Saturday, August 8, 2015

'The Real Housewives Of Atlanta' Spotted Filming Season 8 + Sheree Whitfield And Marlo Hampton Are Back!

Woah! What a surprise! The Real Housewives Of Atlanta were spotted filming Season 8 at Cynthia's launch party for her eyewear event last night, where surprisingly, Marlo Hampton and Sheree Whitfield were filming with the other ladies: (Pheadra, Kandi, Kenya, Cynthia), and Porsha was there also. 

Here are photos and screenshots from a video of Marlo and Sheree chit chatting it up with the other ladies, and Cynthia's Sister Malorie was also in attendance: (Malorie is in between Cynthia and Porsha

And even though Nene Leakes has departed from the show, the drama is still on and popping... WITHOUT her! Reports are surfacing that Sheree and Kenya got into a "drink tossing" altercation after Kenya threw shade at Sheree's house! Also, it's reported that Cynthia's husband, Peter was being messy as usual, getting involved in the ladies' business. Pheadra had a bit of drama herself with an unexpected face.. Marlo! It's confirmed that the two had a very intense argument. As for Season Seven's Demetria McKinney, no word on her return, Claudia Jordan has been axed, but it's rumored that Cynthia's sister, Malorie will be joining the cast (maybe as a 'friend of'), as well as Porsha, Sheree, and Marlo set to be joining the show in some capacity! It would be nice to see Porsha and Sheree come back in a 'full time role'. This season is set to be the best... It's looking like the best! 

Kim Fields was set to join the cast but no official filming shots amongst her and the others so we shall find out soon! 

Who's ready for Season 8?! I sure am! 

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