that her and Carole WERE NEVER friends! Carole says they were friends, and LuAnn denies it. LuAnn says that the bottom line is that Carole crossed a line, and if she can't see the line is crossed, their friendship is doomed. 

Carole and LuAnn's argument continues and Carole says that she genuinely thought they were friends, and LuAnn then says that she thought they were friends... but you just said you guys were never friends... nevermind... #ConfusedMuch. LuAnn uses one of Andy's reunion cards as a fan and says she's very upset over this matter. Andy brings up that at Ramona's new beginnings party, LuAnn laughed at Carole not having kids, and LuAnn says she didn't mean it that way. Carole says she doesn't need to have kids and drops a bomb, claiming that LuAnn bangs 25 year olds, including the guy who was in the house in Turks and Caicos. The ladies look shocked and LuAnn denies it... ONCE again. Sonja tells everyone to raise their hand, if they slept with the guy in the house, Allister, and Andy asks her if she ever slept with him. LuAnn and Sonja both say that they flirted with him and LuAnn says that she went skinny dipping with him, leading Carole to say that LuAnn slept with him. LuAnn ends the conversation with: "What happens in the Turks and Cacios, stays in the Turks and Caicos.. Until next week. 

Tune in next week for Part 2 of the RHONY Reunion for more juicy drama! Until then... deuces! 

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