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RHONY: (Season 7), Episode 16 RECAP: Kristen's Charity Party Kicks Off But Drama Quickly Erupts + Carole And Dorinda Head To London (Part 1)

We start off This weeks episode of The Real Housewives Of New York with Bethenny, who is showing us her new apartment in Soho, and it looks beautiful but still needs some work done until it's officially perfect. Bethenny begins telling the painters, staff, etc.. who are still working inside her house, that they're doing a great job, and she feels much better then a few days prior. Bethenny also says that she's been under a transition for 2 years, and is so happy she's back on her feet. 

Carole stops by and is highly impressed at Bethenny's new apartment, due to the fact that it's on the best street in NYC! Bethenny then shows Carole the certain areas of her house that she needs much work, but classifies where what is going to be. Carole then decides that she's going to spill some tea to Bethenny about Kristen's event, which Bethenny had to leave early. Carole tells Bethenny that Countess LuAnn is back and the bit*h is NOT taking any crap! Carole tells Bethenny that LuAnn went bezerk over Her and Heather supposedly "breaking into her room" and Bethenny says that maybe vacations are a private matter for her, given the fact that LuAnn was so scared and worried that the other girls would find out about The Pirate she was seeing back in St. Barbs, and then we get a flashback! Ahh memories! Bethenny then admits that she feels like she's getting pulled from both sides, meanwhile she doesn't want to be classified as Switzerland, but it's coming off as that. Bethenny winds up taking Carole and Heather's side, and agrees that they had a right to feel creeped out by a naked man, close to them. The conversation switches to Dorinda, who Carole thinks is way too much indulged in their lives, when she needs to worry about her own! That's harsh, Carole! Carole says that she hopes she didn't stick her foot in her mouth this time by inviting Dorinda to London with her, because they share similarities of losing husbands up in age. Bethenny then notices ash on Carole's head and she begins to assume it's Ash Wednesday. 

It's time for Kristen's official charity event party: Denim and Diamond theme, and the party seems to be kicking off really good... for now. Kristen starts showing off all of the other ladies' clothing + designs, to the Smile Train Executive, Troy Reinhart, and both are highly impressed by all. Carole, Heather and LuAnn arrive first, looking fierce as ever with their cute Denim and Diamonds, and then the other ladies show up. Kristen pulls Sonja aside, not to cause drama, but just to tell her that her jean designs were fabulous. Ramona arrives late and quickly thrives to become the center of attention! Ramona wears denim and in a group pic, grabs Kristen's ass and flips her hair in front of Sonja like Beyonce! Haha! 

LuAnn walks up by Heather and Carole, and it's all hugs and kisses! Carole starts talking about her jeans, and Dorinda surprisingly is sitting next to Heather... Woah! Meanwhile, Some young guys start hitting on Sonja, while Ramona starts playing the "cock-blocker" role! 

Dorinda hints to Heather that she wants to talk and just to clear the air about their blowout prior, and Heather agrees to talk. Dorinda tells Heather that she doesn't want to have any beef or issues with anybody, and says that she was just in the heat on of moment, and Heather says she felt under attack, and never seen Dorinda so angry like that. Dorinda admits to having a temper problem, that she needs to fix, and in no time, both ladies hug and make up! 

Kristen makes a public speech about how Smile Train is more then just a smile for people, it's for kids also, Meanwhile, Ramona starts making snippy remarks and eating cupcakes out of a guy's pants. Ramona also starts making comments about how Heather's items are displayed more prominently then her necklace, but she just brushes it off... with a nasty attitude. After the speech, Kristen thanks Heather for being a great, supportive friend, with the whole charity event, Meanwhile, LuAnn, John, Dorinda's Man, And Sonja, and some other lady, are reminiscing on the Turks and Caicos, about how LuAnn brought hot men home, but the only downfall is that he was married. *Sips Tea* 

Ramona goes over to Heather and Carole joins, and Ramona immediately asks Heather about her jeans and what they retail for. Heather says it depends on the style. Ramona then starts complaining about how girlfriends should support girlfriends and that Heather's items were more displayed then hers and blah... blah... blah. Heather says that she's not sorry because it's Kristen's event, and claims that Ramona is attacking her. Ramona argues that she's not, which makes Carole jump to Heather's defense, but Ramona shuts Carole down, and tells her to stop being Heather's lackey. The other ladies join this heated conversation and Ramona claims that Heather is controlling. Heather shades Ramona, over what charities she has been the leader of, claiming she has none, and Ramona says she supports Domestic violence, which Dorinda is here for. Sonja then tries to lighten the mood, fixing Ramona's search of words, and the laughs come strolling along. 

The next day, Heather, Dorinda and Carole decide to go and get a peaceful reading from Sema, A Turkish Coffee reader. The ladies start doing some peaceful coffee activities and this scene was so peaceful and I love it! No drama! Sema begins reading Carole first, telling her that someone is going to come back from her past, and that he's apologizing for something. It turns out to be Carole's Husband, Anthony who indeed drove a black jeep, that had a scratch on the side from Carole in one heated argument! She was spot on! Sema then tells Carole that Her Late Husband and Her Father have the same name in common, already known, and that they're surrounded by Carole's everyday life, even if 1 is still alive. Carole then says she's ready, after this reading now, to go to London and pick up Anthony's urns. Carole is done and Heather is up! Sema tells Heather that Her Son, Jax's hearing situation is going to be okay, not to worry about it, and even the Doctor is going to be very easy, even if it's a difficult surgery, and Heather begins to tear, but she's happy that the reconstructive surgery is going to get Jax better hearing. Dorinda is up last and Sema tells her that John, considering the fact that people in her family dislike him, it's their problem.. not hers. Sema then digs deep about Dorinda's feelings for John, and gets into something that has to do with balloons. Dorinda says that when Her Husband, Richard passed, There were balloons surrounding her house, and one morning, A balloon popped up in her room and just sat in the air, and Dorinda felt like it was a 'goodbye' sign. A flash from Dorinda's iPhone shows a video, which had the balloon in front of them,
Floating and Dorinda was proud that Her Daughter, Hannah would see Richard in another light. All of the ladies say that Sema is the real deal, and Heather starts gasping for more wine! 

Bethenny meets up with Dr. Amador to catch up. Bethenny says that she loves Dr. Amador becomes he calls her out on her bullsh*t and tells her when she's wrong and how to fix it.  Bethenny tells Dr. Amador that she's antsy without a gym, workout routine or anything due to the fact that she's moving into her new apartment very soon, which is great but it's stressful. Bethenny says it's stressful because all that pops up in her head is "$$$$$$$$$$$, and it can bring financial issues in the near future. Bethenny says that her business is booming now, which Dr. Amador brings up recent activities about how Bethenny makes him feel shut out with that topic, because she's very closed with that certain topic with him. Bethenny laughs and implies that Dr. Amador shouldn't take it in a negative way, because she's been a very closed out person all of her life. Dr. Amador catches up on Bethenny's social life, and Bethenny tells Him about the Turks and Cacios trip, how much fun they had, and she's really enjoying their company, despite each one's flaws, including her own. Bethenny says her walls are down more and she wants to make more of an effort, as she's been trying. Dr. Amador tries to convince Bethenny to write a book about fun experiences, and Bethenny says she feels like she's done enough writing.  

Carole and Adam head out to get some food for Carole's first upcoming dinner party she's throwing, at her house. Adam starts picking out everything, and Carole goes along with it. Carole says that since Adam is a great chef, he can take the lead. Carole says her definition of their relationship is cute, but sometimes, it turns out to be un-definitible but they love each-other. 

Carole's dinner party kicks off and Heather arrives first. Kristen arrives next and it turns out... they were the only ones invited to this party, because the other women are judgmental over Adam... *Cough Cough* LuAnn but she feels comfortable with them around Adam. Kristen's Husband John went on a Miami boat which is why he couldn't make it. Carole decides to share her and Adam's first argument a few days prior, over not saying goodbye to each-other when each party leaves the house. Everyone finishes eating, and then Dorinda calls Carole, just to make sure that they're going to London and Kristen says she even forgot they were going. Kristen makes a comment about meeting Anthony and then All 3 ladies start laughing about Kristen's wanting to meet Anthony comment, knowing he's dead, but his urns will be there. 

Dorinda and Carole are ordering drinks, waiting at the airport, for their ticket to London to arrive, and both ladies are excited, but mostly Carole to go. Then, Both ladies start reminiscing about death, family and burials, and I got sad. Death doesn't sit well with me at all! The ladies start sharing their saddest moments in their life, and Carole reveals that summer of 99' was memorable.. in a sad way. Dorinda and Carole start talking about weird suspicions that went on in their past, and then they start worrying about crying and downfalls of the London trip. Dorinda says that she appreciates Carole's support to bring her on the trip, as they wish for the best, and for no tears to arrive, as they leave their drinks behind and are ready for take off. 

And until next week! Carole and Dorinda's London trip part 2 and it gets emotional! + Bethenny hosts a fiesty all red party, and Sonja's antics outshine the party! 

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